Captain pls

  • Hello Captain,

    Can I get a reading on my financial prospects/ opportunities/ situation.

    Also, Captain I would like to receive some advise from you in what you see in my reading.

    Happy holloween!

  • Sweetoty, this is the tarot section and I don;t do tarot readings but if you want one, there are other people here who do.

    I can only tell you what I sense. For you, money is tied to integrity and always will be. You must always conduct your financial affairs with the utmost honesty and morals. If you act selfishly or value money over people or service, then you will feel unfulfilled, even if you are earning a good salary. If you face problems with money or with integrity, you should ask yourself what it is you really need. If you believe that money is bad or hard to obtain, you will struggle to get it. You will create abundance for yourself when you feel personally secure and will make as much money as you allow yourself to make. Because you can sabotage your own efforts if you feel you don't deserve to have money. If you continue on doing the same old thing in your life, you will always attract the same old thing, whether it be money, relationships or whatever. When you change your attitude and behaviour, then you will change the usual outcome of your life. The more integrity, directness, and honesty you bring to your services and work, the more "payback" you will receive.

    2014 for you is not a good year for money or anything of the outside world. It is more a year of inner work and self-discovery, of contemplation and withdrawal into privacy in order to look back and reflect on your life. You may be confronting deeply buried aspects of your psyche. You will be learning unusual things about the hidden side of your nature and with this knowledge you will be learning to control these things, although it's not always an easy process. Things that you've buried, such as past events that you are ashamed of, may emerge and require sensitive handling. Facing your ghosts with self-honesty is required of you now and in coming years.

    The major key to success for you this year is focusing on long-term success rather than short-term frustrations.There will be hurdles to jump, but paying attention to details now can help secure your future. Most notable areas this year - and there are plenty - are self-care and self-improvement endeavors, earning of respect, and relationships, especially new ones. This is not a year to push too hard. Finances will be a little confusing at times. It may not be a good year for increasing your income, even if work is strong, as it may not always greatly impact your money situation. You may be careless with your money during 2014. Some financial insecurity may be part of the picture. Watching out for scams or risky speculative investments is necessary. Ideally, you will be learning to detach yourself in some way from your material possessions. This doesn't mean that you have to lose income or give up all your possessions by all means, because true detachment leads to the kind of attitude that attracts exactly what you need. You may be dealing with vague fears and insecurities that undermine your confidence in your mental output. Decision-making can suffer as a result. You may not be completely sure what or who to believe or trust. Ultimately, you will discover that your intuition does work for you, as long as you act from your heart rather than from a place of rebellion. There are some murky waters to navigate this year, but also a lot of creativity if you choose to tune in. If you have any artistic leanings, you might enjoy increased earnings in that area. Writing, public speaking, new interests, and exciting friendships are all highlighted this year, and communication of any type will be lucky for you. Be open to making changes in your regular routines.

    It is 2015 that will be the BIG year for your career and/or material success. Financial matters will prosper this year. However, you must not fail to see the truth of your situation or value your dreams and imagination more than what is real and possible. Be wary of any get-rich-quick schemes or short cuts to financial success and follow your intuition only. Any study, online courses, or education you can take to improve your work skills will pay off big this year. A 9-to-5 routine can wear on you and you may be looking for something with more flexibility and more creative opportunities. Undergoing a big career change is risky, but with perseverance and a positive attitude you should be OK. If you do decide to switch careers, be careful with your money until you are more secure.

  • Thank you SO VERY much Captain!

    That's EXACTLY everything I intended to get your view on. gosh... you really do amaze me...

    Its true, I am currently a seeking treatment to deal with my emotional issues. My past is haunting me... my childhood setbacks are coming up to surface.,

    My current living arrangements are not ideal so it was causing me added stress and anxiety, but then I realized that this gives me the flexibility I need to go back to school to further my education in nursing.

    thank you Captain, I really do appreciate your given time and energy,


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