To watergirl 18

  • Hi, its been a while since I saw a post from you as always I didnt show up on time for the haloween readings.

    A few years ago I had this reading from u and it was very accurate but u dissappeared for a while and I couldn't find u, til today.

    So im wondering if u can give me a general reading, my life has been a constant roller coaster especially regarding my health and work. I know u get very drained so I understand if u r not willing to do it. Thank you.

  • Hi mariapisces,

    Yes, I can do a reading for you. If I have time after work I will do it this week, but it may not be until the weekend as I like to do readings when i am fully rested, refreshed, etc. so the message comes through clearly.


  • So nice to hear from you, lol.Take your time sweetie. Been so long like this that I have no rush and I really trust your readings. Thank you.

  • Hi Mariapisces,

    Self-care and healing from heartache came up very strongly for you. There is a strong sense of a past relationship that has not healed. I don’t feel like you are hanging on to it – you have let him go – but you have not let go of the disappointment and heartache completely. It feels like you are lost at sea in a storm so to speak…the old way of life is gone and you have let go but the new life has not yet begun and you are haunted by the past in some way. Adrift. Spirit wants you to know that all is as it should be right now and to look past the illusion/chaos. Focus on healing your heart and self-care. Find your peace within the storm. Do you meditate? I keep seeing you meditating and messages coming to you. You are a very sensitive person so pay attention to your recurring emotions or thoughts. The heart chakra issue is a block for you in all areas of your life right now. Work feels like it is not going well, money and/or recognition has not come. Also, when we are vulnerable in this way we tend to attract energy vampires and those who want to take advantage of us. That is why self-care is so important as it will raise your energy level/vibration and keep these people at bay. But the key is clearing out this old energy in your heart and then the abundance will flow again.

    Hope this helps. General readings can sometimes be too general in the response so if you would like to ask follow-up questions on something more specific, please do.

  • Just need to clarify that the past relationship issue is ANY kind of relationship, not necessarily romantic. Could be a boss, family member, etc. I couldn't get the specifics - just that the disappointment is still living in your heart.

  • Wow; from all things in the world I trully wasnt expecting for this reading to be about a past relationship; especially when my trully concern is about work and health.

    Iam still disappointed but this is what happens when we dont have the proper closure and when we betray our believes in the name of love. Thats why u picked up disappointment; I still have some regrets but like you said im no longer hanging to it.

    I know that this relationship was part of my spiritual growing; what I still dont understand is why I constantly feel his feelings, especially when something bad happens.

    This connection its like a curse when im finally stepping into my new life without thinking about the past, its when this connection comes to haunt me.

    Recently I have been real disappointed about work; I used to work as a controller and was very good at it

    but had to go back to my old job as a clerck because i was just filling in a guy that was on sick leave; for 4 years I did the job, they tried to put me permanent but as you notice never happened. It sucks being where im now and having everybody saying they miss me and want me back. My disappointment is because a lot of vacancies have opened I apllied and got none and the guy that runs that place that used to" love me and tell me he would get me back" now runs away from me it seems that right now im the ungrateful daughter. I dont get it and my emotions get in the way. Oh and where im working now they are saying that they will fire us, thats why im so concerned about work too.

    The health prob. is: for about a year and a half ive been dealing with anxiety probs along with panic attacks and this prob as caused more health issues too, lol. I just want to be healthy again, so fed up with this. Im tired of being a lab rat and I need to quit on the pills too and just found out that my thyroid gland ( shes slow and im medicated) is up again.

    I dont meditate, I can't but before the anxiety probs I used to b a good reader, spirit would talk to me, I know my guide is still around but I cant hear them the way I use to and I miss that. Ive been told to become a reikian so I could also heal people and that I need to do meditation too, funny... I do attract others energy this last week have been terrible. I just want some peace.

    If u do pick up something about these 2 issues I appreciate.

    Thanks watergirl as always very accurate.

  • Hi Mariapisces,

    I just went through my reading for you and for some reason a whole section/paragraph is missing. There was more about your sensitivies and energy - like you are literally being bombarded by outside energies. That's another reason the self-care came up. You are VERY sensitive and I think some of your physical problems may be from all the outside energy you absorb. That was the reference to the energy vampires as well. Meditation will help you clear this stuff out of your field. I have more to say, but need to go. Will get back to you tomorrow or Wednesday night.

  • MariaPisces,

    So much is flooding through for you so this may come through a little garbled – doing my best to organize it as I type and make it understandable…

    Regarding your health, I am being told to caution you not to “own” or identify too much with a health issue. Detach from the label and see it as something separate from who you are. I am also being told to tell you that sometimes our physical ailments are caused by spiritual ones.

    You need to give yourself time or the permission to play and be more joyful and lighthearted. Despite any challenges that may be occurring in your life, it is important to still take the time to focus on the abundance and goodness in life. One of the reasons meditation came through was to help you with this. Take the time to just sit and BREATHE. Focus on your breath, slowly taking in the oxygen and then releasing it fully. Breathe from your belly and not your chest. Ask for any negativity to be released and trasmuted. In the morning, step outside and enjoy the stillness of this time of day…notice the sunrise or the dew or the birds chirping, etc. During the day if you are feeling stressed, step outside and feel the sunshine on your face or the breeze across your cheeks and breathe again. Give yourself time to do something silly and playful on the weekend. If you have a hobby, throw yourself into that for an hour each day or several hours on your days off. Just let go of all the burdens and be grateful for the earth and life on it.

