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  • Dal, haven't forgotten you just been a crazy week and also dealing with my pup getting neutered (he's having a rough time with it).

  • Watergirl18, Ok, good. I can use some help/insight right now. He'll do better in the long run. I have 3 males and wished I would've done that. You live and learn. 3 dogs and 2 cats. Recently, a grey male has been coming around. Beautiful cat, I feed it. It doesn't meow at me it hisses. Must be scared, I guess. It's real good around my cats.

  • Maybe it's (the gray cat) letting you know you have been overworking yourself and you need a rest 🙂

    Thanks for your patience with me. My intention is today!

  • StandingTall, I can't predict a yes or no. I think I can explain a few aspects. I did 2 readings because you asked a very specific question-yes or no. There are a couple reoccurring cards that I drew. On both readings--tower in challenges. I don't know specifically who is NOT accepting change/upheaval. Both readings had Justice. In the second reading justice moved to the advice position. I feel communication is blocked and that you don't know everything. Do you feel that someone is taking something that may be yours. Perhaps you need to check this out. In the 1st reading justice is reversed--not a good sign. There's aspects about this money that is not known to everyone and not all communication regarding it is favorable--world is reversed in future position and 3 of swords in advice position in 1st reading. Are there 3 people involved. Queen of pentacles is in both readings. In 1st reading she's in the blocked position. Maybe something is held-up and needs released. I feel there's a lot of communication in this regard. In second reading the queen of pents is reversed in the future position and justice moves to advice. I get a feeling that you can get something but may not be exactly as expected--5 of cups in situation. Overall, there's a feeling that communication is blocked and that you don't know everything. It feels that everything is tied-up like in court. The feeling is that this is a family member--10 of coins in foundation who had the money. It feels like this person was taken care of by family. The thought crossed my mind that something may have been changed that you are unaware of.

  • Watergirl18, The hissing makes me want to back-off. I think it's a male and he's kinda jealous that my female cats give me more attention. I think he may be undomesticated. He (and I'm guessing it's a he) as I only see him at night. Anyway, looking forward as life is always moving forward and changing. Don't worry about it being accurate/perfect just looking for insight.

  • Hi Dal,

    Just getting started, but thought I would share...

    A lot of what came through was about love. Missing someone or needing to leave or someone left, does that make sense at all? Love is the opposite of fear so could just be pointing to the work situation, but it did not feel that way.

    Also a challenge of not seeing things clearly, needing to see the truth. Distorted views. Confusion.

    I see you as sitting calmly amidst a rough sea with choppy waters and lightning all around.

    What does the dove represent to you? For me, it means peace. Large white dove around you.

    I also got mental institution. Is this where you work?

  • I just did a Celtic cross spread and mental institution/mental health came up again. Either this is confirmation of your work place or you are dealing with someone with this problem.

    Overall, the spread shows positive movement forward, but not without struggle. What's crossing you is rest and rejuvenation. You are working too hard, doing too many readings. You need to replenish yourself. You already know this.

    The foundation of your spread is the Sacral chakra. This is where our relationships are located, but also our creativity. Feels like the love that come up earlier is here again. A child? You are in a position of sacrifice right now - hands are tied. Need to be firm and stand your ground, listen to your higher wisdom (your crown chakra was shown as a block). The outcome was the 2 of swords but in the deck I used it is called Mental Conflict. Wish I could show you the picture as this is where I got the mental illness from again. Also, the bottom of the deck (which I look to for overall theme) is called Awareness and shows a white flame coming from the crown of the head with a circle around it. Something to do with mental faculties. But advice once again was stand your ground, be firm.

  • Watergirl18, Thank you very much for this. I can't respond right now. Will late tonight.

