Taking a Reading Request

  • Much thanks and appreciation D xx

  • Daliolite,

    If you are still doing readings I would really appreciate one. My financial life is stable but my romantic situation has been unstable for several years now. Any insight that you can give me about that would be most welcome.

    Thank you


  • Hello Daliolite,

    I would also like to ask for a reading. I mainly concerned about ny career situation and the next 3 months -what is going to happen?

    If you have time to also see what may happen in my love life in the next coming months,I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

  • hll, Strong push to move forward in your career/situation. Looks like you've started making plans w/something. No time for regret-- ace of swords present/queen of swords crowning/world situation. You've dealt w/some rough personal issues and it's time to move forward--devil is reversed in blocks (time to let go), paired w/moon reversed in environment. High time to move and start over w/a better situation--6 of cups advice. Feels like something negative was said that you can turn around. Something really demanding your attention to move forward. I feel you have a young personality/young person. Something is hard for you but you'll be better in the end. With all these swords was wondering if it's something legal going on. A time to work together instead of against. A change is needed. Are you wondering about a relationship that doesn't seem to be moving. I'll wait for you to respond.

  • Channe, I'll start yours next.

  • yes Daliolite! You are right - I am moving forward and pushing hard - career/job wise. I do have some legal concern but it might not happen in the end if things do work out the way I planned. I worried about this in the past few months. Not so much anymore.

    And i was wondering if you could tell me more about the relationship you mentioned in the end? You are right - its not moving at the moment but again I am hopeful. Remember the readings you did for me last month? Still about him. Any insight on this matter? Thank you.

  • Thank you so much 🙂 You are very kind!

  • hll, Very seldom do I remember anything about readings, don't remember any past readings for you. Your reading is showing that you're ending a lot of dysfunction/things that just don't work. Is this someone you met at work or has a lot of the same interests as you.

  • No. i met this guy through a mutual friend. I dont know exactly how he feels about me at this moment. you feel he has "a lot of same interest" as me? thats good to know.. Anything else about him or about our potential? Thank you Daliolite.

  • hll, ok

  • hll, I'm getting that he's not where he wants to be in career/path. He's ambitious enough to get there though. Feels like parent figures moving him in a different direction/towards a certain goal. I'm getting that he's not ready to be where you want or need him to be. There's a lot of wands assoc w him. Money is tight w/him or he needs to be more restrained in regards to money to achieve what he needs. hll, I'm getting that you need more personal development/planning to move forward. It feels like you need a chance to stand on your own feet before marriage. It feels like he's getting or trying to get into something more rewarding. It feels like your background is different than his.

  • Channe, Seems this relationship is great for starting over or moving down a different road--sun in future position. It's really what you need to feel better regarding the end of your marriage. This relationship may move too fast for you. So much so, you don't want to be a victim of illusion. There may be a tendency for him to be all- encompassing emotionally, emotionally manipulative. You know what you want, what you need because you've had time to ponder it w/your previous relationship. Hermit in environment is saying to take your time and find-out if this is what you're looking for. There's some block regarding money. There are some very favorable cards in the present portion of your reading--10 of cups in situation, 2 of cups crowning. There's a tendency in this relationship to jump-in--2 of swords rev in foundation. 7 of cups in advice is a card that I think I drew for you before. It's a hard card for me to interpret for you. If I were to read just the present part of your reading, this looks promising. You're starting out on a new a clean slate. Your happy about the developments. Take some time to bask in the sun.

  • Skyeblu, Will start yours next...

  • bump

  • Thank you very much for reading 🙂

    Its exactly as I feel, will carry on and enjoy myself with this.

  • Hi Daliolite, I didnt expect you would do another reading for me, so big thanks for that! its very insightful. I cant speak for him, but thanks for letting me know whats going on in his life. Thank you.

  • on another note - I just re-read my reading. Its interesting you brought up the word "marriage". I didnt mention it before, do u feel if marriage is headed my way?

  • Hi iv just come to check if u had managed to reply to my request, and all I can see is the word bump, is this for me , thanks daliolite x

  • Oh sorry D,i worked it out now from the previous page, sorry wasnt gasping much love x

  • Skyeblu, Yours is next..

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