Hello! Would love a reading :)

  • Hi I'm new to the forum and how exciting there's a place like this that exists! I've always been a firm believer in psychics and mediums. I've not had a reading in person ever in my life.

    I've been doing some serious soul searching lately. I'm requesting a reading to anyone who would be willing to do so.

    So I guess my request for a reading about my relationship. I would like to know what's going on with all that? I wonder about marriage in my future with my current significant other.

    Thank you.

  • Can you give me your full birth date and your partner's birth date so that I can tune into your vibes?

  • 2/6/86 me

    8/8/85 him

  • Is that 2nd June or 6th February?

  • February 6th 1986 for me

    August 8th 1985 for him

  • Forverloving, you may have to be patient if you want this relationship to morph into marriage. This year, your partner is undergoing quite a lot of big changes in his life - maybe in his work, health, relationships, money, environment, etc - and it is an unsettling time for him. He will want a lot of freedom and expansion to move forward with his plans or projects and he won't be thinking of settling down, rather the opposite. Next year he will focus more on his personal and home life, and his life will generally become more harmonious and peaceful. Whereas you are in that pull for domestic bliss and harmony period right now in 2014! You will have to moderate your desire to be needed by everyone.

    2015 will be a more opportune time for marriage for your partner if he so chooses, although you will have moved into a period where you might prefer to be alone or withdrawn from society and the world in order to look inward and ponder your life and future goals. Your partner may not be ready to take the big plunge into wedded bliss for some time however. Until he reaches the age of forty-four, he will mainly focus on getting things in order, problem-solving and being more discriminating with his time and energy. He will always be something of a perfectionist, waiting for the absolute perfect time to do things or make decisions. During this period, his versatile nature may lead him to make career or life choices that are unrealistic or simply unsuitable so he may make some mistakes. (Around the same age of forty-four, you will lose your insecurity and the need to please and accommodate others, and become more assertive and aware of your own character).

    After the age of forty-five, your partner will reach a significant turning point which will stimulate his need for more balance and harmony, and heighten his awareness of partnerships and relationships in general. During this period in his life, the key to his happiness will be for him to develop more emotional depth and find ways to stamp his individuality on the world around him. Other people tend to think that success comes easily to him because he appears to be naturally good at everything he does. His success, however, is the result of his sharp intellect and strong work ethic. It is also a result of his exceptional versatility and ability to learn new skills from scratch. His all-round excellence can be intimidating to partners and friends alike so, for success in long-term relationships, he needs to ensure he allows others to see his vulnerable human qualities as well as his super-capable ones. In a relationship, he will work for harmony but he can become quarrelsome if he feels insecure. Learning to be more patient with others will help him smooth over any problems.

    You Foreverloving will need to make sure you have made the right choice before wanting to make a firmer commitment to the relationship. You are a generous and charming person but you can be in love with the idea of love itself and, as a result, you may have a tendency to jump from one lover to the next in search of greater passion, intimacy and excitement. You can be forever seeking an elusive high. When you do find someone as clever and as informed as you are, however, incredible loyalty and commitment can follow.

    The good news is that you and your partner both want the same thing in life. What you both desire is to merge with someone else's energy and feel mutual empowerment. You are looking for total, permanent commitment. You each want a partner whom you can count on to take care of all your material needs, and you will take care of all your partner's emotional needs (or vice versa) - a synergistic relationship that is mutually empowering and completely dependable. To successfully establish this type of relationship, you must be discriminating and connect with a partner of similar energy and values. The shared goals must be innately valuable to each of you as individuals. For this to happen, you must first get in touch with your own values. You must become strong within yourselves, aware of what you want, and tune in to what is real and meaningful in your lives. The challenge is to establish your own energy systems and figure out who you are as individuals. As your energy becomes stronger and more in synch, you will form a successful long-lasting partnership.

    The bad news is that you both tend to seek your self-worth through others ("I can only feel OK about myself through the validation of others") which can lead you into the trap of an unending search for a soul mate. ("If I have this one special person's energy, I'll feel complete".) In truth, you can only achieve a sense of completeness within yourself - it will never come as the by-product of a relationship, even with a soul mate. No matter how much support and validation you get from others, you always think you need more. In fact, for you, validation is a false barometer of whether you are on the right track. Living according to standards you KNOW are right for you, regardless of what others think, will help you develop a sense of self-worth. At some point, you must stop being enmeshed with others and involved in their business, and simply walk your own path instead. The irony is that when you begin to do this, others will support you, both financially and on an energy level.

    Overall, this IS a good relationship that can last for the long-term. The saying "Opposites attract" was never truer here. You two are highly magnetic to each other and, no matter what difficulties arise, the strength of your bond should be enough for you to overcome problems that would stop other couples in their tracks. In fact, problem-solving can become a way of life for you two. You Foreverloving may be amazed by the depth of feeling that your partner arouses in you - you may at times even feel inadequate to handle it. Your partner is very comfortable with the relationship's sexually passionate nature but he too may feel a little intimidated and puzzled by the complexity of his own emotions here. This matchup challenges you both in the area of feelings - an underdeveloped area of your personalities and one that you may often prefer to neglect or ignore. But in grappling with such issues, the two of you can make immeasurable progress in your personal growth. There is often a tendency to combine work and marriage in this particular type of relationship, and it can become a wedded matchup of a very high order, characterized by an ease of communication and a strength of purpose. But conflicts too can arise between your more relaxed attitude and your spouse's more aggressive stance. Holding off for a while on marriage may be a wise choice for both of you since you both have issues to resolve and maturity to develop more in time. If the relationship is solid, it will endure for a lifetime so there is no need to rush things. Your partner will always like to make the decisions anyway and can become fiery if pushed or rushed into something unless it is his choice. If the relationship is fine and dandy as it is, try to be happy with the present and don't fret about the future.

