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  • Lola6862, Yes, prob have up in several days so check back...

  • Watergirl, Yes, been working in yard. I like to work in the Summer heat. Anyway, just trying to catch-up on some of my yard work. Really have a little too much and considering some of my options. We have a lot of rain in the Spring where I live and things grow out of control so there's always a lot of catch-up.

    Hope your doing good.

  • Hello Daliolite, I would like to request a reading as well if you have the time. Do you see any improvement in my love life? It's been so long I've met someone I really like that I'm about to lose hope.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Avor, Check back will be several days, ok.

  • Thehanedman19,

    So, did another reading for you and tried to channel and ask for guidance for you. My guidance BTW is something I ask Yahweh and Jesus for. Spirit is bringing forth someone w/sunglasses. When I first saw this I thought of you. A feeling of not fitting in. Wanting answers and shedding light on your journey. A challenge has been a distant male figure. A mother figure or woman figure brought forth. Washing/water is being brought forth. Love is sent. Feeling of birthday coming-up. At times, a feeling of losing someone early on. The tarot reading is pointing toward abandonment in situation. Someone leaving. In advice, Tarot reading is speaking of the shake-up. I think this is the answer. Some things are imminent and unpredictable. It tears at our very fabric of existence. You need to draw upon your strength and know that things are not always concrete. Picking-up and moving-on is key in things to come for you. Queen of swords environment paired with Tower in advice. Your reading is speaking of the progress you've made by reversing some of your obstacles. This is the best I can do given my time right now. If you have any questions, let me know. I also want to say don't shoulder the burden or guilt.


    present--7 wands (rev)

    crowning--page of cups

    foundation--ace of pentacles (rev)--whether reversed or upright the hand still holds the coin

    situation--8 of cups (rev)

    past--10 of swords (rev)

    challenges--emperor (rev)--this challenge seems has been overcome


    blocks--2 cups (rev)

    environment--queen of swords--look to future


    outcome--3 of wands

  • Thank you for the reading... one last question... that person that´s leaving is it posible she´ll ever come back?

  • Actually two more, do I know that person since childhood?

    Sorry for hassling you so much... it´s just an issue that´s been bothering me...

  • The hanedman19, Do you know from childhood--yes. I think I got some questions for you. Can you relate to what I mentioned.

  • Lola6862, I'll start yours next.

  • Looking forward to seeing it! Thank you

  • Lola6862,

    Think your gonna need help before you can fully get on your feet. Your family figures into this. Moon is in the foundation of reading. Why didn't this work-out. You're gonna have to take the bull by the horns. Moving to a higher ground in career. Seems like it calls for a higher education so that you don't have the same blocks--queen of swords in challenges paired 9 of wands rev. Taking time out/examination of what you really need. You've been relying on the wrong types for partnerships--hermit in present/moon in foundation/queen of swords in challenges. A clear plan/path needed. I feel like you've begun before but didn't follow thru. Balancing money/budget--2 of coins in advice. I feel like this is a problem for you. Perhaps you feel like moving and someone is stopping you--fool rev in environment. It feels as though you need a strong foundation first, before anything else. Once you establish this, it'll be easier for you. It's ok to rely on those who are more likely to help you. Can't put the cart before the horse. You really want a solid partnership. I don't think think this will happen until you establish yourself--lovers in outcome position. You want this reading to be about career but you really want to know if you'll achieve a lasting partnership. You'll be back at square 1 (the moon) if you don't develop yourself. Hermit present position/king of wands crowning/queen of swords challenges/moon foundation are very strong placements and are stressing development. I feel like you're not achieving your full potential. It'll be a struggle before you realize this. I feel like your family has high hopes for you.


    past--9 of coins

    situation--10 coins


    crowning--king of wands


    challenges--queen of swords

    future--9 of wands rev

    blocks--8 of coins rev

    environment--fool rev

    advice--2 of coins


  • Thank you for taking the time to do this reading for me, Daliolite. My quick review shows that you are right on the money with your comments. I'm will have questions and comments soon.


