Will This Ever Be Resolved?

  • I don't know why I was thinking about this, but I was wondering if anyone could answer this question. I ended up in a bad situation with a dispute at my school and eventually was suspended. Who was responsible for reporting me? I wouldn't have been suspended if someone hadn't filed a complaint against me. It isn't because I want to retaliate against them, I just want to understand the situation better.

    Also, will there ever be any closure to this situation? It has been bothering me for some time. Suspensions close many doors, as many schools will not accept students who have been suspended. One of the issues I have is why I was suspended and not put on probation. I had told them that I was not planning to return to the school. There are ways to block a student from re-enrolling without a suspension. While I did find another school to attend, I am not entirely happy. It is online, and I can't get any work experience in my field. I just feel like there has to be some way to resolve all of this.

  • mh83

    As we grow and mature we make decisions for our lives that we look back on and see how they made us become more aware of how to make better decisions for ourselves in the future, which turn out to be blessings. It does not matter who was responsible for reporting you, now you must leave it behind you and more forward with a new attitude and plans. You have resolved this by now attending class on line and you will get work experience when hired after you complete the course. Yes, it is not how you wanted it to be, yet it is a beginning and you will have to walk a different path to the goal now, one in which you created. Be thankful and reach your goal.


  • Thanks Shuabby. I guess I just wanted to know who it was because it created such a mess. My hope is that this person learned from this and will not act so hastily in the future. Right away, I had a suspect in mind. But, lately when I think about it, I'm not 100% sure. The way some people are programmed, it seems that they believe that it's only the person in trouble who needs to learn the lesson. But, such situations can be a learning experience for all involved.

    I'm worried about being in an online program because I have chosen a very "hands on" field. I'm not learning anything that is applicable to that field in the online program. I was hoping opportunities for unpaid work would pop up while I'm in the online program and I could get experience that way. But, so far, that hasn't happened.

  • MH83

    Your right about such situations can be a learning experience for all involved. When we hold anger than we attract it to us, and that is why you have to let go and move forward. Hands on experience can be obtained when you know where to go and ask to volunteer so that you receive this knowledge needed and than possibly a job will follow. I hear the name of Robert or Bob , a man that will be of help to you in the near future.

    I wish you the best dear and know that you have it in you to achieve just what you are wanting to do with your career.

  • MH83, hello, just thinking sometimes you just have to let it be and accept that they did this and then leave it/them. Any further thought to a lost situation is a waste of one's time and energy and good spirit. Just put this behind you like a rejected bad experience. There are those unfortunate experiences when there is no positive points about and this seems like one of those unfortunates experiences. I know it is easier said than done but there are so many situations when we can't do a thing about it and this is seems like one of those. It is what it is :(. Make it all about how you can be more successful despite this set back and how they did this leave it to karma.


  • Thanks Shuabby and znl. I've been thinking about this situation and it's better not to give it too much energy. That's what I've been doing, and it isn't helping the situation at all. Hopefully, I'll figure out where I can go to get some volunteer experience soon. That will help me to move forward.

  • I'm sure you've thought of this but what about asking your online schools for some leads?

  • mh3, I drew 3 angel cards for you. Angel cards, I believe, is what your heart needs to hear...1.) Cut your cords--Ask Archangel Michael to clear any old attachments to fear that stem from past relationships, freeing you from destructive patterns, 2.) Goddess--express your divine feminine energy, embracing its magical intuition and nurturing qualities. 3.) If you get nervous, focus on service--put your entire intention on answering the question "how can I make the world a better place?" and the law of attraction will automatically take care of your needs.

  • Thanks znl for the follow up post. That's a good idea, but unfortunately my school doesn't have much of a local presence. I don't think they'd be able to give me any local leads in my field. I'm also in a complicated situation because I'm pursuing a degree in a field that I don't really want to work in. This school doesn't offer degrees in the field I really want to be in. So, I just chose something general. At my last school, one of my professors basically implied that it's a worthless degree. But, I just didn't know what else to pursue. My options are limited because of the other issues.

  • Thanks for the reading, Daliolite.

  • Hi mh83,

    You may already "get" this part of it but I think it bears repeating,

    You cannot move forward while looking back to the past.

    You still carry a lot of negative energy about this situation and until you can accept it you cannot release it and move on. All the energy about wanting to know if the others involved have "gotten theirs" is a waste of your time and I think you realize this now. But you must also stop thinking of yourself as a victim in all of this as it gives the others power - your personal power - that you freely are giving to them. Part of this is about maturity. Accept responsibility for what you did to create the situation and then ask yourself what it was you were to LEARN from it. When you can do both these things then you can truly let it go. If you don't understand the lesson in it for you then you will just re-create it again and again and again until you do.

    Another part of the Acceptance issue is to just accept where you are in your life now. Release the negative thought patterns and fatalistic thinking about what opportunities are or are not available to you now. Part of the negative thinking you have is because you have not released the anger about the past. Once you clear yourself of this energy you can focus on more positive thoughts about your present and future. Sometimes doors are closed so that we can move in another direction and sometimes we are given blocks in order to build our strength and resolve. Keep striving for your dream and see yourself as a victor instead of victim. Have faith that sometimes our dreams are given to us in roundabout ways that we cannot see. Just focus on the path ahead, one step at a time.

  • Thanks to everyone who posted. I think this is one of those situations where things need to "fall into place" in the present in order for me to release the past. That hasn't exactly happened. Despite my best efforts, I'm not doing as well at the online school as I was at the other one. I've been very disappointed by this. Part of the problem was that I started out with a semester of general education courses. Generally, advisors tell students not to do this. But, I couldn't register for anything in my major because I didn't have proof that I had completed the prerequisite courses. After I was able to get the transcripts in from my other school, they allowed me to register for the courses in my major. I think I'll do well in those. But, I'm worried I won't make it through the current semester with a satisfactory GPA. If things go well, it will help me to get over this mess. But, if they don't, I worry I'll just get stuck again.

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