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  • StandingTall, You asked a specific question w/timeframe. I don't use the tarot that way. I will list what the reading is addressing to make it easier on you and me.

    1. There's a loss in regards to your question

    2. Money is specific to a woman

    3. There is/was conflict regarding the money/you've gained strength somehow regarding this

    4. You want to use the money to advance career

    5. You have specific goals in place

    6. You've checked-out you're goals and making plans for the use of the money.

    7. You can't move forward unless you know something.

    8. The different people involved in the conflict have settled/no more conflict in regards to them

    9. What is left will be distributed, however, not in-line with advancing.

    This is all I have. Will post cards.


    above--5 of cups

    present--queen of coins (rev)



    past--queen of wands

    challenges--5 of wands (rev)

    future--4 of coins (rev)

    blocks--queen of swords (rev)

    environment--king of cups (rev)

    advice--page of wands (rev)

    outcome--8 of coins (rev) Your question--will you still have to work as hard

    I feel like this money is coming from someone who kept tight reigns on it. A lot is not known and several have been dissatisfied.

  • You know. ..I reread the last three reading,

    I am wondering....was my Exboyfriend still married to someone else while we were dating.

    please do a reading on this please.


  • StandingTall, Out of my own curiosity what became of him. You spoke of legal issues.

  • StandingTall, In tarot, in the advice position I got the queen of cups. If in fact he was, it was a well-guarded secret. 4 of cups reversed in situation, paired w/ 8 of swords, w/king of swords in future position. I also got the ace of cups in environment. I feel like there was plenty that you didn't know. As for him, he never felt like he was the winner--if you can relate. He felt as though he was fighting criticism. If he was, it feels like a last effort to regain something that could have been. I feel like there is/was history and memories. A lot of memories on her part. A pretty solid foundation they had a one point (showing in past.) I feel like she probably initiated contact as he is somewhat of a sulker--4 of cups rev in situation. A lot of this is also in-line w/accepting the relationship was over. Also, he was weighing the options between the two of you, at one point. It feels like you were placed in the middle of all of this and it played out. I feel like the relationship (w/wife) was playing out. There was love there perhaps moreso on her part. He is showing as a distant type personality. It was hard for him to weigh his emotions. He would get more to himself. If anything, she was able to get himself out of himself. You were kept in the dark, so to speak. I don't see the wife (or you) as a bad person.

  • Oh Boy....my life is so strange!

  • Yes apparently there was PLENTY. that I did not know. I will ask more questions. later

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  • HI Daliolite, can I have a reading please? Im kinda lost recently. I have two men in my life right now. but i dont know which one I should focus on. one is my ex-bf who just started to open up to me. One is someone I really like, but right now we are not in a relationship yet. I dont know... could you please do a rearding regarding my love situation? would appreciate your insight. Thank you.

  • hll, W/the two people involved, I'm feeling the reading may be scattered. I would like to focus on one relationship to start and then another reading for the next--the one that's not quite a relationship yet. So, I'll start w/the ex who's now opening-up. What insight do you need-- what do you need to know regarding this relationship will be my question for you Does that sound right.

  • thanks for the suggestion, Daliolite! If two readings at one time isnt too much of a favor to ask, I definitely appreciate it a lot...

  • hll, I can understand why you feel lost. I'm not telling you what to do but can tell what I pulled as far as these cards and what seems to be the meaning. I get a distant feeling from the ex BF that's opening-up. He DID want to keep certain things to himself like...money. Money can't buy happiness. He struggles w/what he wants to do w/his life. Needs to get to himself to figure-out--hermit in present position crowned by the death card. This is his real struggle. Love seems to be offered in the environment--2 of cups in environment/friends position. That could be referring to the new love interest, as well. He has a problem w/totally opening-up. It may seem like he's making in-roads, however. Did you think, at one time, he was having another relationship. 3 of swords rev in outcome seems to be the question that you're really asking. I can't say that he was never involved w/anyone but appears he could have been. Also, appears that's over. He's back at square one. I feel like he's lost, appears lost and I think that's why he's opening-up. I also feel like this could take a lot of work and you should use your judgment--judgement in challenges.

  • dear Daliolite, Thanks for the reading. I can totally relate to what you said. As for another person, I dont know.. We were not together for a long period. i have no idea who he dated and we never talk about those stuff. To be honest, I couldnt care less. I dont want to be his backup plan and frankly speaking, I dont see myself going back to him anymore. its over.

    Could you share some insight on the guy I am interested. still a lot of struggle. I dont know if I should be more forward or should I just wait and see.. He hasnt declared his interest in me..

  • hll, Yes, gonna do one on the new friend, also. Stay tuned.

  • hi hll, Did the new one experience change not too long ago. Perhaps even a death.

  • nothing really happened between us yet althoughi have liked him for quite some time now.. but as you said, recently I started to look at the situation more closely.. thinking to give up. I am not confident enough to chase this guy, and I dont know how he feels about me.. too much difficulty at the moment.. what did your cards say ?

  • oh sorry. I just re-read what you said. You were asking about him.. I dont know.... sorry..

  • hll, ok, I guess your giving-up came across to me as possibly a death. Death in past position, 4 of swords in situation, tower rev crowning, Your reading comes across as a lot of obstacles as far as path. I guess the reading is addressing your feelings since it isn't a relationship. It feels as though you're afraid that if he knew of your feelings, he'd run. I was reading it as you didn't know everything about him (which could be true, too.) There's something that not everyone knows of or if people knew about something it would be a game changer--what is this. Something that's hard to face is coming across...?

  • There's something that not everyone knows of or if people knew about something it would be a game changer--what is this. Something that's hard to face is coming across...?-- i dont know what you were trying to say? about me or about him?? if it were about me, maybe its related to my work situation.. there is a chance i might move away sometime next year. somewhere very far away...

    what should I know about this guy? does he have romantic feeling for me? is there really any chance between us?

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