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  • Occasionally, I go into on-line psychic chat rooms. I tell them I'm a medium/psych as well. I usually connect with the psychic's departed, confirm who it is and what they passed from. I thought I had met a valid, true psychic. Good background from bio. He told me to come back anytime. After the third visit, he put a message that I had to buy a consult. What I wanted to ask you is during the time I visited his chat room had a strange dream. Indication is he may be using his service to view women on webcam. There is also a man who is always in the chat room talking w/potential clients. There were two or three men in my dream, as well. In my dream, the main character told me I was free to go. Had this dream after the first time I was in the chat room. Prob let his energy in my house. By the way, I don't have a web cam that's what his message asked for.

  • I have never felt the need to ask for a web cam to be of service. I'm sure yo never have either. The man in question is a shark who doesn't know he is as he sees himself as doing a service without force and his clients have free will. People who are not ethical are either downright dis honest and do not care or there are those that lie to themselves and justify their actions. Your dream was a warning dream picking up what was hidden. Psychics are also just people and the gift does not guarantee they are well adjusted good people. In my younger days of paying for readings I was aware when I got a psychic who had the gift BUT was not in full empowerment herself and that does affect the amount of clarity a psychic has to offer in some areas. I see this event for you as a SEDUCTION. He pulled you in and waited for your trust before setting off a red flag. You must not let that slide. There is nothing wrong in paying for the service of a psychic.........I paid mine for ten years and have paid others before I became more self efficient. An ethical psychic, tells you up front all that is expected of you. The free to go comment is this man's justifying attitude. He has an air of grandeur and sees himself knowing better than you and feeling it's ok to lead you along. The bottom line is it is a business for him and the the others and like any business someone is always marketing minded and the web cam is a way of getting you closer and gaining a bond. And yes, I'm sure there is the opportunity for taking advantage of women on the cam. Unfortunately there are more predators out there than servants and psychic help is very abused because it invites the lost and troubled and people who are in a weak place, desperate. It is the law of the jungle. Trust your gut. You cannot connect with someone without absorbing that so it was your own gift that had that dream first connection. You could just cut off all contact or you can ask this man why he had not told you up front that he did expect you to buy his service and he requires a web cam. What in his psychic mind thought you would accept that? I think the gray area when picking up on predators is it is a little harder when the predator does not acknowledge his or hers own behavior as wrong. Often when reading from a distance we have to sort out the truth from the assumed truth that comes from the persons own thinking. This is the difference between intuitive gathering and what Spirit has to say. As for the webcams......they run those ads all the time on sites like his........I hate looking at them....strangers on my screen talking away to someone. I feel most of them are just filling a desperate lonely hole in someone and feel they make that person feel good, for a price. It is what it is and will continue. Freebies are my choice and I do not do many, it's my service as a charity that does use my gift. I could open a room for business but personally I do not want to deal with that. Your gift has determined the man and his associates are not ethical in your book and you move on. Speaking up is your choice but honestly will mean nothing to them. Do what makes you feel best then cleanse them from your psychic field. Only go their if Spirit insists, as an act of saving someone else. I have been asked to intervene on occasion when someone is being led a wrong path. Trust yourself and accept that having a gift does not mean the person uses it ethically. BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks. I like to practice. The site I went to is not a community, as such, I'm finding out. Not that I go there alot anyway. Looking back, the dream came true. Anyway, thought I'd share that experience. Just something to be on the "aware" about. Thanks for your help.

  • ps......a good psychic who charges will never encourage a paid reading more than twice a year and really advise once a year. If you go to a spiritual camp or church for a psychic they will give you a handout explaining that. Anything else is more of a life coach. Most good readings will cover at least a year and often longer. I went once a year and if I was having a real crises I would go six months later. But mostly I got a reading once a year. I always paid for an hour and had it recorded. I was lucky as my psychic and I had a great connection, she was a Reverend at a Spiritual camp and we shared the same birthday and our birth time was 6pm for me and 9 am for her and our birth year as well was connected hers 1935 mine 1953. She passed away and I was lost at fist but really it was time to be more self sufficient and I learned a lot from her about giving a good reading. No matter how confused or sad I felt before seeing her I always felt good after a reading........her readings were very healing and she was very accurate and often things predicted took years to make sense or happen. Some people psychic shop until they hear what they want to hear. If you long at times to connect with other psychics , seek out a spiritual church. I happen to live close to a famous spiritual camp where the community are psychics. It's a great place to attend spiritual events and take classes or workshops etc....and they have visiting psychics. Long before he became famous here I had a reading by Deepak Chopra who was visiting. He was very accurate and a lot of his predictions took years to unfold. A good reading will include names and dates and information that can't be guessed.. Every psychic has their own method. Some hear more than see... others see symbols that mean things. I'm very visual but also hear key words or see them like written large on a sign. You already know that being a medium does not give us the power to force a spirit connection.....they step forward or not. I only answer posts that spirit chooses for me. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, Yes. I've found some meet-ups for psychics and development. I'm usually working when they're held. There aren't a lot of safe places for development I'm finding. On-line chat w/psychics can feel threatened. I feel they don't truly have the ability. Thanks.

  • You are right, I went through a long spell of uncertainty after my adviser passed and I would get lonely for my kind and give in and attend something with high hopes or see a psychic and be very let down. But looking back it was forcing me to develop my own gift. Sometimes by venturing out there and encountering what's really out there can give you an appreciation for your own comparison. It's an easy online business for many and if you do give good freebies in a chat room the ones who treat it like a business are not going to welcome you for too long. A reading is not cheap. Twenty years ago I paid fifty dollars an it's at least 75. This is a good site to practice and you should read books by psychics you admire. The lesson I learned is that there is a truth in that saying that we do receive messages by angels unaware! The universe sends you messages all the time.....sometimes you may have a question on your mind only to have a stranger blurt out exactly what you need to hear. Once I felt safe in that secure faith that answers will come TO us my gift flourished as it connected me to Spirit and put me IN THE FLOW. On occasion if I feel I do need an outside opinion I've found that we do have gifts on this site. Although she underestimates her gift sometimes Watergirl is an excellent psychic. Some psychics here give too much.....which is easy to do, wanting to help everyone, it does take energy to connect at a distance. If you have healing energy you must protect that and choose wisely spending it. That is a psychics biggest challenge. You have a big generous heart. You could be more selfish on all levels of your life in a positive way. Work on that balance of knowing when you need space and recharge and have the right to say no without satisfying others with an acceptable reason. Be your own best friend and know who you are.........often the phase of being around others not your kind is really building a faith in yourself. BLESSINGS!

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