Move or not move?

  • I would like to move to Florida to be near my daughter and grandson, but some reason I have mixed feelings.

    Will I make that move?


    I've been doing readings for over 35 yrs. and when it comes to the question I keep asking, I get blocked.

    Help!! Thanks

  • Hi Silverraven! I get that you should hold off on this move for a bit longer. I'm also getting that maybe your daughter and grandson may move closer to you within about a year? You are happy where you are, but want more contact with them, which is understandable. But I don't feel moving now would benefit you, and do feel strongly that you daughter is not entirely happy where she is and may just come closer your way in that time period. Is there some issue with the grandson? I get that he needs some sort of specialist care, or guidance even, and that that may be easier found closer to you, or even FROM you to a degree.

    So, my parting word here is WAIT. You will be closer to them soon, but not from a move made by you 🙂 Hope this helps and good luck xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • HI!

    you came close! my daughter is in Tampa, but NO she won't be moving closer to grandson is 5 and he does need guidance.

    Blessed Be!



  • way off...but thanks

  • silverraven-

    I too do not see you moving down to Fl. The reason for it, is maybe because you and your daughter are quite different, and you tend to judge her. I know you want to help them and give them your advice, however no advice is going to work if is not well received.

    Try to develop other relationships and give advice to people that can use it and appreciate it.

    Good luck to you!

  • way off! but, thanks

  • I don't want to be rude but you say you always get a block when you ask yourself this question, so how can you tell the people who have tried that they are way off? I think you already know the answer within yourself and are just looking for confirmation. Go with your gut, I guess if you have been doing readings for so long you know that already.

  • Greetings!

    Since my beloved past Oct. 2009, I STOPPED doing readings because of what I've experienced since her passing! There greater things out there that are more important than Tarot readings.

    And, yes, I guess I did know the answer deep inside.

    Thanks for your input.

    BLessed BE!

  • I do not think I was off.. Tarot is pretty accurate. I think you have a problem accepting the truth.

  • Greeting!

    You were way off on you reading..or whatever it was you used. I am in Florida!

    But, thank you for your time and your comment,


  • My cards were showing me that your daughter does not want you there..

    if you took chances to move there - that is fine, but I do not expect you will last there long.

    if you do not believe in Tarot, why do you ask the question?

  • Greetings!

    Tarot is a state of mind. Perhaps you may have been reading for yourself instead. The reading also depends how clear and focused you were...perhaps a problem is around you and that was what the reading showed, a reading for you not me.

    As far as my daughter NOT wanting me wrong you are!

    Thank you.


  • How can Tarot substitute you for me, when our family situations and age is completely different.

    I do not have a daughter who lives away..This is nuts..

    I actually looked into into again, just to see what I get this time- and your situation is not any better. However, I got the reason why your daughter will want you away is a MAN. Apparently he does not want you there..Anyway, even if she cares, which could be after a second reading, why would you have her choose? Is not fair...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Greetings!

    Well looks like were gonna have a tug-of-war. My daughter does want me living near her. I have NO idea about what man you're talking about. I love my son-in-law and he feels the same about me.

    However, if you really wanna help me, I was beneficiary on my ex's pension. His daughter is suppose to get the death certificates so that we can both collect on the monies due us. She lives in another state.

    What do the cards say? I'm really needy for money right now.

    BLessed be..

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