Taking a Reading Request

  • Daliolite,

    Thank you so much. We (my life partner and i) are planning a move to another province, closer to my daughter and two sons. My sister lives 30 minutes from me currently,so i am torn between kids and sister. Thank you once again, i really appreciate your effort. love and light

  • Danceur,

    I did an I-ching for you and received #22 Grace and Beauty, if you want to look up on this site. Crowning the reading I did for you is the 10 of cups. Overall feeling is a release from present anxieties. Happiness. In present, I'm getting an economic hardship/badboy influence. Maybe you'd like to give back or create a better atmosphere at home. Maybe the present happiess comes from a relationship. I got some psychic impressions this a.m. that I don't feel comfortable discussing here, if you'd like to discuss in private. I see where you've isolated yourself/isolated communication coming from the past position. There are many sword cards in this reading, moreso in the present. Swords represent communication/verbal/ideas, etc. If I asked you, how can communication be empowered, improved, etc., what would be your response. In the past, I have drawn the Page of Swords for you. Truthseeker. In your situation, you're being told to step-up to the plate, so the speak. Start a new road of communication. A new road of communication. In your foundation, is the King of Swords. A lot of male energy here. Distant male energy. This distant male energy is thriving on your passive/contemplative/hidden energy--4 of swords/King of swords/emperor. (A lot) of patience required and distance. I see you working "under the umbrella" as far as career. Working alongside others. I get the feeling here of verbal assault. If you have spoken up in the past in relationships or career, I get a feeling here of it coming back on you. 10 of swords in blocks. I don't know if this is your perceived notion or a reality. You may not be able to leave things for what they are. If you can work "within the confines" that's seems to be the indication here. You may be more of "a force" verbally at work than what you indicate here. A tendency to go inside your shell and come out at times. Realizing the bad and not letting it affect your health/welfare. Not any wands in this reading so a new path career wise I don't see. Articulating boundaries. Emperor, when I draw it, means someone else holds the power.


    past--4 of swords

    situation--ace of swords

    present--5 of coins

    below--king of swords--is this a family member

    above--10 of cups


    future--3 of coins--could be a job offer

    blocks--10 of swords

    friends--king of coins

    advice--nine of coins


  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for the reading.

    How do I contact you – re the psychic impression? Would also like to clarify your reading further as I don’t think I understand it. It feels garbled in my mind. Or maybe I don’t know how to relate it to my present situation.

    Is it talking about speaking up, and standing in my personal power (maintaining boundaries)? I have done this in the past at work as I was unfairly treated at times. But it’s all done and over with and I already finished the contract months ago.

    I’m mostly alone – been that way since my job ended, and there’s only limited communication with anyone. I’ve been a Hermit even before that, maybe for the past year. I’m a quiet, contemplative person to begin with, and I don’t talk much unless I’m with a good friend. Yes there is bickering sometimes with family members (who are all very argumentative people) but I mostly exist a lot in my head and can be emotionally distant. No relationship for years. And there isn’t any overriding happiness or cause for it. In fact, I’ve been under stress from financial hardship. But I’m trying to keep upbeat/neutral as I sense that it will turn around.

    What does it mean when you say ‘distant male energy’ and that said male energy is feeding off my hidden energy? Don’t get that.

  • Danceur, I believe this reading wants you to come out of your hibernation--4 of swords paired ace of swords. There are 3 male figures-energies in your reading. King of coins to the right in friends and assoc w/3 of coins makes me feel as though there's going to be a job offer. Use this reading as a tool instead of a foreseeable prediction. If readings are looked at like a Jack in the box ready to spring something new on you then the Ace of swords is your jack in the box. Look at the ace of swords card sometime and read about it. What area of your life needs better communication. What do you need to do to strike out and make a difference in this area. Hermit is an interesting tarot card relating to self-development--the need to get to oneself in order to achieve a goal. This reading is not calling for a Hermit. In steps towards development using the tarot I look at the aces in this way: Ace of swords--idea/inspiration/communication--ace of wands--developing the plan and following the course of action, carrying out the plan. Ace of pentacles--financial achievement from desired course of action, ace of cups--emotional fufilment. Every reading has pairings--10 of cups paired 5 of coins makes me feel a bad boy influence. Emperor is a distant figure in your life, I feel. Distant male figure. I'm wondering if you're inquiring about a relationship as this is your outcome. Outcome and advice can be two separate entities. Your advice follows the I-ching reading I did/nine of coins. Is your father's health not so good. This pairing makes me feel as though you may be a caretaker on his behalf in the future--can you relate to this.

