Would like reading for my son. He is struggling and i am afraid of losing him.

  • his date of birth is 12-4-99 please I am at my wits end. Many Thanks to anyone who would like to give me a reading regarding him.

  • I don't do tarot but maybe a look at his personality profile will help you figure out what to do for him.

    Just checking, is your son born 12th April or 4th December?

  • I can see that, from his numerology, your son is going through significant changes this year. But there are also big opportunities for him too if his mind is not distracted or scattered in too many directions. The year for your son will involved surprises, the unexpected, and the unforeseen and he must be flexible in order to cope. He will be seeking to expand his freedom and change his old routines. His mind will be open and adventurous. How he handles the changes depends on his having a complete change of attitude. Whatever he is dealing with, he needs to seek a deeper understanding of what is involved. Awareness of reality is the best safety-net he can have in this exciting and unpredictable year. He will be presented with many options and must pick and choose carefully between them. But he must take only those which pertain to his true desires and not his temporary whims. If he tries to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to him this year, the confusion of so much diversity will limit his ability to focus, and this could prevent success in any area. Without a basic goal or sense of direction, accidents may occur and he may find himself in places he doesn't want to be. This year is likely to be full of new people, places, and possibilities for him. An opportunity may fall right into his lap, or he may find himself going back and forth in all directions, as he considers whether a particular change of course is what he wants or not. Finally, a decision must be made, and courage may be required of him. He must carefully consider the consequences and possible outcomes of his choices. He must become aware of the mistakes he frequently makes which always result in disappointment. A little indulgence is fine this year, but he must not fall into the trap of over-indulgence in the physical aspects of life which include food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, taking foolish chances, and extravagance. Such behavior can give the appearance of freedom, but is actually an addiction. Excesses can create unexpected reversals which will impede his progress. Taking care of his health will be especially important for your son in 2014.

    2015 is a time when your son will devote more time to his home and family matters, and his responsibilities therein. Additional responsibilities may also arise for him. Your son will want to become more self-reliant and secure, and to establish his 'place' in the world, but adjustments and sacrifices may have to be made. He may fall in love this year as relationships will be a focus at this time. The pleasures and the problems of his personal life will predominate. Likewise health and healing will be major factors of 2015 for your son. Physical symptoms can arise so that he can get to the root of what has caused them. The cause will probably be unexpressed emotions that are imprisoned within his body and need to be released. 2015 will be a journey of power and priority for your son; of learning the truth of how he feels about his various relationships. It will be a journey of healing the gaps between generations, genders, judgments, and individuals. It will be a journey of peace, and a journey of love.

  • TheCaptain, Thanks for the reading. his birthday is December 4rth. He is very lost since his best friend made another friend and sort of abandoned him. He is very lonely. it is difficult for him to make friends.

  • Bugatigirl, your son's biggest challenge in life may be coping with not being listened to. He can deal with it by understanding that authority is something that has to be earned; he must balance his leadership skills with a concern for the welfare of others. When he invites other people into his limelight or offers them recognition, he will become an energy source and others will want to keep him center stage. The outcome of his generosity will bring new opportunities for him.

    Your son is an ambitious, hardworking and resilient individual who will grow up to display remarkable self-control in both his professional and personal life. He will evolve the rare ability to take charge of his emotions without losing his creativity, and this will give him tremendous self-confidence, power over himself, and authority over others. He will become a flamboyant and daring, but highly skilled and well-prepared, leader with a thirst for adventure and all the courage and ingenuity he needs to successfully steer through uncharted waters to undiscovered lands. Although he will cherish his own individuality and be unwilling to submit himself to the ideas or authority of others, he may feel compelled to impose his ideas on those around him, sometimes forcefully. Unaware of this contradiction between his directional urges and his own right to autonomy, he may come across to others as dictatorial or egotistical; but this will rarely be the case. For the great majority of the time, he will be genuinely concerned for the greater good, rather than with any selfish ambitions. Like a brave captain who will not leave his ship until everyone is safe, his natural sense of justice and honour will propel him toward activities that are intended to bring about a more enlightened or better-regulated society.

