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  • Hi. Could you do a reading for me please? Work and love life. Thank you!!!

  • Pilotguy, Give me a few days.

  • StandingTall, This reading is about you and you alone. Focusing on your abilities and developing and working yourself--not anyone else. Tendency to focus on other things. Feeling here is that you have a lot of ideas and talents but are being beaten down perhaps by others who are more controlling or control, authoritative type figures. Tendency to mix business and relationships--this is your challenge. Feeling that you're ready to leave. Feeling here is that change will happen and progress will take place when you focus on yourself--8 of coins in advice position. Don't focus on failed relationships. I'm getting that you can't move ahead because of this--2 of cups in challenges/8of cups in blocks. Sticking to your goals. Getting out when you need to. You're question was money coming in. Interesting that 8 of coins is in advice position, however, if a sum of money were coming in there would be too many people w/their hands in it. I don't see that.

  • Pilotguy, I'll get to yours soon haven't forgotten ok.

  • no rush. thats again!

  • Pilotguy, I'm picking up an emotional loss in the present. I believe this is representing you. I don't think you'll know all the reasons why--if that makes sense. Feels like change perhaps moving or changing locations and this person did not want to. This person didn't always express what they were feeling. Perhaps you didn't feel like you got the support that you needed from this person. As far as work, I'm picking-up a level of acheivement that you worked for that puts you "above"--if you can relate to that. A separating from things that you believed in or structure in your life--hierophant in situation/2 of coins in future/judgment in advice. Separating what works and what does not work. Above the reading it's talking about a new path perhaps careerwise. I can't help but feel that your looking for a different or "new" job. Offers that you've perhaps "shelved" in the past. Knight of coins in the future position has me worried a bit. Your reading is bringing forth silence on more than one front. Your reading is reminding you that you've done it before--8 of wands/page of wands/2 of coins. At times, feels like a lawsuit. Feeling that you're sticking with a certain structure or belief. At the same time, there's a feeling of trying something different. A certain belief system is possibly your personality that the reading is refering to. What works and what doesn't and the fact that you can make it happen--


    above--page of wands

    present--5 of cups

    below--7 of coins--you're looking at what you've worked for


    past--8 of wands

    challenges--8 of swords

    future--2 of coins

    blocks--4 of swords

    friends--knight of swords

    advice--judgment--use this when dealing w/certain people


    There's a feeling here that you're going to deal w/someone that "lacks" for loss of a better word prob a male.

  • Thanks so much. A lot of it makes sense. Re: the future and knight of coins, do you think that's my illness coming back? I am thinking about a career change, either flying or going back into law. Overall, do you think it was a positive reading? Thanks again!

  • Pilotguy, 4 of swords can be refering to an illness, it's in blocks position. I'm not surprised to hear that. I seldom read many posts on this forum other than what's posted here. What's the loss that the reading is speaking of--that's my question and if I am correct. What type of law work did you do. Judgment is in the advice position which is interesting to me. Are you working now. I feel a strong sense of order with you. There was a strong feeling of starting something new but also status quo. I'd appreciate a more in-depth explanation if you don't mind. I feel like I'm touching on themes here and not directly answering you.

  • Thanks I will reread what you said and follow your advice.

  • Yup, Im working now but thinking of a career change to fly and maybe do lW

    on the side. I hated law before but it's a good side job. I did small criminal cases and the like. As for my illness, i was injured in a routine operation and that almost killed me. That experience has changed me. I know I have some mental issues from it. It seems my reading is about conflict with work and home life. as long as not gonna get sick and die lol

  • Pilotguy, 4 of swords showing as a block for you. I always tell people to look up the card meanings to provide insight. Hope this reading helped. A lot of the card combos I drew are similar to readings I've done where the person has succeeded on their own. In other words, a lot of the hardship involved was due to other people. I got that theme w/yours--you've always made it, just sort thru what doesn't work.

  • Thank you so much. It gives me a lot of hope and determination.

  • Hello daliolite how are you? Haven't been on here in a while. Hope all is well. Can I get a reading just whatever you pick up.

    Thank you

  • Daliolite,

    I don't know what to ask you, but maybe you can give me some advice on my current situation? I'm hoping to hear from a friend again soon. How soon, I don't know. I thought of initiating contact, but he was the one who asked for space.


  • SagittariusGurl6, Do you have a love interest--wondering. I did a reading but waiting for you to answer this.

  • JoyLily82, Yes, prob be a couple days.

  • Daliolite not really.

  • SagittariusGurl6, The next question for you is if someone is sick or has passed....In situation, strong feeling of loss/separation. Conflict over what to do, what direction to go. Strong indication of---NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT to make a change. You need to take the first steps. You know, you may not always have the support that you do in the present. The past is gone and it's time to work together--seeing eye to eye on things. A challenge for you is being alone or the ability to see clearly what you need to do. Following a standard, order, set of rules. Be careful what you wish for in outcome--this is what you'd like to see happen. Whatever this is avoid it. Emotional fufilment will come when you're complete (and the other person) as well. You're reading is talking about a new path that puts you "above" the situation.


    present--10 of coins

    above--queen of swords

    situation--5 of cups

    past--5 of wands

    below--ace of wands



    blocks--10 of swords--believe in yourself

    friends--7 of wands

    advice--2 of cups--seeing eye to eye

    outcome--nine of cups

  • That I know nobody is sick or has passed that I know. I do have a conflict on what to do or what direction to take. I'm stuck between to walls that I don't know what to do.

  • JoyLily82, This is a reading that has a lot to say, intense. You can try to help but sometimes you just have to go your own way. This relationship is more emotional and theoretical for you. You have an idea of how it should work. The reading shows the #5 and is based particularly on this number. I'm not a numerologist but #5, for me, always indicates change. There's havoc and lacks order. A break-thru in present. I feel this guy has challenges in his work that carries over into the relationship. I don't feel a rest will change the overall make-up of this relationship. I don't like seeing the devil in the foundation. I feel like you "came together" under good pretenses but are not good together--if you can relate. Something "lacking" that feeds into this relationship. He's not ready. Striking out and assertion on his part. More down to earth approach when dealing with him. I also have a feeling that he doesn't want to lash-out or say the wrong thing. Control issues, whose in control is a theme here, as well. I feel it's way too soon for contact/relationship. He has a lot of issues. Look practically at what drives this relationship/ask friends, etc. Have friends offered insight. Your reading is pointing to this.



    situation--5 of swords

    above--5 of wands

    present--3 of cups


    challenges--5 of coins

    future--page of coins


    friends--knighto of swords


    outcome--4 of swords

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