How To Attract Love and Romance into your Life

  • Love and romance. Beneath all your goals, that's what drives you.

    It's the stuff that dreams are made of. The fantasy usually goes like this: You meet someone wildly attractive during a chance encounter; it's love at first sight. You recognize this person as your soul mate, you "know" they're the one, and the two of you live happily ever after. It's what we are programmed to believe since the moment we are born. All of our movies, fairy tales and advertising depict romance this way.

    And yet for many, this dream doesn't come true. Either you attract the wrong kind of person over and over again, or you just can't find someone worth dating, or you're in a committed relationship and it seems like more trouble than it's worth. Just maybe you are one of the lucky few who are with their soul mate, and you have a joyful mutually supportive relationship. (And yay for you for showing everyone it IS possible!)

    Not only is being in a blissful romantic relationship possible for you - it's your birthright. EVERYONE on this planet can find true love that lasts and gets better every day. No matter where you are on your relationship journey, there's always more love available for you. The greater your capacity to give and receive love, the more love you will attract into your life.

    Here are five essential steps you can take to magnetize love into your life:

    1. Choose passion - If you want to be in a passionate relationship you must be passionate about your life! Do you always play it safe in your career? Do you stick to your routine instead of trying something new and exciting? If you do things every day that make you feel exhilarated you will become irresistible to other people.

    2. Be supported - Do you pride yourself on being strong and independent? Are you the one everyone counts on but too "together" to ask for help? If so, what you're doing is telling the Universe (and subsequently other people) that you're fine by yourself. If you really want to let someone else into your life, you have to allow yourself to accept what they have to offer.

    3. Stop rescuing other people - If you're a sensitive person, you're going to want to help other people. Oftentimes, other people's wounds can be appealing because it can make you feel safe and understood. You need to ask yourself if the people in your life are offering you something in return, or are just fostering your "need to be needed". Make sure you love people for who they are NOW, not who you want them to be.

    4. Don't seek to be rescued - If you want a truly healthy relationship, that means that both people are happy independently and you mutually support each other. If you are seeking someone to save you from working hard, struggling financially, being alone, not fitting in or seeming normal, or just to make you feel good about yourself, there will only be resentments and compromises in the long run. Love yourself fully now and you will attract people who reflect that for you.

    5. Play every day - If you spend all your day working and leave no time or energy for anything fun, you'll feel isolated, frustrated and alone. If you make time for activities you enjoy you'll be waaaay more productive, have a positive aura that attracts opportunities and connect with others in joyful ways. Isn't that way more awesome than being slumped over a computer all day?

    All of these elements are necessary for you to be in a happy, healthy romantic relationship. The good news is you're in control of the choices you make. When you choose love, love will always find you!

    Article by Kari Samuels

  • I think love gets confused with too many emotions that have nothing to do with love. Often we have preconceived ideas of what love should feel like. We often project our inability to be happy on a partner or love object when really it is not about love but our own inability to "choose love". If you are miserable in a relationship....even if that person is a must take responsibility for that. To blame unhappiness on another is like a dog chasing it's tail. No one can make you whole or complete you or fix you....they can INSPIRE you. And often it's not all nice. An abusive partner can either help you wither away your power or they can inspire you to grow wings strong enough to fly away. FREE WILL. The key core of any love advice is to know yourself. Awareness is the truth that sets you free. Be non punishing but be honest in seeing your patterns......use your objective head view and let go of too many FEELINGS and impulse based attractions. Strong attractions are not all good! Our wounds tend to attract relationships and situations that repeat hidden unresolved pain and anger. It must be resolved to be whole. If not.........our relationships will be releases for pain and anger until we see the pattern and deal with the original wound. Free will, or making a choice is only possible when we are aware of why it's not about the other person but how our wound leads us into situations that represent our wounded shadow side that has not healed. As children we have no skills for making's all feelings. If we felt abandoned we will grow up creating situations of abandonment until we grow an awareness that can release the feelings with a leading power of awareness and wisdom to explain it was not our fault. We deserve love. We are love! BLESSINGS!


    A state of love is not just about people and is is sitting alone but not feeling full wonder of all nature's beauty. It is doing joyful things. Love is an energy and when we pass it is the only thing we take with us and our soul energy is measured by all the love we experienced and shared...because it has a ripple is not contained.... even our solitary states of love we vibrate and lift universal love to a higher level. This is a higher conciseness we all can be part of if we can walk a healthy detachment away from our little closed up dramas that if we passed away that day would mean nothing!

  • So true!

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