• I would like insight on whether or not I will still live in the same state of Wisconsin ;or. will. I move to a totally different State soon?

    Thanks In Advance!

  • BUMP.

  • Free Will. Do you want to move? Are you looking for jobs outside your current area? The real answer to your question lies in your intention and the actions you take that line up with that intention. Very few things in life (if any!) just "happen" to us. The Universe will assist, but only if we are doing our part.

    That being said, it feels like you are looking more to escape reality than anything else. You have had recents upsets/disappointments that have you feeling down and out. Money feels like it is an issue right now as well, possibly out of work altogether. Very strong sense of no job, no money, no home even and feeling very down. Work on your third chakra as it needs a boost. If you need a moment to throw yourself a pity party, do it but then let it go and get to work on making things better for yourself. Consider your options or what you want carefully with a mature, steady outlook. Then put some passion into going after it. Be your own savior.

  • You are absolutely correct in regard to that particular Chakra! !My life is stagnant right now unfortunately. I know that 2015 will be better!

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