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  • Yes, thank you for your help, Daliolite!

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  • hll, No, the outcome wasn't reversed Magician--Magician upright. I don't always trust this card prob because I don't draw it a lot. In regards to your reading, I believe an indication to make it happen and go for it. I view the page cards very favorably, young energy,maybe too trusting. Iron out all details before you make a move, if you do. Three of wands in present is where I get the changing location. I feel like there's just not enough job offers where you're at--is that right. I'm going to do an I-ching for you, I forgot, and post it.

  • hll, Before I post your I-ching wanted to ask if your receptive by nature or more of a directed planner.

  • Alenabrz, Yes, Give me a few days.

  • Hi Daliolite - you are right - part of the reason why i wanted to move out of my current place is due to the lack of the job market.. also, it's such a boring place and i dont have any friends.. wanna move back to where i used to live.

    i like to plan things ahead if im allowed.. but sometimes i guess i wil just have to accept what comes my way... hope this answer helps? lookin forward to your i-ching! thanks!

  • hll, The I-ching I received was #2 Receptive--all yin lines, feminine. In your tarot reading a lot of wands, creative path. Be receptive and maybe an unforeseen door opens to you. Instead of directing, receiving. Just something to think about.

  • okay. thanks for the reading, Daliolite! much appreciated

  • Daliolite,

    If you are still doing readings, i would really appreciate one. Anything you can pick up for the near future would be great. Thanks a lot.

  • Taureengirl, Yes, give me a few days.

  • Alenabrz,

    I can give you a glimpse into situation, not necessarily a future prediction. I don't like to predict the future. I'm getting that you were inspired by an individual. A parting in situation where you've held your own. It feels like someone didn't think you had it in you. I get a feeling where you're contemplating how much better, easier things will get. You're going to do this, going to do that. Improvement. A block in communication w/an individual prob male figure in your life. Steadfastness required/holding down. Hold onto/don't give up if things seem to roll out of control. Wheel of fortune is challenged. In friends or assoc, seems that you may not realize your own effect--if you can relate. Drawing on inner strength that you've learned. Conquering obstacles will come natural and you'll acheive harmony and balance. It feels like your in a business that helps or gives back. You've worked hard to get there. Parting or end of some path feels like someone you know. You'll still proceed down your given path.


    above--page of wands

    present--page of swords


    situation--5 of swords

    past--2 of cups

    challenges--wheel of fortune

    future--6 of wands

    blocks--king of swords




    Are you going in more than one direction w/your masters. More than one area. Feels like an alternate path, etc.

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  • So, did the other parts of reading ring true w/you

  • Hi Daliolite,

    May I have a reading as well?

    Lots of changes this year - emotionally, spiritually, career/job.

    Still on the cusp of more change - can feel it, though it's not manifested.

    Anything you can pick up of what I should be aware of, and your advice, will be appreciated.

    Take your time.


  • Morning Daliolite,

    Thank you so much. Really appreciate it.

    Love and Light

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  • Taureengirl,

    The decision you are making needs to be yours. Feel like you haven't spoken up or announced your decision but have already made your mind up/8 of cups over queen of cups. Family involved. Did an I-ching and got #10--treading carefully. I believe you feel afraid to upset the status quo. 2 women figures in reading. I get this is a major decision because it's involving a move/career. Something different than. There's also a male figure in this reading. You'll have to speak-up and take responsibility or that's how it's presented. I feel like there's doors open to you and you can take this route you want to. Focus on the positive. Tendency to see the bad or the bad is being presented to you. Might want to make a list of the positive. Nothing wrong w/doing what you feel is best. You have to live according to what's true w/you. You'll have to explain the influence of family etc to me--


    present--queen of cups

    above--8 of cups

    below--2 of wands


    past--queen of wands

    challenges--page of swords

    future-7 of cups

    blocks--10 opf cups

    friends--knight of coins--don't know if this person is positive


    outcome--6 of swords

  • Hi Daliolite!

    I would appreciate a reading too please! Do you see and guides, guardians or ancestors around me? If so, can you tell who they are (relatives/friends?). When i meditate I have a physical sensation that makes me very curious and a little un-nerved, lol! I have lots of changes happening in my life. Patiently waiting for AVAILABLE love to find me, lol!

    Thank you for you light and love!


  • Danceur, I'll start yours next.

  • The Transformed, Yours will be after Danceur's..

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