Can someone please help...I feel I have been sitting in dark for so long:((((

  • I have been looking for a job for it seems ages. Can you please tell me when will i get a job? Will it happen for me in 2014? If yes what kind of job it is?

    I am so tired of applying for jobs non stop, it's been two years since is since i started searching. I am utterly demotivated and lost now. Don't know what i am doing wrong or not doing to find me a job!

    Can you help me with some insight please? I feel like running away and hiding myself somewhere. It is so discouraging and awful to see me struggling every day with the hope that something might come up today. I feel lost. Please tell me if i should hope for something coming my way in 2014 or just not hope for getting anything at all this year? Am so tired of wait now that i feel like giving up:(((((

    thank you much in advance for your help.

  • hello hiighpriestess I feel for you and have been in your situation. Kinda still am. Start by looking for jobs in retail as they are gearing up for the holidays. It can get your foot in the door. How is your resume? Does it need to be revamped or tweaked? If you need someone to take a look at it let me know as I do resumes on the side. you can email a copy of your resume at shadowmist69 @ if you wish and I will look at it for you.

  • hey shadowmist!

    thank you for the encouraging words my friend but i have been trying for more than 2 years. i don't know how and when will it happen. i have got my resume done multiple times over the past few years. i am ready to do apprenticeship but i don't come across any such opportunity at all. it seems i have some kind of blockage going on that doesn't let anything positive into my life.

    can an intuitive reader please provide me with some insight? i could sincerely use some help ! i am very disappointed at the moment 😞

  • could someone please help me with some insight?

  • highpriestess,

    I feel that you may be in your own way, You may have been offered a job or two and feel they were not a good fit for your resume. There is a light at the end of your thought tunnel. You will get a job in the next six weeks, it will be in a tan building a woman named Sherry will be of help to you with this job. I see clerical work or a office position coming in here, as you are sitting at a desk with lots of paperwork around you. This may lead you down a new pathway of thinking and job openings with this company. Are you registered with any temp services?

    Green grass is being shown to me so the money will be up to your desire or need.



  • hi shuabby

    thank you very much for the insight.

    yes i have registered with a temp agency for many months. i was never offered a job by anyone. all i have been doing is applying for jobs constantly for i don't remember how long. can you give me month when i will find her and what kind of company it is where you see me working?

    i don't think i will get a good salaried job right away as all i have been applying for now are clerical/admin kind of jobs. i have a masters in business management though but due to being away from work for almost a decade i have been facing difficulty getting my foot in there. so i think i will need to settle for anything that comes my way, although i want to do something meaningful and a responsible job where i can put my management skills and degree to use.

