Hey need some insight

  • You know the saying "If you love something, let it go - if it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, then it never was." Well, it applies to everything you have lost in your life. Stop obsessing over what is lost and stop living in the past. You are missing out on all the people and opportunities that are being presented to you in the present. Your dreams are only 'what I-wish' dreams. Unless you stop focusing on one girl, you will never allow anyone else into your heart and mind.

  • That is very true...

    Hey quick question are you good at finding lost items?

  • I need a photo of the lost object in order to tune into its vibes - the actual object, not a copy.

  • Hello Captain,

    I was wondering if you could give me some insights as well? As I already posted I have been in contact with this guy for some weeks now but I do not really know if he has any feelings for me.. He seems interested I believe.. but then on the other hand very detached and cold sometimes.. and it is very hard for me to understand from where this is coming or if I should keep on "investing" in this relationship.. I somehow have a crush on him and he is really like my ideal man (looks, interests..) I stopped writing to him some weeks ago, just because I did want to distance myself a little bit, since then I have not been in contact with him (as he also did not text/write me anymore) but I saw him last week (at a work conference), when he kept on looking at me and trying to make somehow obvious eye contact.. I am really confused now and would like to know if I should contact him again and ask for another "date" or if I should just let it go ?(which is somehow really hard for me)

    My details (April 12, 1991), his details: (October 10, 1989)

  • Kukka123, this is Galaxywarriorss' thread so I will reply to you on your own thread.

  • I laugh at how right you were.

    Well, it has been quiet awhile since I post here.

    Well, I begin to date again and see other people. I have bee going out and finding myself. To the point that I know what I want.

    Recently, my ex is popping out of nowhere and after ahwile, I have reevaluate why my relationship ended and why it happen.

    I go to a huge school and there is about tons of student all the sudden she pops three - four times. this was out of nowhere. She looked at me, and I was in my car. Angry, and after the second and third time it felt that she was upset and sad. I recently wrote her a letter and I give it to someone that works with her. Never got a responds back, and I was like ok. Moving on, and now it seems like my heart still has feelings and stuff. To the point that I know what I did wrong.

    Hey captain, please be very blunt with me. As of right now. I see where I am heading and what I will do for the next couple of months... I also gotten into the best shape.

    But will there be any reconciled and a second chance. I am not making moves but the letter. Has she gotten it? Has she have any feelings for me?

    I also deleted our pictures from Instagram. Since, I am giving myself the peace and tranquility I need. I will post the letter here, but yeah. Pretty much this year is going great.... I am just a bit surprise she pops out of nowhere and what does this all mean. I had no contact with her, I send her a msg but no respond. This is two weeks four weeks ago... But yeah...

  • GW, you have scared this girl by the fact you cannot seem to let go of her. She got your message but didn't reply because she doesn't want you to think she is still interested. You have to let this go and move on. It's not a special sign or unusual that you see her if you both go to the same school. You have to cut off all contact with her.

  • How so? I honestly thought she has feelings. Since she herself out herself in the middle of the street for me to look at her. She's angry and sad at me for some reason. I honestly thought the letter can bring some responds.

  • This post is deleted!

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