Hi BLMOON, would you support me with a dream interpretation?

  • Hi Blmoon,

    For starters I must say that I rarely remember my dreams and even if I do, it's usually very small fragmented snippets that don't seem to follow a story line. So when I had this dream a couple of weeks back and was able to immediately upon waking remember every detail it was intriguing to me.

    The dream begins with me driving down the road on the highway in the far right passenger lane and on the shoulder on the right were 3 men and 2 vehicles; it was just before sundown; as I was passing by this scene of men/cars I accidentally drove over the small 'lip' of one of the men's shoes but not to the point of injuring his foot or any part of his body; as I drove by I yelled back at him, "oh pardon me, please forgive me sir!". His response was, "oh no problem honey, but hey can I talk to you for a while". I said sure, and so I pulled over, got out and walked over to him; stood in front of him looking into his eyes and they were very warm and inviting; we were smiling at each other as if we had an immediate attraction. He was very nicely/professionally dressed in a very nice olive colored suit with a trench coat on over it and very nice rusty-brown dress shoes.

    He had his partner or friend standing near-by next to him, though he never introduced him as such, I just 'perceived' all the details and what they were; and there was then a little further down another man that appeared to have been in an accident with the man I was talking to; there were two cars, one my guy and his partner apparently were in and the other belonging to the other 3rd man. Their head lights were on as if they were all waiting on police to come for a crash report. It appeared that my guy had been re-ended by the other guy. As we stood there talking it was such a pleasant exchange/feeling; his eyes were very inviting and he shared how attractive and pleasant he found me to be; we laughed a lot and In my mind I was thinking I wanted to ask him his birthdate so that I could determine what his Astro sign was, to compare it to mine, because I have an avid love/study of astrology; but I never got to ask but somehow in my consciousness I was 'thinking that he is a Sagittarius".

    I did notice that his vehicle was a black cadillac escalade with beige leather interior and was very shiny, lol! Not sure why that detail was present in the dream. The scene then shifts and we are then walking through my house as I am showing him all of my rooms and pointing out each one and he is walking with me acknowledging the tour details. At one point I passed by the room that used to be my daughter's and I tell her to clean up her belongings. The next thing you know I am awakened from what seemed so very real for those few moments.

    The intriguing thing most about this dream first is that I even recall it by detail and that I could see the face of this man in such detail and felt immediate attraction/connection though he was not a face I recall in my current life; also that I sensed his sun sign and that the running over his shoe 'lip' the small micro portion of a shoe that most everyday shoes don't even have but men's dress shoes tend to; the fact that I drove over it without injury, apologized and then rec'd the request to stop all while driving on a freeway, lol! Just all very peculiar to me.

    Any thoughts insights you can share to shed light on what this could possible mean to me would be appreciated 🙂 Light and love my friend,


  • Hi BLMoon!

    Are you able to support me with my dream?? I will understand if not 🙂

  • I just saw this.....yes I can read this dream.......give me some time....it will be a long answer!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Okay! Thank you so much 🙂

    Blessings, TT

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