  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks again for doing this reading. Part of the reason I requested it is that I am totally lost in my job search. My intuition regarding this matter is not getting through to me. I am at a time in my life that I shouldn't have to consider anyone else’s input on the matter, yet… I do. I ended a 5 year long job that I despised that I got through a temp agency in January. I don't miss the company or any of my former coworkers one bit. I miss having a job. I started looking immediately and landed an interview immediately but blew it by not meeting a basic requirement: I couldn't type quickly enough. This pattern has carried on throughout.

    I also broke up with my bf early in the process. He is the subject of the last reading you did for me in June 2015, pages 36-38. He is dating someone he works with. I waited for the flame to burn itself out, it didn't happen. Although I broke up with him, it devastated me. For some time, I had the twisted attitude of waiting for him to come back to me, although I know I did the right thing by leaving him. At the beginning of my search, I was considering locations near his home with the thought that I could move closer to work…. And his home. I am no longer thinking that way. I don't want him back.

    I live with my youngest child, my daughter, who is an adult and can live on her own. We have had many heated discussions about the matter over the past couple of years and she has had many excuses as to why she must live with me. It has deeply affected my thinking about where I can/will live and work. Now, my situation has come to the point of me financially relying on her. Even if I have a job offer today, we will have to live together for a while with an agreement of how to manage living expenses instead of her just relying on me to handle everything.

    As far as my career path goes, I had already come to the conclusion that I must go back to school to better myself. I've got to deal with the double-edged sword that requires me to get back to work and stabilize myself before I can take that step. All these things have left me just… lost. In the past, I had been fairly successful for not having an advanced education. This is probably the reason my family expects me to so readily bounce back. The industry I was in before the hated long-term temp job, is primarily overseas now. I am truly happy to change careers. I wish to do something that feeds my soul and contributes to society. But I can't hear my intuition screaming at me. Karma won't let me near a job that doesn't meet my real needs. That's where I'm coming from in my request for help. Is the ball just sitting in my court?


  • Lola6862, Glad you're thinking about going back to school to better yourself. Try and get into something you enjoy. Yes, the ball is sitting in your court. This is hard for you because partnerships are in your foundation and outcome. You need to get out of this mind frame because this blinds you to your own potential. You need to get a plan going. Day by day is how you should approach this. It feels like you want to see the "big picture" right now. Working on a budget is being brought forth. This is actually a great opportunity you're faced w/right now. My advice is to get with someone like at a workforce solutions office and ask what jobs are in demand. This is really a time to get inside your own head to find out what you want to do. Once you do this, a lot of the struggle will be over--9 of wands rev in future position.

  • Thank you Daliolite. I appreciate your time and help.


  • Hello Daliolite! I just wanted to check if you'll still be doing a reading for me 🙂 If you don't have the time I totally understand.

    All best.

  • Avor, Yes, what's the question. Sorry if I missed it.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    May I have a general reading as well - about how to move forward and if anything good is on the horizon?

    I'm tired of being taken for granted, while being kept on a contract with minimal benefits and getting reimbursed for a fraction of my medical expenses, which are increasing. And having my boss increasingly going off at me, because of misplaced anger due to workplace issues that are beyond our control, is upsetting too.

    People are resigning all over the place - 4 leavers this month alone. Working faster and faster just to cope with the increased workload is taking its toll. Even then, I still get perceived as not doing enough. When I focus on just finishing tasks, and take my feelings out of it, I feel better. It is the only way of coping mentally - but my body is not deceived. I'm so tired and hurting. Hamster wheel.

    I'm actively looking for another job - not as if I'm just playing the victim and remaining in this situation intentionally. I want to get out of here. Don't understand how to do this, if there's no equitable job to go to.

  • Hello Daliolite, this was my original message:

    Hello Daliolite, I would like to request a reading as well if you have the time. Do you see any improvement in my love life? It's been so long I've met someone I really like that I'm about to lose hope.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Danceur, My thoughts--in your type work, contractual, there may not be a personable-type environment. They have a specific goal and is to their need (s). Also, don't recall your Astrological sign. If you're one of the fixed-signs, it's hard to change anyway. Fixed signs are the tried and true. The ones who are stubborn, stay put, dependable, steady--Virgo, Aquarius, Scorpio (I think.) So, it's hard to break-out of the bubble, fishbowl. You may want to go on-line to do a natal chart and look at your planets and see what houses they're in. I think there are some free sites.

    Anyway, will do a reading and see what spirit suggests as I always ask for guidance.

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