  • Watergirl18, Was wondering if the mental aspect would be addressed. Been depressed recently and I'm not a depressed person. A lot going on that's out of my control and I feel trapped. New boss (again) bringing in new people (again) fired a couple people I liked. And I don't feel it's any better (again.) Been promised a better/different position that I studied for and passed. Did really well. HR even called me on the telephone, had me come in to offer the position only for it never to materialize. Position given to new bosses friend and no one said a thing to me. Heard thru grapevine. The drama I mentioned before in regards to the 2 co-workers. This all happened within the last 2 wks. It all came out of now where to bite me when I was kinda tooling down life's hiway thinking everything is good. (right) It just hasn't been an ideal job and I've stuck it out. Been to different job interviews over last 2 wks only to find I'm getting more money than what I can get elsewhere. This is why I feel stuck. This past Fri was offered a job that seems like it may be better than mine now. As I was driving home I felt a presence. Like maybe God is trying to help. Not that I doubt it. I guess I'm battling the feeling that nobody gives a .... unless it concerns them. That's not a feeling in this case, it's reality. My sister thinks I work around a lot of crazy people. So, maybe I DO work in a mental institution. The reading is probably comparing it to a mental institution. I can't really go into it all but yes I have to stand my ground a lot in the environment I'm in. And sometimes I just write it down. There has to be something better than this. I've taught before that's why you get children. I want to teach art though. Selling my art on the internet is another idea. In the meantime, I can't seem to get past this conflict at work which is constant. So, even though I'll be in the same industry perhaps a different environment will help for awhile. It's pretty bad at times. Counseling won't help in this regard because I have to make a change in my working environment.

  • ps--Thanks again, I knew that you could help.

  • Hi Dal,

    Yes, it kept repeating in my head, "mental institution, mental institution, mental institution" so it was referring to the work environment and a confirmation that this is not the place for you any longer. It's really not worth the extra money, is it? This other place may not be perfect, but it is offering you your next step - a way to get out. Ask for the extra money - you may get it. I did receive a message about moving on from a situation that was causing heartache.

    The children and teaching came up more than I said, but I remembered that it has come up every time I do a reading for you so didn't stress it because I wasn't sure about it. The creativity center was the foundation of your reading. I do remember your art - you posted something once and it was amazing.

    I've been through what you are going through and all I can say is that the onslaught of bad things happening I personally took as confirmation to get myself out....like I was ignoring the gentle signs so they kept hitting me with big ones.

    Let me know of your progress and good luck.

  • Thank you Watergirl.

  • Daliolite,

    I have been in a toxic work situation like that. I agree with watergirl, it will not get any better. For your own mental health you should get out. I am so happy that I did. Looking back I wonder why I stayed as long as I did. Even if you have to take a small cut in pay. I did for a while but I found a way to compensate. I rented a room in my house to make up the difference and it was so much better than working in that toxic situation. You are so good and generous with the people on this board, please be as good and generous with yourself. You deserve so much better!


  • Bump

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Wow a new job - that's awesome!

    And this site that you found sounds very cool too. Think we're lucky living in a time that encourages and facilitates entrepreneurship, networking, collaboration and exchange of ideas. Keep exploring and see what tickles your fancy.

    You know if i had your abilities, I would draw on the wall too...lol

    Inspiration is a beautiful thing, and it's great to hear the excitement in your words.

    Good on ya 🙂

  • Daliolite, I wrote a children's book a few years ago but never had anyone to illustrate it for me. Maybe we should collaborate.


  • sadsag--tell me more about it.

  • Cady86, It seems like you really went your limit on both. Good you got out. The 2nd guy you mentioned sounds like he could have been a romancer. Was he cheating. I don't like to give advice regarding relationships only what message there may be in regards to the reading. I think one of the messages is to beware how someone may present themselves or how you think they may be. My dad used to say, someone may say this person is so nice or this person is so sweet...I need to see it. Don't build up an image unless you are sure it's real. This has been one of my big lessons in life. In the advice portion of your reading, I drew the 2 of wands. This is a positive card for growth. I think you know what you want and need, it's hard to find. I think another message is not to wait for a knight on a horse to make yourself complete--6 of wands in past position. The one that was verbally abusive--you'll overcome that. It held you down but you'll effectively reverse that.

  • Danceur, Yeah, the internet has provided a lot of open doors. When I was in college in late 80's-90's there wasn't quite the avenue there is today for job seeking, etc. Gonna pursue art.

  • Watergirl18, That's something that I can work on but will take awhile. I have a few images in mind. I've always been inclined to draw faeries--folklore type. Or faeries as I can image living in nature.

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