Can someone spear a love reading

  • can anyone give me a general love reading there is no one in particular to check i'm single thank you in advance

  • Yes, I'll do one for you. It'll be a couple of days ok.

  • oh thnk you very much

  • I did two readings for you one is tarot, the other an angel card. Interesting in both that there's going to/or has been a shake up in friends assoc. Manifesting or becoming YOURSELF. Using your natural gifts to manifest what you want. There is a conservative or structured feeling coming from the situation. Appears past or present friends aren't quite in-line w/your beliefs. Clearing all negativity and protecting yourself from harsh energies. Honor and respect your feelings. Things aren't quite as bad as they seem--harsh words and moving on from them. Believe in yourself. Sensitivity is being brought out. This can apply to chemicals, food etc. In the present, there's a feeling of waiting. Boldness and expansion needed/lifting yourself up and away from. Rising above circumstance and seeing things for how they truly are. Embrace what you feel as special and don't let others change you. As things progress, there's a lot of expansion or growing. The outcome to the question is a twin flame--you want a spiritually based romantic relationship. Reading is stressing to stick to your beliefs.


    situation--hierophant/shield yourself

    past--10 of coins/archangel raphael

    above--3 of wands/clear yourself

    present--ace of swords/manifestation power

    below--2 of coins/solar plexus chakra--it's ok to be powerful

    challenges--judgement/emotional sensitivity

    future--10 of swordsvisualize success

    blocks--page of coins/Goddess

    friends--tower/cut your cords (angel)

    advice--queen of swords/sacral chakra (angel)

    outcome--world/twin flame

  • thank you very much !

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