    Which brings me to the worry/anxiety/fear . Finding a way to be at peace is a big reason all of this came through. The message that life is just as it should be is also about releasing this fear. Focus on the positive as I am being told that you have a tendency to focus on the negative and allow it to consume you and then it becomes magnified. Remember that what we focus on is what we manifest. Even if something seemingly bad is going on, accept/understand/believe that it is for a reason. For example, what has gone on for you at work seems bad but it is pushing you toward something else and it is part of your learning and growing through your self-worth issues.

    The fear and anxiety is connected to your self-esteem. I think the reason the past relationship came up is that even though you have accepted it is over, it remains with you – those feelings of disappointment have also altered your self-esteem. You still feel connected to him because you have chosen to remain energetically connected whether you realize it or not. You have to choose to let him go. Cut the cord. Completely. That involves also letting go of the disappointment, loss, despair and “what ifs” of it and more importantly, the feelings of not being good enough. Your self-worth took a hit and you must now build it back up. I think I already said this to you but treat yourself as you would your own child. Self-care and nurture are vital to you right now. Everything is connected. The relationship and work situations are connected by this self-worth issue.

    With regard to your work, you say that someone was on leave and you stepped up and took over the Controller role during that time. Were you compensated for the extra work and responsibility or did you do it at your same rate of pay? Something tells me you just did it out of the goodness of your heart which means at some level you didn't believe you were worthy of it. Also, not sure where you are located, but in the U.S. the company is not obligated to give someone their same position when they come back after being gone for so long…just need to have A position for them if it was a FMLA leave or something of the sort. I think you said the person was gone for 4 years? That’s a LONG time!!! Your boss should have kept you in the Controller position and placed that person in another job. His loyalty should have been to YOU. Especially if he did not compensate you for the extra work. That is why he avoids you now – guilt. He knows he has wronged you. Do you?? The situation is unfair and imbalanced. All that being said, release any anger or resentment about the situation and be grateful for it as it was a teaching/growing moment for you. It is time to MOVE ON yet you feel stuck and confused. There is an energy around you of accepting what you do not deserve and of giving up on life, that there could be anything better for you. But this is so not true. Four years ago you may not have had the confidence in yourself to say you could do the job. You now KNOW you are capable of the Controller position. So with that BELIEF, it is time to start looking for that position elsewhere. Have confidence in yourself. Be assertive. Let go of the fear and lack. Embrace your talents and gifts – write them down. You should ask your current boss for a letter of recommendation stating that you have already been doing this type of work for 4 years for him making glowing comments of your performance. This will require you to accept that your time there has served its purpose and it is now time to move on. Sounds simple but I think this is a hurdle for you as you have that fear of the unknown and a part of you feels safe there. I see you in a beautiful garden with a key around your neck and a gate surrounding you. You just need to unlock the gate and let yourself out as there is a much more beautiful vista beyond.

    I feel that if you can focus on this self-care, meditation, finding the peaceful center within, allowing yourself to enjoy life in small ways, releasing fear and worry, and believing in your capability and worth, then this positive energy will help you to manifest a new job in a better place for you and in the higher position that you so rightly deserve. I see next summer being a time of this coming to you.

    I received three channeled affirmations for you…

    “I am worthy of a prosperous life.”

    “I choose to live, not merely exist.”

    “I view my emotions with insight and compassion.”

    That last one is about detaching from the anxiety and fear 🙂

  • Wow... I really thought I was getting better regards the negativity :(.

    U r so right for too long I tried to find out what was happening to me and couldn't. What lead me to this was a stroke that I didn't do and all the weird physical things that happened afterwards. No doc knew what was going on, was tested and the results were normal. So yes I become a lil obsessed, who wouldnt? If something feels deeply wrong and u r in pain, u will have the need to find out what is going on, right?

    All I wanted was to b and feel myself again. I have this need to know everything, I prefer the darkest and plain truth and do sum about it than to live in the dark.

    So as I have been told before all this was/ is spiritual so I can grow and do the work they want?

    The good thing is that im trying to let go of this anxiety and focus on good things and im doing my best to let go of the pill so I can hear and talk with my guides clearly. Because this creates a barrier, block and I miss them so much. I miss the connection. Its sad how a person like me let this thing happen when im always preaching to others to follow and let the light enter in their lives.

    About work, the law allowed the guy to stay at home for that long as long he would keep turning in the doc declaration. I work for the us military but im portuguese and the laws r different than the usa in our country.

    I received all the benefits for replacing the guy. I did more than I should like u said. And my boss had his hands tied up, he was forced to let me go and keep the guy.

    I truly want to get back especially knowing that its a matter of time until I loose this job im in now, wich is a good job too. But my heart and soul r in the other job. Maybe I will get a similar one in the same squadron, im applying, lets see if they choose me.

    Thank u so much. Like I said my eyes r opening again I just cant let the doubt and fear take over me, especially regret, for some reason the past is the past.

    loved the mantras, once again thank u for ur support God bless u and b always with u.

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