Taking a Reading Request

  • Daliolite, his problem is his old age and lots of his organs don't function well (like kidney failure, liver problems), he is very weak ((

  • Marishkaa, That's all I have for now. If you have any questions, let me know.

  • StandingTall, Will start yours next.

  • StandingTall, I'm going to base this reading on your question. Distance seems to be a block. Is someone in the hospital, etc. Is this a man we're talking about. It appears (seems) as though you took off and someone didn't really approve of this. Took off for a better life which put distance between you and your family. The problem I see is if this person's wishes are carried out as there is struggles in challenges position. I do believe this person has something concrete in place and appears travel is involved for you. You want to know if it's just wishful thinking on your part. No, I don't think it is just wishful thinking. I think you have separated yourself from family and the real question is if this person is going to stick to their initial wishes--I think they will. I don't know if you're still married but this plays into whole scenario. The whole marriage/family situation is upside down. Page of wands in advice. You control your destiny and if you do receive something will help you. Reading shows family life is upside down. Moving forward it's hard to get away--am I correct w/this. I'm just typing as I see things in this reading. Truth needs to come forward in environment and friends position. I do feel as though someone has something concrete in place. Would be helpful if you looked up these cards for your impression too.


    crowning--4 of wands rev

    present--6 of cups rev

    foundation--emperor rev

    situation--4 of swords

    past--wheel of fortune

    challenges--5 of wands

    future--king of pentacles

    blocks--6 of swords

    environment--page of swords

    advice--page of wands

    outcome--star rev

  • Daliolite, thank you very much!

  • hmmmm back in 2008 I left a relationship. I wanted a better lifestyle. The Man's name is Robert.

    He lied and said he was successful. financially he was not.

    He was not able to go sailing, attend Art shows. etc.etc.

    Are you referring to Robert? ?

  • I'm referring to your question--inheritance.

  • Yes my was in regard to inheritance because I keep dreaming that my Life will change for the better.

  • bump

  • Daliolite, what if i try to ask a question, please. Maybe you will get some information? Can i help him, how? maybe hormones?

  • Marishkaa, The cat, correct.

  • Marishkaa, Will try. Did you know that the sun stimulates production of hormones and gives vitamin D. Try this and I will try and channel.

  • hll, Ready to start are you still w/me.

  • Daliolite, thank you. Yes, the cat. He likes sun, but gets it only through windows( not sure if that works.

  • yes. thanks!

  • Marishkaa, He won't get what he needs thru windows. Direct sun for at least 15 min a day.

  • hll, ok, will try and get to it soon.

  • hll, are you in the medical field, healthcare etc.

  • yes i was, at least that was what i started in school. but im in the med field anymore.. on another note, my beloved uncle (mom's older brother) passed away a few days ago. still in grief peiord.

  • i was planning to ask you later, but since you sort of asked... Daliolite, could you please try to channel with my uncle? he loved me very much, and i didnt get to see him before he died.. i was wondering if he has any message he wanted to tell me.

    I wish he could visit me in my dream so I could talk to him.. and see him...

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