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  • Sadsag, Gonna start yours next.

  • Cady86, Yeah, he played the game. Told you what he thought you wanted to hear. He probably was hurt at one point. And then some want something stable so they can play their game on the side. You don't want to toy w/people's emotions. It's hard. I keep going back to what my dad would say like...have several boyfriends. You don't have to get involved. Talk and get to know perhaps instead of focusing on a relationship. If I feel rushed, I back off. You might want to check-out meet-up groups in your area especially if your in a larger area. There's a site I know of called meet-ups (I think) and you can put in your area of interest and there's groups. Don't go into anything w/a mindset. I'm not saying that you do. It's sounds as though both these guys have a lot of their own issues and baggage that you can't "cure." Perhaps being a friend is what they really need. Maybe they haven't realized how to be a friend to someone first. Perhaps they don't know how to open up. They may be focusing on your expectations. They may view relationships as expectations, or what they think that you want. Would a friend treat you this way. And who knows what their expectations are or what they're trying to achieve. And you could say that it's the human condition. People do bad things. In the long run you'll be glad you moved on. I think you deserve better. I'm a psychic/medium more than anything else. I get a lot of impressions from readings. I get uncomfortable when I feel like I'm giving advice, if you can understand.

  • Sadsag, Right now getting that you feel very much alone--5 of cups crowning the hermit. However, there's no time like the present. World in foundation is great, would love to have this in my own reading. It feels as though you're dwelling on this distance and not moving forward. How's everything else. in your life. He feels he has a lot of obstacles in the way with you, or just plenty of obstacles in general. I feel like he's starting something new like a new job, perhaps new location or thinking about it. Right now there are a lot of obstacles for him and he's weighing the options. I really feel as though he's starting over in the career sector, movement forward. Not so much love department. As far as advice, there's a be careful what you wish for type feeling. When love is offered there has to be some commitment, however, It's not all or nothing. Maybe he doesn't need the all or nothing maybe he needs "stand by him." The nine of cups card popped up in advice amidst your feelings of loneliness and his obstacles. You're also wondering about how words (words spoken) have distanced him. You're wondering if the words that were spoken (angry) are binding. Not really, however, he feels blocked on different levels in general. I would say it's more about career for him now. I don't know the specifics but his path is your block. I feel like you need time, as well, to develop your ideas, goals and life. You'll have a hard time moving forward I hate to say--queen of cups in blocks. It feels like your in some occupation or could be that everyone knows of--world. Newspaper, advertising, etc. Perhaps he is since this reading is regarding the both on you. I think this relationship is challenged by career.

  • Daliolite,

    You are right on in many respects. I really do feel alone. I never imagined being single. I was married for 24 years and always thought that was forever. Even though it has been a long time since the divorce I have never adjusted to the idea of not having a partner. When I met this man, it seemed so right. We are good in so many ways but he definitely has blocks in terms of relationships. Loving and being loved scares the crap out of him. He feels unworthy. He told me once that if he let me get close enough I would find that he is not lovable. I totally did the ' stand by him' thing but he did his very best to sabatage it. In the end that is what he did. He proved himself right, as usual.

    You are right about the angry words. I do wonder if my angry words will keep him away. I have never told him to leave me alone before. So far he has. It has been 3 months since then. That's longer than he has ever stayed away. Well he has stayed away but never out of contact for more than a few weeks. He's a mess really and staying away is really for the best.

    As for the change of career, on one of our last dates in June he was telling me that he was going to look for a new job. He is an engineer in a very large company and so can change within the company without relocating or losing any seniority. He definitely is not in advertising or newspaper. That idea makes me giggle. Thanks for the laugh. He is a terrible communicator. He keeps it all inside. I am not a journalist but my field is teaching others to communicate.

    The rest of my life is going well. I have good kids, a beautiful granddaughter, lots of friends, a good job and as much financial security as anyone has. It has taken work to get here since the divorce but I have a good life, just no partner to share it with. I guess that is where the be careful what you wish for comes in.

    So I guess if he is weighing his options I better be prepared to hear from him. I have been giving this a lot of thought and talking with my counselor. I am trying to move on, trying to focus on other activities and areas of my life. I will keep going in that direction. It is much healthier to stay away from him.

    Thank you so much for reading for me again. I know you have been doing so many lately. You really do deserve a rest. BTW I was not kidding about the book. I did write a children's book. It is not about faeries; it is about a young pig who finds a new home and a new family. Some day I will get it published.

    Thanks again Daliolite for your insights. It is very helpful.


  • Hi Sadsag, The world card in your foundation explains you or you're core, what makes you tick. Communication would fit the world card. Have you told the counselor about the two readings. Carl Jung explained a thought behind tarot or mediumship, etc. synchronicity. It's an interesting concept. It helps to explain what is done here. I'm interested in the story for the book. You don't have to explain word for word. Just would like to know how long or short the story is and perhaps the different phases of the story to get some idea of the pictures. It can be a really hard process meeting the correct person. Might make a good story line. One thing I regret not doing is writing down all the hilarious lines and things that happened at work. I often thought of a situation comedy.

  • Daliolite. Work can certainly resemble a sit com. Art mirrors reality, right?

    The story is a true story. It is about a pot belly pig, those little black ones that people have as pets. My husband and I had one. Eventually we gave him to some friends who had a barn and lots of other animals. They had a duck with a wounded wing and she took a liking to him. She slept with him and followed him around. Then one day she stole a chicken egg and hatched it so they were a funny little integrated family. I tittled it Floyd Finds a Family. It is not very long but I can't tell you exactly how many pages at the moment. It's on my home computer and I don't have access to it right now.

    I have not mentioned the readings to my counselor. I have a friend who is a counselor and is a big fan of Jung. We have talked about tarot readings but not discussed these in particular. She has a strong dislike for this man. She sees a lot of her own commitment fears in him and it makes her uncomfortable. Anyway. I may talk with my counselor about it. Either way I think your reading is an accurate reflection of the situation. I'm not really sure why I even care since I can't see myself letting him back into my life. I guess it is just validating to know that he might be feeling the loss as well even though he would never admit it now.


  • Sadsag, That's a wonderful story...Wow. I wish we could communicate via other means. Can leave my mail here. You know. Let me know.

  • Daliolite,

    We can switch to email. That is fine with me. This might be a good, healthy project for both of us.


  • Sadsag,Have a goodday2you on msn

  • Sadsag, Sorry, I always say when ending goodday2you7 on msn. That means good day to you 7 days and especially on Sunday.

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  • I want to thank you again Daliolite. Yes I am beginning to see that I do not know everything. My question is: will I eventually know everything in regard to this money and inheritance situation? ?

  • StandingTall, I guess you read my second reading. I'll ask specifically if you'll ever know.

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  • StandingTall, I haven't forgotten your reading regarding a timeframe. Will get to it soon.

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