  • Thanks Daliolite,

    This makes better sense now 🙂

    I am a Hermit/loner by nature - can't really change that about myself. I do suppose communication will increase and I will come out of hibernation once I'm working again. I relate to the Ace of Swords in terms of thoughts, ideas, revelations and learning as part of this journey of self-discovery I've been on for a year. Could that be what the reading is about?

    Not sure about Emperor or distant male energy, or a bad-boy influence. An ex has been communicating a little. There is also a friend who wants more than friendship but I'm not interested. I feel emotionally connected to my own path unfolding, and there's no space in my life for a relationship. I think my intention for the reading was more related to the idea of life purpose/self-discovery. i think I'm meant to be doing something else with my life - but I have to get finances in order first.

    My dad is getting on in years and does have some ailments. But he's still quite self-sufficient at this point. I'm wondering if you mean my cat - I do function as a caretaker as he's elderly and has arthritis. But he and I are like mirrors, for I have injuries that have impaired my physicality as well - so could it be that I have to take care of myself too?

  • Hi Daliolite - sorry to bother you again, but I would appreciate some insight from you again if you have time.. my best guy friend and I hadnt spoken for over a year, and a couple days ago he contacted me. He emailed me with such a sincere tone and I was quite touched. I phoned him, and we chatted for almost one hr. things seemed to get on the right track.. But i am still concerned or shall I say, worried. I am not sure if its a right time to have him back in my life as I do sense a little hesitant on his side.. Anyway, I am confused as I am not sure how I should handle this situation.. Could you share some insights please? Like what should I know about having him back in my life this around? Will things go smooth between us? If you could get a peek into his head and let me know what's on his mind regarding me, that would be great.. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  • hll, I'll respond to you since I've already done a reading. 2 males present in your reading in right or near future, crossing your reading. You may feel a pull to respond and make it happen (magician) in outcome. I feel like you've been forced in your financial predictament. A changing path is ever present with all the wands. The relationship would be thrown into this, thus worsening the climate. Your situation was caused from things beyond your immediate control. You really were forced into a new path. You need to take this into consideration. Are you ready to take this on or focus more on yourself. A tendency to focus on "other things." Young energy coming from this person as well as you. This is a block for you. Could turn into impulsiveness. You're present situation has you confused and this is adding to it. I don't want to get into his head w/a reading as I feel he's in your reading already and you need to focus on your situation. Your reading is focusing on the tower--upheavel in your situation. You'll have to have control of the reins--ok.

  • Danceur, One of my problems as a reader is I don't follow-up after a reading to questions. I've always viewed the empress as being taken care of. That type of figure. Whether it's coming into your own or already in that position. Talking, developing ideas may be what you need. A plan of action may help you. Writing ideas down. What's the harm. Seems your energy is more matured, haven't drawn page cards for you--I love page cards. I feel that you're beholden to your situation. Are you at home now, that's the way it feels. I don't feel dramatic change for you until you take the first steps--4 of swords/ace of swords paired is a wake up call. Don't you think.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Since I'm not intuitive and I don't know how to read cards, sometimes I do research on the meanings and see what resonates with me - in combination with the reading I've been given.

    For the cards that depict personalities, I often do not see them as literal people but as the type of energy affecting the way I feel/think.

    In this case, it feels as if the overall message is about awareness. I'm at the coming into awareness stage. The change is internal - it's not dramatic, but it is happening. I don't feel any inspiration to take action - there isn't a basis for it yet. So like you say, I'm in a holding pattern.

    Even though I am childlike and have bouts of restlessness, my energy has become calmer over the last year. And I'm being challenged to maintain that right now, even in the midst of tough financial circumstances. But there have definitely been wake-up calls as far as thinking about how I could improve the way I do things moving forward, particular in terms of finances. So this period has been fruitful for me.

  • Danceur, God made us all unique and different. Don't forget about the i-ching grace and beauty.

  • The Transformed, I'll start yours next.

