Captain, pls

  • Started new job yesterday. It's further, having second thoughts. My supervisor doesn't want me to leave. I asked for more money because there's a lot that goes w/my job. I work alone alot as they have staffing issues. Some people actually leave early on reg basis and come back the next day etc etc. The lady in charge wants to talk w/me. She's new only been there 1 month. The place she worked before closed down. She took me to the Admin. about a wk ago for little of nothing, there was a complaint about something left in trash can and no it wasn't a needle. Because I often work by myself, I feel I'm being bullied. I would like to go back wondering what you pick up on etc.

  • Daliolite, you will be constantly faced with such problems until you learn to face down the bullies and stand up for yourself rather than trying to avoid conflict and negativity. Every time you face conflict head-on, you become more able to handle it. Your reluctance stems partly from a fear of not being good or worthy enough and that your critics may be right. If you believed fully in yourself, you would fight for your rights.

  • Hi Captain, Well, I got to talk w/the head lady and the discussion went well. In general, she said she wants to know what's going on. This is not a big facility. She wasn't aware of some of the obstacles like co-workers leaving, people on cell phones constantly etc. She told me that I was in charge of my area and to dictate to the others more. I do have more training than my co-workers. However, I'm not the supervisor of the area and she sees me alone all the time, anyway, from call-ins. My boss is over my co-workers. Since I'm alone in this area I guess I'm boss. We're not trained in school to give orders. In fact, we're trained not to tell co-workers what to do. She disagreed w/this. I think it's just a very poor work ethic in this area. So, now she wants to be updated on what's going on--great. LOL Taking care of workers that should be a priority. I'm making my own business a priority. I'll stay for a while longer. You're right.

  • Good for you!

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