    At the age of eighteen, your son will start to manifest his natural leadership skills and, over the next thirty years, he will gradually become more practical, goal-orientated and realistic in his approach to achievement. He may also develop a strong desire for order and structure in his life. After the age of forty-eight, there will be another significant turning point for him which will highlight a growing need for freedom, new ideas, and expressing his individuality within a group setting. Whatever age he is, if he can find a middle way between nobility and ambition, love and success, compassion and power, independence and the need to compromise, he will not only be capable of inspired leadership, he will also be capable of becoming the visionary of his generation.

    Relationships: your son should rarely have problems attracting friends and partners, but long-term relationships may prove elusive for him. It is important for him to learn the importance of 'give and take' in a relationship, and to find a balance between his idyllic optimism and practical reality. Once he does decide to commit, he needs to find a companion who can give him the freedom he needs to feel alive.

    Health: overall your son will tend to have an optimistic approach to life and is not prone to depression. There will be times, however, when he will feel tired or run down and he should learn to pace himself and take regular time-outs and holidays. He will also need to master the art of delegation. Allowing others to help him will not only ease his workload, it will give him time to find a healthy balance of interests outside of work. Meditation techniques are highly recommended because he will enjoy the sense of calm, peace and balance they can bring. As far as diet is concerned, he needs to cut down on sugar and processed and refined foods and to increase his intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Moderate to vigorous exercise is recommended, particularly team sports and outdoor activities where he can work off any aggressive tendencies.

    Career: your son may be drawn toward a career in politics or he may choose to promote his ideological beliefs through the arts. Other possible career choices include business, commerce, advertising, sport, agriculture, conservation, management, and the world of entertainment.

    His life mission is to learn to listen to others’ viewpoints and find a balance between his idealism and his ambition. Once he can achieve his goals while retaining the affection and respect of those with whom he lives and works, his destiny is to advance the greater good.

  • Thanks TheCaptain this is very comforting. I can see some of those traits in him already.

  • Captain, my son is doing great. with one exception. He asked a girl out for the first time, and it was during a holiday and she said she was going out of town with family. He got very sad. He was texting with another girl as friends and now i think she ended up at another school, so they no longer communicate. Do you see him finding a girlfriend soon. He is in his junior year of high school and he says that he is nervous to talk to girls cause he doesnt know what to talk about. He is into gaming, chess and art. Thanks for your insight!

  • 2016 for your son was always going to be more a time for inner achievement rather than outer goals. It was an introspective, contemplative time for him as he sought to work through his issues of nervousness and gaining confidence. Self-consciousness is all about an over-focus on yourself and your own faults and problems. If your son can focus instead on other people - girls - and step outside of himself enough to think about and ask about them and their lives - his self-consciousness will disappear. He must shift his emphasis away from himself. And other people always love to talk about themselves - a simple and sincere "how are things going with you?" can make another person appreciate the concern and open up.

    The good news for your son is that 2017 will be his 'power' year and a time when he will be much more confident, strong and assertive. He will blossom like a beautiful flower.

  • thank you, when i hear this from you, it makes perfect sense! Thank you so much and i am excited for 2017 for him. Thanks for sharing your gift.!

  • Bugatigirl, I was just thinking if your son would not benefit from being around a good male influence at this time. You know, someone to talk to and share who is not necessarily family. Someone you and your son trust and get along with Like a big brother and trusted uncle or best friend.

  • Thank you znl , there is a mentor at his school that has offered to talk to him any time he feels that he needs someone to talk to.. He is a good man, and i think that i will reach out to him and see if he can talk to him. thank you for the suggestion

  • Well, it will all work out of course. I think it would be more effective if this was an ongoing friendship where there is a bond/trust and support and not just someone to give you advice. I mean if that is possible. Xx

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