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  • Do not forget about me please whenever you have time Dalilolite 😉

  • I haven't I'll start yours soon.

  • Standing Tall, What has happened recently has brought about alot of conversation from everyone in your life. I take it that you're living w/family. If not, there's a lot of parental influence here. Talk of starting over, which is good. There's a need to plan and get details in order. Crowning this reading is the two of cups. This indicates this union between you and this guy. There's been talk that he's not ready for and is running from. He may not like the way you do things and is more fixed or set in his ways. You'll see everyone's true side thru all of this. This is your challenge. As you move along, this is the lesson here. Some will not rise above this situation. I feel he will not as he's not ready. Your challenge, as well, is to "rise above" the situation. You're being moved in a different direction or will be moved in a different direction. 8 of wands in future position indicates to focus on direction and a new direction w/your life/career. Things are being tossed and to let the universe guide you. It's up to you and no one else. If you handle correctly, this whole situation will make you stronger--8 of wands/page of swords in advice. I believe your on the right path, just have to believe in yourself. Some will or are upsetting you. Page of swords paired 5 of cups--all is not lost. This reading is indicating that things will reverse. You need to think about yourself and what you need to do.


    above--2 of cups

    present--7 of swords

    below--ace of swords--follow thru

    situation--king of swords

    past--queen of coins

    future--8 of wands

    blocks--9 of cups


    advice--page of swords

    outcome--5 of cups

    Overall feeling here is to concentrate more on yourself and what you need to do.

  • StandingTall, I drew an i-ching and got #4--Youthful Folly. You can look-up on this site the meaning. Also, got angel cards recently and drew one for you--powerful, loving wise spiritual teachers are watching over and guiding you--ascended masters.

  • Thanks,good know that I have Angels around me.

    If you have time could you see if I will find a job this month?

  • Ok

  • Standing Tall, Something holding you back in regards to "words." This is regarding jobs/career. Indication to try or start something new. In regards to the words--do not answer unless asked and then be cautious. Indication to try something that you love--a career change. It's like someone has said something or holding you back. Perhaps you're afraid to step-out. A feeling that you will be happier and will move past this state of gloom. Wait and see for now. Again, move towards something that you love. Or focus on what makes you happy. Resist men who are appealing--if you can relate. You'll do much better. Focus more on yourself. It seems there's offers that are not appealing to you. It seems all that's going on is moving towards a different path, if you're able to see that--sun in foundation in present. Use this time period along w/everything to place you into the "perfect" path.

  • ps--I drew 3 angel cards for your situation/job--ear chakras--notice messages that appear as sounds, music, and words, from both external sources and within your mind. These messages are real answers to your prayers; shield yourself--protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by envisioning a cocoon of healing light surrounding you; again, ascended masters--enough said, belief in a higher power. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thank you for this ofering !! I would love a reading on love life. Any thing spirit says ! 🙂

    Thank you so much !! B

  • Breze1, Give me a few days.

  • Thanks a Million! You mentioned Music, should I go into a singing career?

  • Sure, Thank you !

  • Breze1, I'll start by talking about the angel card I drew for you--Manifesting your dreams. I get an overall feeling that you're being called to a "higher purpose." Don't wait for things to happen. A different path. When I first did your reading, felt I needed time or time away from it to understand it. A feeling of boredom in present. This reading feels as if you're stuck in a relationship that's going no where. It also feels as though you're not getting the news that you want regarding this relationship. You hold the key to this relationship. If it's blocked, it's because you haven't made the necessary move that you need to. You're undecided. I really get a feeling here that you're taking this relationship too seriously and it's weighing on your heart. There's a sitting it out feeling here--temperance/two of swords. Also, someone can't follow-thru on their end. Seems it's leaving you w/promises and wishes/hopes and dreams. I think you'll move on. Indication to move-on from this--queen of swords in outcome. Someone doesn't know what they really want. I think you do. I don't see this improving. If you have ended a relationship, it won't do good to re-think it. It's not as bad as it seems and you're being urged to start anew--page of wands foundatin, queen of swords in outcome. At times, this reads as an affair to me although I haven't got a clue, I just read the cards.



    situation--10 of cups


    above--9 of swords


    challenges--knight of coins

    future--2 of swords

    blocks--9 of coins

    friends--5 of wands

    advice--6 of cups--nieve

    outcome--queen of swords

  • ps--sorry situation is 10 of cups

  • Daliolite

    Thank you so much !! All you say ring true to me. I broke up with x three months ago. I was badly disapointed but i see the reasons behind this spicy experience and i am moving on. I have this boredom feeling and i am very undecided person in regard to love. I am afraid of change. I want to have a new relationship, but in the mean time feel i am not ready. I am trying to understand myself.

    Thank you again!!

    Love, B

  • StandingTall, Listen to your inner voice. Explore your talents

  • Daliolite, is this thread still open? I have another question.

  • StandingTall, Yes. What's your question.

  • Yes: ) Good Morning Daliolite.

    I was told from a reader that I will have a large sum of Money coming my way in January of 2015.

    She stated that it will come from a work situation.

    Since I am currently unemployed; will this money come from a company that I worked for about Six years ago??

    I am wondering because I was the whistleblower in regard to the insurance fraud that was going on among the employees. (I complained to the boss).

    Will I receive a reward from being a whistleblower in this work situation? ?

    If you can give me insight today it would really help me a lot.

    Thanks A Million!

  • StandingTall, I'll do a reading. My impression from what the reader told you is a bunch of .... Oh well, give me a few days. I'm always skeptical of people who put concrete time frames and predictions out there. This is not my gift. I give readings that are used as tools for the present situation showing your challenges, blocks, advice, situation etc. Not to broaden someone else's opinion, etc. Give me a few days...

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