Some Insight Into New Guy?

  • Hello! I've recently met an Aquarius guy, but I'm not sure how he feels about me. It's kind of hot and cold with him. We've been on a couple of good dates, but when I asked him today when we could meet again he said he's going to be super busy with work and doesn't know when he is free to meet. I got kind of rejected from that, and don't know if I should keep my hopes up. Could I get some insight?

    Him: 02/11/1981

    Me: 11/02/1983

  • A love affair or marriage here can be rewarding and pleasurable but a pure friendship would never work. Empathic feelings usually predominate. But although sharing deep emotional experiences may ultimately be a positive experience for the two of you, in the shirt term you will run into a lot of rough spots, since neither of you much cares for exposing yourselves. A pattern of closeness followed by distancing would be no surprise here. Still, your guy is quite capable of giving you the kind of understanding you crave, and indeed the relationship draws out not only his more accepting qualities, but also his curiosity about your emotionally complex nature. You can also activate his dark side, however, but this can ultimately lead the two of you into passionate involvement and a good deal of self-analysis and confrontation, if it doesn't completely end the relationship altogether. You can be roused to new heights of passion by your partner's provocative and unreserved sensuality, but beware of dangerous escapism. Your partner can be deeply touched by your total commitment since he tends to tire easily in love and marriage. But you can provide him with an almost inexhaustible palette of sensuous delights to pick from. Confrontation is important here so don't run from it. Your partner values his personal freedom and needs space to breathe in a relationship but he is also a firm believer in loyalty and trust. He is easygoing and entertaining and his need for intellectual stimulation will often lead him toward unorthodox or unusual individuals. He can love tenderly and passionately and will use his strong will to help and support those he loves.

  • please , do not worry about this. if he really likes you, he will definitely come back with you. some boys will say the same to girl to avoid them. But the real fact is that, if he really love or likes you, he will make free time for you. if you want to know anything about any writing topic, you people can think about the online custom essay writing service. they will help you

  • Captain,

    Thank you for your reading. I guess I just need to be patient with this one. It seemed like he really liked me when we were on our last date, but since then he's been kind of distant. I am not used to chasing a guy, so it's sort of hard for me. It sounds like we could make it work if we both tried. I know that opening myself up to him would help him do the same, but I always have my guard up so high. I'm not sure how to break that barrier.

  • Well, most people fear leaving themselves vulnerable if they reveal too much of themselves. It's all about trust - not so much of your partner but how much you can trust yourself to be strong enough to survive whatever comes to you.

  • Captain,

    I am wondering if I could please get a little more insight into this guy. I still haven't heard back from him since a week and a half ago when he told me he was super busy with work. I've reached out to him one time since he told me he was busy with no response. Should I just give up on him or be patient? Do you happen to see if he is just not interested anymore?

  • You need to confront him again firmly and ask whether he wants to see you again or not. Don't fear rejection. I sense work is more important to him at the moment than anyone else, not just you. Get an honest answer from him.

  • Thanks. I guess that was my main concern. I didn't want to bother him if he were truly busy. I didn't know if he was just avoiding me or if he actually was just super absorbed with work. hopefully he's not avoiding me. I'll text him over the weekend so I'm at least not bothering him over the workday

  • Don't put this relative stranger before your own needs. Don't think of yourself as being a nuisance to him. You have the right to know his intentions.

  • Captain,

    I confronted him about a week ago regarding his being so aloof. I asked him if he didn't want to talk to me anymore, and he said he was sorry but he's just a bit busy. he's still being super aloof, and avoiding meeting me by making up excuses or not responding completely. Should I just give up on him?

    I was talking to a mutual friend, and she was telling me that he was really hurt in the past by someone and that he's kind of complicated. I don't know if he's just scared to keep talking to me because he likes me or if he just wants nothing to do with me anymore. He still responds to texts, but it's much less now than before.

    I haven't felt this way about a guy in a really long time. Something in me tells me I need to be patient and wait, but at the same time I feel like I should just leave him be because if he wanted to spend time with me or talk to me he would make it happen. I honestly don't know...

  • I think you should tell him that if he wants to be in a relationship with you, then he needs to devote time and energy to it. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time by dancing to his tune. You should not wait for anyone to find time for you. You deserve better and, if this guy cannot manage it, there are other guys who will.

  • thanks so much for giving me such a positive influential message. I truly appreciate it. you're right. If he wants me, then he needs to make time for me. Otherwise, it's not worth my time. Thank you again, Captain!

  • Aquarius man or any men for the matter, the rule is dont chase him, be cool with it

    I learn over and over again never mind how much you like and want someone, especially a man the guy need to show and communicate his need of us too and show that he want it too

    We can go trying to read between the lines but Men in general are pretty straight of what they want but sometimes we dont hear it as one minutes they were close and cosy with us and the next minutes they are cold and you simply dont know what you did to deserve this

    But a man isnt a child a man when he want you knows how to let you know

    Keep yourself busy and keep looking, if this man want you he will catch up and when he does dont make it too easy and too comfortable for him

    show him that now you are on your guard and not sure, let him work for it but he doesnt come back then you did well to move on and to keep yourself busy

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