  • Thanks Daliolite,

    Your readings are always useful to me as they reveal the subtext in my circumstances. And areas in my experience that are or will become important, even if I don't realize it at that point. Previously, you often drew cards for me that talked about creativity. It was only a concept to me at that point, but once I was ready, the opportunities manifested. I tried out different things and it resulted in a really fruitful year of learning and creativity. That to me is inspired action. And it's been the catalyst of changes in my dance experience. Even though I haven't advanced much because of injuries, I'm more connected and aware of what I do. Quality over quantity.

    Even with the Iching #22, it seems to tie in with 'awareness' - which is meaningful to the stage I'm at.

    No matter what things look like right now, I feel that I'm on the right path.

    That's the message I'm getting.

    Thank you again Daliolite 🙂

  • I would love to have a reading! Im in a difficult time an need some insight

  • Yes I would love one also please. Questions are in regard to finances and love.

    I lost everything I owned in a fire about 5 months ago. I really need a miracle to happen so that I can move forward and get my OWN place. Do you see this happening very soon? ?

    Also I am dating a nice guy; however, the stress from the fire has caused us to argue and bicker. I am afraid that he might think twice about marriage. Do you see us getting married in the year 2015?

    Thanks In Advance!

  • Bnolte01, Yes, it'll be a few days.

  • Standing Tall, Yes.

  • The Transformed, You have an excellent pairing in the present part of your reading--temperance/world/ ace of cups. On the flip side, there's a feeling of not being able to "bring things together" in a group setting. I feel as though you are in charge of something and several or a couple of people work against you, it would be much easier if you could go it alone. Have faith in yourself, you can "bring it together." Look at challenges as opportunities. The I-ching I drew was #8 Holding Together." Maybe your in charge of something and you feel it more a challenge, maybe lack of recognition. It's feels like there's a very positive/and a very negative. Maybe, at this point, your weighing the pros and cons. I feel like it's more of an emotional issue w/ you than anything. I think you've learned to take the good w/the bad. Have a feeling this has been a life's issue w/you. If push comes to shove work w/what works--if that makes sense. I really feel as though you can make things work. Set backs and roadblocks to acheive what you feel that you need. The world card in situation is a card that I like to see. Usually when I draw this, it's something acheived that everyone knows about/expansive. Queen of wands as the outcome, if this is you, is a good card paired w/world for expansion in career. If your taking steps in this area this is very favorable. I think you asked about love. Kinda get the feeling that this area has been muddled, at best. Again, there's a flip side to the great, expansive area. High Priestess and 3 of swords is a shadow side to this reading, at best. You'll have to explain this to me. Whatever hard road that you've encountered recently, I think you'll absolutely overcome it--




    present--ace of cups--almost feels like you are offered something somewhere else

    below--3 of swords

    challenges--3 of coins

    future--2 of coins

    blocks--High Priestess

    friends/assoc--6 of wands

    advice--7 of cups

    outcome--queen of wands

    Love has been a hurtful block for you

  • Bnolte01, Several different feelings here. Finances are challenged. It also feels, at times, during this reading as though someone passed or health is challenged in some way. You decided at some point, in past, to change paths. When you decided to change paths/career, it seems as though there was some kind of shake-up. It feels as though you know what you need to do but finances are challenged preventing you from changing. Your reading is also telling me that you need to hold things close within or you are holding something inside yourself. Maybe you avoid confrontation. It feels like in order to survive you need to avoid something. I need to know what its holding you back. This seems to be an obstacle for you. In the long run, seems you'll struggle but it's best to be by yourself. If times seem hard, it's only to strengthen you. I see you rising above with some trade or occupation. Queen of wands/8 of coins is a new path started by you. Getting by w/less is a theme here. I drew an I-ching and got #32 Endurance--Inner constancy w/external flexibility. Keep moving, adapting. What is your sense of purpose. Stay active. I get an overall feeling here of you succeeding when you pursue your own interests--



    present--5 of swords

    below--4 of swords

    situation--3 of coins

    past--queen of wands

    challenges--2 of coins

    future--8 of coins

    blocks--queen of swords

    friends--wheel of fortune

    advice--high priestess

    outcome--5 of coins

    High Priestess/5 coins/wheel be careful who you listen to. This is a complicated reading for me.

  • Hello Daliolite!

    Thank you so much for the reading! I am still trying to discern exactly what aspects of my current life events it is referring to, but the point concerning my love life is certainly on point; it has been a painful and, at times, lonely journey! I appreciate your light and love!


  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for your reading offer. Could you do a reading regarding finances? Right now, things are a mess in that area.

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