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  • Watergirl18, Recently, had an incident at work where I was sexually harassed by two female co-workers. Reported it and one left after getting in trouble. The other told a co-worker that she was skating on thin ice. What they said (in the breakroom) was pretty bad by anyone's standards. Everything else seems ok. No one taking sides and no one asking about it although I know most know about it. Don't really know what provoked them, drove them, etc except that they live on the edge. I was friendly but not close to these two. Also, wondering what direction you get for me in career, If it's mentioned. I'm ready to start a couple projects for income and hoping it goes well. One of my ambitions in the new year. Also, I think spirit has always pointed me in being my own boss.

  • Ok, sounds like I picked up on what happened. Will see what I can get for advice.

  • Yes. There is a pond behind my parents house and my dad loved fishing!! That was one thing he did all the time.

  • Watergirl18, The incident will take care of itself so the advice may be directed towards path/career. Still wondering the reason for that happening, not so much the outcome.

  • I think in this case you were serving a purpose but for someone else's path/growth more than your own. When the speaking up and being brave/courageous came through it was as if it serves a purpose even if not outwardly recognized.

    Sometimes things also happen as a way to push us toward something else. A magnifying glass of sorts.

  • Watergirl18, Thanks for the insight. I'm sure I'm being pushed toward something else. Very apparent for the last 4 wks. I've gotta find me time as work calls me in on my off days and I end up working 6 days a wk. We have a new boss (woman) and she's been writing people up left and right. I don't know if she's able to solve problems. This is a bad area to find help and she's gonna have a problem in that regard. They've used staffing agencies before and are starting back w/that. I haven't been written up but my immediate supervisor has been 4x this past wk. And I like my immediate supervisor. Anyway, it's a scenario where a new boss brings in her people and they think they are the best..lol. I've been thru this about 4x the past 4yrs w/new management.

  • Akitablue, Several times I've been shown a man's chest and belly area. I thought perhaps something affecting the chest and stomach area. I'm still seeing my symbol around water. He is showing me crying and the word MISS. Also, nighttime and saying goodnight. I felt like he read to you at night as a child. If nighttime is an especially hard time for you he's acknowledging that. I feel like you all were close. He is showing you as his sunshine but the sun is crying--hope you can relate.

  • ps--Akitablue, Did someone find him. It appears this way at times.

  • Akitablue, Did a reading regarding the relationship. I feel like you're undecided as to where this relationship is/was going and I get that he was trying to change and had a hard time proving himself as being worthy or responsible after some dysfunction. It's unclear as to whether you all were married. Lovers indicates a partnership. I believe that he is taking a break. I think this relationship wore both of you out. I feel like he had expectations to produce something. Feels like he couldn't live up to expectations. Hard for both of you to come together--4 of swords in situation, 2 of swords in outcome. It's real hard for you to let go--tower is reversed in challenges, devil reversed in blocks. It's hard for you to believe, as well. I don't feel that your partner is changing locations. At times it feels like avoidance is the way things were dealt w/by both of you. Counseling to come back together. I don't know if your partner cut all communication. Could be trying to see what you've decided. Hope you can relate.

  • I cry myself to sleep every night. Most days I cant even get out of bed. I miss him (My dad) and miss my ex so much. My dad had heart problems and his kidneys failed. He wasn't found, he was in the hospital and fell into a coma. He was so very sick. I just was thinking the other night how I miss his stories the use to tell me as a child. My ex did cut all communication. He lived with me. He moved out, got his own place. He thought it would be better like that. It has been about a month since the move but now he is dating someone else which is killing me. Thats what I dont understand, how we were so close and best friends and now hes w someone else and wont even speak to me at all. I dont understand..does he hate me...is in love with this new person and just cutting me off because of her..so many thoughts going through my head. Its all causing me so much pain and yes I am having the hardest time letting go. 😞 I don't know if I should try to reach out to him or do nothing and let him come back..I just know I dont want him out of my life and I feel so lost 😞

  • Also..when you say I am his sunshine..sometimes the song, you are my sunshine my only sunshine will randomly just pop in my head, Ill catch myself singing it out of no where. When ever that happens for some reason I always feel like my dad has put it in my head...my dad and I were very close..everything seems to have fallen apart since hes been gone.

  • Akitablue, Your dad is acknowledging the "you are my sunshine" and the crying, missing. For some reason, w/your dad I get feet and shoes. I saw an image this afternoon which made me think that he was found. To be honest, let your partner just be. I know how it feels to be going thru what you are now. It's not easy. It's harder, however, to be living a life of uncertainty. You'd be living a life this way. Every day is really a blessing. Do something everyday that you love. I know this sounds simple and it's not easy. You can't change people, or make someone act differently. Accept the way he is. Change your mind. You'll be a lot happier. You (and not him) determine your happiness.

  • Thank you I will try my very best!! It means a lot that you can validate my dad being here. With everything going on in my life I was starting to lose a lot of faith. One last thing if you dont mind, do you think my ex will come back to me in the future, even if its just as friends?

  • Akitablue, What I see is you starting a different path with the sun at your back--sun crowning 8 of swords. I think you'll move on. There is heartache assoc w/him.

  • ok thank you.

  • Akitablue, You're welcome. Much happiness wished to you.

  • Daliolite,

    Can I get a follow up reading? You mentioned that my ex would be back. Can you give me any more information on that. Back for good or just more of the same? I still feel a strong pull in that direction even though I am trying to move away. I have been having very vivid dreams about him which is pretty unusual for me. Just wondering...

    Thanks. Sadsag

  • Going in order will get to everyone's.

  • I have 4 more readings...Ashley to Sadsag. After Sadsag will stop readings for awhile. So, this is the cut-off point. I will complete Ashley thru Sadsag. Thanks for the letting me help...and hope I did help. Will continue this thread later when I have more time.

  • Ashley2442, There is love here. It's just the free-wheeling feeling of picking-up and starting elsewhere is putting an end (basically) to the relationship. For you, I feel there's a youthful feeling of young love and putting a family together. What's the outcome for this. One feels that it would take everything to start-over--4 of coins rev in blocks position, 6 of coins in past position. There's a call to do the right thing. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't comfortable--judgement crowning reading. Someone hasn't told the other that it's painful to just get-up and start over--judgement crowning the fool, chariot rev in foundation of reading. Ultimately, this is what's being looked at, I feel. The two of you aren't going by what you really want, esp location. There hasn't been enough talk in this regard--3 of swords in advice position. Ace of cups is paired w/3 of swords so it lessens the impact of the 3 of swords. Need to do some talking here or it's just going to play-out--queen of swords rev situation, 3 of swords in advice.

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