  • This isn't about the job but your disconnect with self worth and getting lost in fears. Read your post as if you were the ad visor......there are a lot of negative self talking going ARE in a dark place BUT it's not outside of you coming at you but it is within you. You are in a circle of defeat. feeling rejected, and judging the no job thing reflects that something is wrong. All this focus on the loss of job opportunity can be serving a hidden agenda? Isn't that your intuition .....that somehow you are attracting this? The key is not judging or feeling like a loser for that. My impression is you are on hold, in stagnation over this. Your life has gotten attached to this goal and now it is measuring your self worth! Spirit shows me a picture of you pushing a boulder uphill. This is a sign for a hidden habit of leaking power. I also see the Angel card NO MORE WOUNDS. So your intuition is valid but Spirit wants you to embrace the awareness without the self judgement or getting overly focused on what you are doing wrong. You are exactly where you are meant to be and must tone down the logic and instead of seeing the loss, get back into THE MOMENT. Usually when we are facing the constant out of reach future we desire it is the opportunity to live more in the moment that is being asked of us. You are not trapped by a mistake you are on path learning a lesson. Let go of logic with this advice....all the but this but that. Thoughts are energy! This part of your path is about putting knowledge to work. You already know everything I am telling you but are just having trouble doing the work. That is is not easy. No matter how aware we leap up....all of us must do the work again and keep growing. Be kind to yourself and try to avoid desperation....feeling helpless to a situation can be a choice. It would be easy if Spirit just gave you the relief of seeing the future detail but you would not grow in faith with that. I can tell you that you will get past this and be in a much better place by May-June. Depends on how much you can surrender and quiet fears. This is not easy. Fears can be real in their will the insurance get paid? The light bill? Hearing time ticking away and feeling everyday another step deeper into a loss. A big part of your inner child carried too much responsibility that was meant for adults! You carry a big responsibility load constantly with your inner child still following you with the insecurity of not having the adult skills to know what to were on your own a lot to figure things out. This needs to heal. The blessing of that wound is you DID become a problem solver and DID grow intuitive wings! You DID grow skills to be a leader, a teacher, an adviser. Unfortunately. that inner child trapped in uncertainty has not had a voice and that is the blessing now of this helpless place you find yourself right now. Bring this child into the light, let yourself grieve for her but know it is not who you are now. This is hat spiritual place of joining in the light your shadow side. THEN you can observe with out judgement any impulses you have attached to your wound that DOES affect your choices as an adult. We all have the capability to sabotage our path blindly. You are a good person! . This job frustration is not your self worth or failure. Pay attention to YOUR EMOTIONS. This situation is a release for your wounded child to heal. So just let it release in that awareness. But do not wallow.....use your power of CHOICE to put to work all the knowledge you earned as a spiritual person. Your inner child was lost, felt helpless, in the dark, fearful of mistakes. That is your pathology. You as the survivor have earned your right to empowerment. You know the laws of energy attraction, the power of positive self talk. The power of living in the moment your joy as really this moment is all you truly have. When we keep hitting a wall of resistance it is our spiritual life saying CHANGE course. This is not the time for your dream purpose to appear. You need to heal first. There is nothing wrong with you. It is all good. Spiritually you know that a crisis can be a perfect storm for clearing the path to healing.Attach all these present painful feelings to a wound that no longer really exists. It just wants to be heard. Indulge in joyful things the next few months......allow your inner child to be a child and let go off the burden of feeling so responsible. Do this work and by May June the door of opportunity will open wide for you and with little effort the job that best suits your next lesson and growth will come to you. Join some happy non paying interesting ventures for now. ONLY do what truly brings not choose from the responsible head of logic right now.........there will be a time for that later...right now indulge your wounded child....let her release fears and trapped emotions THEN guide her to enjoy life in the joyful care free way she lost. Once you solve this your adult capable gifted survivor self will then reap her harvest. BLESSINGS!

  • hi blmoon

    thank you very much for the reply! this is just spot on!

    i did suffer a great deal and somehow in order to cope with it i buried it somewhere deep down inside me and never visited that place again. it still hurts when i am reminded of what happened in my life in the past but i myself never want to think about it anymore. i somehow ended up feeling responsible for myself and all my miseries and have been very hard on me ever since. i do have a sense that i have stopped enjoying life. many times i ponder on this thought that i am living a dead life and seriously need to come out of it but i never make efforts to bring any change. in my mind i don't know how to make myself happy. all my life i have been focussed on others needs and i have no clue how to make myself happy. my happiness was always tied up with others happiness. i have never had dreams.

    i don't know why i lived my life like this. i got terribly hurt and this could be the reason why am so stuck at finding a job and working on myself. this would act as that first step towards creating a new life for me. since i have been trying for more than 2 years the wait has started weighing me and my motivation down, even though i don't feel i am defeated yet, but i sometimes feel that i will be getting there in future if nothing positive happened for me.

    starting working will give me a new platform to build that foundation for me to create my future on. it will bring a sense of achievement because i have ignored myself a great deal. i have never learnt to be happy for myself. this is very confusing for me.

    i don't know what makes me happy!!!!!

    healing is due i agree but how does it happen? is it happening already without me even noticing it? or it's just that i am not as focussed on my wounds as much as i was before and so it gives me a sense that all is well inside me?

    when you say in may/june a door of opportunity will open for me does it mean i will not have any job/work before that? i am open to apprenticeship/temp work or even part time work with shifts. i just wanted to get started with something at least as life has been in such a rut and i feel burdened by responsibilities of home/child and i just want to start something new so it can help me deal with the rut and get away for a while from my other responsibilities that i have been tending for more than a decade now. i feel so tired!!!!!!

    school is an option too but i am preferring to take lessons in a classroom from a private tutor. do you see any of it happening for me between now and may/june 2015 before that opportunity appears? or you mean i have to bide this time without any activity and remain in the same rut until mid 2015?

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