Taking a Reading Request

  • Daliolite, what if i open the window and let him get sun in such a way (on my hands)? He is afraid of outdoor, bringing him directly on the fresh air i am afraid will be a shock for him.

  • Marishkaa, That's fine, just so he gets some sun and air.

  • hll, Yes, I can probably channel him. Will post after reading. Sorry it's taken so long as I've been busy lately.

  • no problem. take your time. thank you for your help. im very grateful.

  • hll, Can I get your first name please.

  • not mean to be rude, but i like to keep it private.

  • Daliolite, if my first name is required to channel my uncle, we can just forget about it...

    just the tarot reading please.. as i recall, you dont need a first name to do tarot readings. 😉

    thanks for your understanding.

  • hll, Totally understand. When I ask for guidance I like a name although not required and prob doesn't need to be asked, anyway. There is a certain fear w/me in channeling that I may not have that connection and I'm just babbling. That is just my own fear. I did channel for you and I drew cards for a tarot reading a couple of days ago. I'll start with what I feel I received in regards to your uncle. I feel your uncle passed totally unexpected. There is also a reference to surgery which made me feel as though something had spread throughout someone's body. Glasses, broad framed or broad rimmed glasses. Could be something in a costume, as well. Geek or gecko being brought out. Reference to a birthday or anniversary close at hand, feel it's a birthday. A crown like a princess crown is shown. Did he call you princess. Talk about keeping you out of harm's way--while he was alive. There is some duality. It feels like someone imitated him or could be the closeness of your relationship w/him. I'll start your tarot reading next.

  • Hi Daliolite, thanks for the understanding. Your channeling uncle made sense to me.. at least most of them. He had battled cancer for more than 1 year and it did spread the whole body and he suffered way too much. Although the whole fam knew his death was coming, but still, how he ended was quite shocking. He never called me princess but im sure he thought of me and treated me like one. as i said earlier, he loved me very much. I dont recall any birthday or anniversay.. but maybe there is a special date that was meaningful to him i am not aware of.. I also have no idea about the glasses. but again, a lot of things that happened during the past 2 years, i dont know much. I mainly communicate with my mother and other fam members about my uncle's condition...

    was there any message he wanted to say to me? He was quiet and didnt talk much during his last few days. he didnt say a thing about me in front of others. i wish he did..

  • hll, I feel that as far as initiating contact w/this new person it would be better w/o getting the other one involved. There are multiple people in your reading which makes it hard for me to decipher. I feel that you want to know the best way to go about getting to know or meeting this person--page of swords in past position. You must have some bond w/the friend you roomed w/. I believe it's a real challenge for you to go this alone--queen of wands rev in challenges position. It'll require you to come out of your silence--high priestess in outcome position. It's hard for you to make a move--high priestess in outcome position. This reading shows you as being guarded. I believe your personality and the new person have different type personalities, careers or ambitions. I'm not saying that it's bad but there are differences. Moving forward seems to be awkward on more than one level--5 of wands in outcome position, temperance in present position, star reversed in foundation. Challenge w/path and direction. The feeling I get from you is afraid to go out of your comfort zone. This friend that you roomed w/is somewhat guarded to. Also feels like someone else that could be a block for you--king of pentacles in blocked position.


    crowning--6 of swords


    foundation--star rev

    situation--king of swords

    past--page of swords

    challenges--queen of wands rev

    future--page of wands

    blocks--king of pentacles

    environment/friends--3 of wands rev

    advice--5 of wands

    outcome--high priestess

    There is a total lack of cups. Cups indicate emotion, feelings. Swords and wands dominate. Words and direction, path, career.

  • hll, Maybe he's referring to reading or reading something. Did he leave a note. Just some thoughts. A princess crown came up a couple times. I don't talk w/the departed. I just get signs and symbols that have meaning. Often, when I channel, I'll see birds looking towards the sky. That's my symbol that the person has ascended. I did see this while channeling him. I'll try and continue and let you know.

  • thanks for the reading, D. you were right - im guarded, and most of all, i dont know how to "pursue" a guy. Its just scary. Im old fashioned and believe in courtship from a man to a woman, not the other way around.. i dont know but i think i will give it a go since this guy is just the type of man i want in my life.

    do you think if you could do another reading regarding me and my love interest? his name is michael. just a few months older than me. i was wondering if there is any future between us. anything you pick up would be appreciated. thank you.

  • king of pentacles -- i think this might refer to my ex-bf. you did a few readings regarding my relationship with him in the past. and you were accurate. nothing was never easy between us. and i finally broke it off in late march. i dont think i want him back in my life anymore. it will never work out. pure waste of time

  • my uncle didnt leave me or anyone any note so to speak. he didnt wanna talk in his last few days. but he did say many times that he wish he could see me before he go... and it breaks my heart whenever i think about this... (i live in another country, far away from home)

  • hll, Making what you want happen--magician in challenges. You don't have to feel as though you're leaving everything behind--7 of swords rev in outcome. This new person knows what he wants. On some level, you're going to have to leave something concrete and plant roots somewhere else--fool in advice paired w/king of pentacles in environment. A block again is freedom of expression, ideas, plans and even career. It's just a new approach in realizing not to wait for an outcome. If you approach something head-on you'll get to the outcome sooner--knight of wands future position, 4 of swords in the foundation. The waiting and wondering isn't working. You may find something out regarding this new person on your own. The need to get to know--emperor rev. For me, the emperor is a calculating and distant figure. You want to keep things lite, not heavy and concrete. Things aren't always black and white. A doesn't always lead to B. I view the fool as leaving what doesn't work and starting over. You may make mistakes but you can make mistakes anyway. Picking what you want. I think you're following a concrete plan and you need to lighten up. Again, lack of cups


    past--wheel of fortune rev

    situation--8 of wands rev

    present--emperor rev

    crowning--5 of swords

    foundation--4 of swords


    future--knight of wands

    blocks--6 of wands

    environment--king of pentacles


    outcome--7 of swords rev--outcome is generally your question

  • hll, I'm getting an image of a young girl fishing or looking at a large fish--can you relate to this. Looks like an image when you were younger.

  • hmmm i dont. i dont recall he had ever taken me to go fishing... or anything related. maybe it's a metaphor?

  • regarding the tarot readings- my feedback is two readings in a roll are both scarily accurate. ALL the calls you pulled and interpreted - I could totally relate. wow. if we were dating and getting serious, there would be things I need to confess. and at some point, I need to move closer to him, if not him.. I have wanted to change my residence for quite some time. I was hoping to move first before I approach this guy, otherwise the distance might be an issue. I dont know... just my thought.

    From what you said, it seems like i might discover something about him that aint pleasant? like he's calculated and emotionally distant? maybe.. but you were right - we def have different personalities. To me, he was an introvert. But again, i havent seen him for quite a few years..

    The last question if you dont mind, Daliolite - from the cards you pulled, do you feel if there is a positive future between us? Also, how would he react if he found out that I was interested in dating him?

  • it might be an odd and/or stupid thing to say, but I think he might be THE one. But again, I might be cloud headed...

  • hll, When was the last time you saw/spoke w/him. Have you seen him lately. Also, this is a general question....who, if anybody, has or was in trouble w/the law. I'm seeing my symbol for that. Could be someone in either person's family, etc. Also, could be some legal implication for either.

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