Taking a Reading Request

  • Channe, Yes, my personal input is to give him time and space.

  • Hi Daliolite, could you do me a love reading?

  • Thehanedman19, Yes, give me a couple days.

  • Thehanedman19, Ok, I'm getting several things. I'm drawn to the #3. That's broad--maybe three siblings, children or a date. The #110, 111,etc. Could be a rm #, street address etc. I often get signals from those that have passed so you may have to jog your memory a bit.

    Your reading is touching on several themes. Seems like it's talking about a relationship in particular. If not, you can go by the general themes therein. Something requiring judgment or the need for judgment. Calling-out what needs to happen coming from the past position. There's a young energy in this reading. Perhaps a child involved. It's hard for someone to change location or just pick-up and start something new--Fool in blocked position. Struggle between more than one person (a group) coming from the foundation of this reading. Someone wanting things their way. Someone feels very grounded where they're at. Words have gotten in the way and at present haven't worked. May be wondering what will work. I drew the emperor in the advice position. This is a distant male figure for me when I read it. Can be cold, word is law as stated-- type scenario. Queen of wands in present positon--Someone, usually female, who really doesn't need to be told what to do. Creative, independent type person. I feel the struggle is a clash in personalities. Direction and path is very much in the present situation--2 of wands crowing queen of wands, 5 of wands in foundation. Challenge with direction (the way things are to proceed) and someone wanting things their way. I feel like someone is afraid of a financial loss or are very grounded where they're at. I feel like something needed/needs to be said and that is what has changed the whole climate. Feels, at times, like a long distance relationship.



    situation--7 of coins

    present--queen of wands

    above--2 of wands

    foundation--5 of wands

    challenges--9 of cups

    future--page of pentacles (rev)


    environment--ace of swords (rev)


    outcome--5 of swords (rev)

    Communication is way-off, a problem.

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  • Hi again 🙂

    Just a question. How long a time before I can do a new reading. A couple of months?

    By the way: Things are going fine with me and husband, time and space 🙂 Good for the both of us.

  • This post is deleted!

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  • Channe, did you have another question

  • No not really.

    Just curious on how often you should do a reading 🙂

    Thank you.

  • When I do readings close together it seems like they're similar. Maybe wait few weeks.

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  • Update.

    So I had not seen my husband for about 16 days. After we got home from our summer vacation we have spent one week each at home with our daughter. Yesterday he called and asked if I could arrange a meeting with my friend who is a real estate agent. He wants to sell the house 😞

    A bit disappointed because I have being working so hard with my issues, and I was hoping he would see that as something positive.

    We talked more today and he says that he cares for me and loves me but that he dont have the drive anymore to give it another go. He is diagnosed with BP 2 and his moods is up and down. He also have big issues from his childhood with a father who was not there ( just like me) and with a mother who he says he hates. She has never said she loves him or that she is proud of him.

    I also found out that he has taken on a lot of extra work.

    I asked him the reason for this and he says that he dont have to think of the fact that no one cares about him if he is busy.... I am just heartbroken over the fact that he can't understand that there are a lot of people who loves him 😞

    Its like he has built this huge wall around him and dont want anyone getting in anymore.

    Also he is having huge problems with his knees and back. He has to operate one knee, my mum says that when someone has problems with the knees they have issues with pride and ego?

    He is a leo.... proud and stubborn and never shows weakness, only for me.

    I really think we can make it, but I am afraid I have to let him go, so sad because he is the love of my life!

    Feels a bit better writing it down.

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  • I'll respond, will be back

  • Hello daliolite,

    You did a reading for me over a year ago about a love

    On to other things...Can you please do a career reading for me? I would apreciate it deeply.


  • Hi Daliolite - hope you are enjoying the summer!

  • Ok I´ve got a few questions, that may be kinda weird, they´re yes or no questions so if no one is into that kinda thing I understand...

    1. Have I been represing memories?

    Continuo if the first answer is yes...

    2. Why have been represing memories?

    3. What are the memories I´m represing of?

    4. How do I stop?

    I´m being by a helped by a junganian psycvologist, who is trying an expirimental treatment, so far it´s work. He´s the one that asked me to do this as part of my therapy and I promise to read the answer with him. So please help me continuo me therapy.

    PS: please don´t jugde me or neglate to answer my question for using an experimental treatment, I´ve traditional methods to no avail...

  • Thehangedman19, Gosh, it's been awhile since I did your reading (page 61.) I'll have to go back and look over it. I'd like to do another based on your question #1. Because it's been awhile I've lost the initial vibe that I get when I first do a reading. I take this serious so will be back to answer your question (s). I'll probably channel for you, as well. And see what I come up with. I'll try to get back to you soon in a couple days, ok.

  • Channe, I'm going to tell you how I feel about this. I feel like he's trying to heal. If he doesn't or hasn't had a lot of support then he must make it work for him. He may not be able to deal with all his feelings. If he can work and build something for himself, then that's good. There are a lot of people in the same boat and some are called workaholics. I would accept what he's telling you. Work on your happiness. If you'd like personal reading (and not so much relationship reading) I can do one.

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