  • Wow. You have gone above and beyond. I appreciate you taking the time to give me some insights. I'm going to read this over again later tonight.

  • Sadly I caught him cheating with other girls and telling one in particular that he loved her and shamed me to her. I'm completely destroyed. I never thought he would be this way.

  • He obviously is not mature enough for a committed relationship.

  • True that. Ugh.

  • If you give me an insights or maybe something to look forward to in my future? I don't want to ask because I'm sure we're only allowed one question. I just feel like a knife stabbed my heart a hundred times. Feeling sad and missing him even though he really hurt me.

    Feeling the effects 😞



  • Don't take this setback personally. It was not your fault - the guy is just too immature to appreciate that you had a good relationship and he threw it away through stupidity.

    In 2015, you won't be looking for romance but to heal from love. You will find yourself in a very reflective, introspective mood that will ultimately bring you a lot of self-understanding and help you see where you want to be headed in life. You will do a lot of soul-searching that will eventually bring you peace and confidence. It will be a time of inner learning and solitude. In this self-centered year, you will be seeking - and finding - a direction that feels right for you. A more serious side of your nature will emerge, along with a stark awareness that this is not a time to do - it is a time to plan. Slow yourself down and admit that you are not sure of what you want or, even if you are sure, you know you're never going to get it unless you make a serious commitment to it. Do not panic. Being lost may be the only way to find out where you are - which is exactly where you are meant to be. You are right on schedule. The need for you to slow down and take things easier cannot be overstated. You may trip and fall if you are moving too fast. This can quite literally mean a physical fall of some kind, and although this does not have to happen if you are cautious, its purpose is to shock you out of your own denials and force you into a quieter and more introspective mode. It is an opportunity to move ahead in a more comfortable and natural direction. The year will emphasize introspection, emotion, research, analysis, intuition, reflection, seclusion, and faith. This is meant to be a quieter, "inner" year in which you can learn the answers to your most burning and often avoided questions. This year, you must seek what feels ideal for you, and study and analyze what needs to be learned in order to make it a reality. If you think you already know your true identity, you may be in for some interesting, and possibly shocking, revelations. It could take the entire year to figure things out, so don't assume you already have the answers. Instant gratification is not on this year's agenda. If the slow pace causes frustration and worry, remind yourself that this is not lack of movement, but a chance to move more realistically towards greater long-term goals. Be patient. Have faith. Although your life will be moving slowly, it is possible for significant things to happen, but these advances should be seen as stepping stones to the greater potential that will present itself in 2016. No matter what, you will be made aware of the imperfections in your life so that you can study and analyze your options. Very little activity is required during the year. It should be used to gain the mental and emotional experience that will make greater achievement possible in the following year which will focus on prosperity and success in your career, business or material matters. No matter how spiritually or materially 'advanced' you think you are, the reflective power of the year will expose an empty space in your life which can make you feel quite lonely. Accept that this emptiness exists, and you will discover the fullness of your true capabilities. You see, that emptiness is your own unfulfilled potential. When deep emotions arise, feel them. Experience them. Do not deny them. If ill health occurs, it is an indication that a buildup of unexpressed emotion is bursting to get out, and may do so in the form of what we erroneously call depression. In fact, it is suppression - the 'holding in' of your emotions. Once these feelings have been recognized and released from your body, great improvement will occur in your mental, physical, and/or emotional health. There is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else when releasing your emotions. But you do need to spend time alone, with no distractions, so that the feelings involved can be given your undivided attention. Sometimes your feelings may take you by surprise, as if they were dark secrets you were keeping from yourself, but the insight involved will boost your confidence. Over-analysis is a form of denial. To over-analyze means that you have the correct answer but are refusing to accept it. Then you go on searching for the answer you would prefer rather than accept the truth. Remember that the truth for one is not necessarily the truth for another, and that the truth has a tendency to drive you crazy just before it sets you free. Perhaps what you once thought was craziness is simply what it takes to free yourself from outdated beliefs. Use the year to gain knowledge, confidence, and expertise. Realize just how gifted and unique you are. Accept the fact that you are a free spirit. Embrace the diversity of life and your place in it. This year of introspection and soul-searching is an opportunity to rediscover yourself as you are now - and to let go of the person you once were. Life is not confined to one field or locality. Get reacquainted with the "big" world, along with its beauty and its horrors; excitement and its mediocrity. Recognizing these extremes will help you secure a balanced position for yourself. You must face your fears and allow them to move through you and out of you. Through this process, you will know what needs to be feared and what does not. Only by being completely present in a situation will you find the answers you need. Explore every aspect of your own reality and, by the end of this year, there will be no doubt in your mind as to who and what you are and where you fit in to the ever-changing kaleidoscope we call life.

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