My daughter, i need some help on this.

  • My daughter lives 1000 miles from me. She has a little girl that wants to live with us. Does anyone see her moving closer to me or just being stubborn and living like a pauper. Will she ever wise up. Thank you.

  • Your perspective is too narrow. Your daughter chooses not to leave HER HOME for you for lots of reasons, not just to be stubborn or give you grief. You should know very well about making decisions for YOUR own path regardless of others feelings. Karma? You are headstrong and hate empty spaces or down time and can not stand uncertainty....these are general for most yes but for you extra impatience. When progress is slow in your mind you will PUSH THAT BOULDER UP A HILL all the while griping about the injustice of your plight. If life does have help to offer you are too impatient to surrender in faith and let the hand play out. Also you use problems, roadblocks and mistakes as a sign of negative circumstance when that is not true. Often good things come after a storm or a change and often when we do not change course on our own life will throw a crises that diverts us....but you often do not accept that and tend to see negative more than positive. Spirit says your challenge is letting go more often and letting the next chapter unfold. You have safety trust issues. This pulls you into a victim state of mind. Your loved ones will feel this energy as you being a control freak....which upsets you because you feel betrayed and unappreciated because really you feel it as trying to protect and help. You need to own your fearful non-trusting nature to understand how others will by law of energy attraction pick up and respond in a way that keeps surprising you. Remember the serenity prayer? That is your desired mantra. People with trust issues will attract on all levels of their life some kind of under attack situation. It's how life encourages you opportunities to get it right and do things different. To step back from your reactions and use your head and not see all conflict as bad. You can protect yourself! Your inner child has a core belief that you are not safe and someone can bully you. You are no longer that child. But you react like that child. Your wise adult head must lead and see past emotions and imagined hurts. Your daughter is not doing anything just to upset you. She has her own life path and challenges. Stay out of negative thinking and try to not over analyze things. You often read too much in others words "what did they mean by that?!".......stop yourself more often from thinking that does not love you back. Where your FOCUS goes....GROWS!!! Keep the laws of energy and attraction in the light.Be loving and in touch with your daughter but do not press......she can easily press YOU to move near her. BLESSINGS!

  • I never mention to her about moving here. I have told her that i am proud of her and that she is a good mother. But my son and her dad do ask her if she would move with us. My concern is her daughter and if she will meet a good man, who would be good to my grand daughter. By the way your spirit was pretty accurate. Thank you

  • As a parent it is so much my prayer as well that my children be in healthy relationships. I struggled early on but now having had to watch my children go through troubled relationships BUT learn valuable lesson AND then actually all of them finding a more suitable mate later.......I've gained more wisdom and trust in letting some things play out and believe in the process of letting loved ones grow at their own pace. To be there for them but let go some. Being a mother is tough! To be so built to protect your young ones but have to shift as they grow into adult hood. In a positive way it gives us ME time to get back to our selves as a woman and do things we had no room for before. Right now Spirit has told me my inner child needs to play. I get the feeling they have the same advice for you right now. BLESSINGS!

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