Animals as Spirit Guides

  • I've noticed images of horses around me. Started w/a reflection from a glass. Now it's in the wood grain by my bed. Recently, have been thinking about selling my place and raising animals. Can someone elaborate on animal spirit guides.

  • We tend to notice what is already our focus. I'm sure the wood grain in the room would reveal other animals ....maybe even the face of Elvis if that's your focus ; ). I often see things in objects. Creative artistic people do that a lot. I do believe in divine moments were you may be down or deeply meditating and a familiar totem a cosmic hello. As a psychic I often see a totem animal in a person that is very dominant. I tend to recognize others in the canine family like dogs, wolves and coyotes. Also blackbirds and bears. You do have a restlessness like a horse. Have you always felt kin to horses or just recently? I know native Americans have a ceremony and meditation for meeting your may want to check further with this question in a bookstore or online. Our animal totem does usually represent certain qualities in ourselves. Horses are extremely free spirited and both wild and can be of service when domesticated. The most obvious attribute of the horse is it's need for free range roaming. It tends to bolt when restless and doesn't need a reason. Other animals move to hunt and will kill to eat. The horse runs for the sake of movement. Spiritually, a totem animal is an animal that keeps you true to your nature. You would have to feel your personality identifies with the personality of a horse. I do not get a positive on your idea to sell your house and raise animals. What I get is like a horse you are feeling restless and want to make something happen. Do some reading on horses and see if anything clicks. Find an outlet for your spirit to enjoy wild movement or to be of service if you are more the domesticated horse. BLESSINGS!

  • For now, going to go horseback riding some. Actually, I've been afraid of horses, being thrown etc. I had a Major reflection from a glass that was detailed. Your explanation helps. I had looked for references from the bible regarding horses and they're apocalyptic, used as forerunners of events. The horses I see are pale. Don't know if that's meaningful or not. The one by my bed is looking straight at me. I ran track growing up AAU for the city parks dept. Actually, I kinda look like a horse. Anyway, thank you!

  • I don't get that horses are you totem because you would have felt an attraction. Like you I always felt a bit afraid of being close to a horse. I love to see them from a distance. When I was younger I was a afraid.even though I am very close to animals in general. Sometimes we can carry events from past lives. You may be as well reliving a past event or it is a spirit message. When you said pale horse I got a warning if something wild is fading. Are you feeling trapped lately? Has your life been slowly year after year getting more overloaded with responsibility? How's your health? Are you experiencing a loss of energy? Have you been checked for anemia? Pray for a clarity dream before bed and see what comes up . BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, Always been overloaded w/responsibility. Definately can relate to that. Being drawn to horses a lot recently.

  • My psychic impression is the horse does have a message for you and is hoping you will make a real change.....a commitment of intention. You are aware of your predicament but you do not know how to change course. I get hat you are looking at your challenge as a big problem that needs a big answer but really you can't approach it like that or it overwhelms and freezes you up. I am hearing that the horse awareness is very much a warning.....a nag! You still have time but definitely have a plan as I am hearing that a health issue is manifesting. When we do not deal with issues life will impose on us an event or crises of sorts to push us to change. It happens to all of us. I can very much relate to the too much responsibility is my nemesis as well. I think you have creative talent which also makes you an excellent problem solver. Too much responsibility sucks your spirit and your body dry. You need to get out paper a pen and record were your energy goes and make an INTENTION to make a good selfish matter how small.....the energy will gather day at a time. Your inner child is craving non adult indulgent fun. Your responsible side sees it as time wasting. Ask the spirit of the horse to tell you ways you can find your way back to your true self. Pay attention to your dreams. If you do have a vivid dream I can help read it for you if you do not get it. BLESSINGS!

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