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  • Avor, Yours is next. Drew your cards.

  • Thanks! Looking forward to reading it!

  • Avor, Your reading is talking about the shake-up coming from the past position--Tower. Structure/traditional values in the situation. Someone left. Travel and distance. Someone was stopped from leaving. A lot of the obstacles have been overcome regarding this person leaving. It almost feels like you were prevented from moving or making a mistake regarding moving. The wrong type of person is being brought-out. Seems as though you need someone who is a true help instead of a romancer. A lot of promises that don't follow thru--page of cups (rev), 5 of coins in outcome. Picking the wrong types. Something about your environment doesn't seem to have what you're looking for. Going down the correct path both career and personally--seems to be a challenge. Following the correct path--3 of wands is in challenges. Have a feeling that words affect you a lot. Reverse the martyr or victim status that you are feeling--hanged man reversed in advice position. Emotions and money play into this w/a lot of trump (life lessons) cards. Don't settle for less. It feels like you're just picking the wrong types. Meeting someone thru work or similar interests--3 of wands challenges/page of pentacles paired. That's where I see the green lite as far as meeting someone. Whatever path you (have) used to meet someone isn't working. 5 of coins in outcome is interesting to me. Did someone leave you for another. Money and lack there of is one of your concerns.




    present--fool (rev)

    crowning--8 of cups (rev)

    foundation--10 of swords (rev)

    challenges--3 of wands

    future--page of pentacles

    blocks--2 of coins (rev)

    environment--page of cups (rev)

    advice--hanged man (rev)

    outcome--5 of coins

  • Danceur, Will start yours next.

  • Danceur, Do you have a relative or friend that you could visit to check-out jobs. It feels like a different location. Deciding on an alternative, choosing is being brought-out. Ask for a raise. It may be small but you're working your butt off for peanuts. It's a challenge for you to ask. Could be the contract, as well. Maybe that's why your under contract. Saving money is important to make a change. Environment is not good so you need to choose/make a decision--devil in environment position. Someone who is broke--male figure/perhaps this is the co you work for. Stagnant money flow. Knight of wands in situation position w/fool in foundation w/ace of coins crowning, is an urgent message to move forward. How can you move forward when you're juggling the need for money and a stagnant/dysfunctional work environment. Choose what you've always wanted and go for it. Get with your inner child--6 of cups in present position. There is some opportunity, spark or interest but you may need to move but definately act upon. It feels as though there is some person or opportunity offered to you that you haven't acted on. Ace of coins crowning--reach for your goals. Follow your emotions to see what can be offered. At times, feels like a home based job or opportunity.

    Danceur, my readings deal w/the present and I don't like to predict the future or "see what's out there." The readings will generally confirm the present and offer insight. It's good to look-up the cards and draw meanings, as well. This is my interpretation of your situation, at present. It's ok to do something different and believe you can. I'm in a rush this am, hope this helps.

  • Are you still doing readings? If so, would you mind doing one for me? I have always wanted to be an airline pilot and I'm building hours to it. Do you think it will finally happen? Thanks!

  • pilotguy, Will try and get to one tonite...

  • thanks! no rush though

  • ok

  • Hi Daliolite,

    You talked about a work at home opportunity - that's probably my current job.

    Funny you mentioned a raise. I just dropped the idea of asking for it 2 days ago. Because after seeing the latest rejection of my medical claims, I realized I'm just going to get a big fat NO when it comes to money. Under my contract, she is not obliged to pay most of the medical claims, I also do not receive an annual bonus. I even had trouble getting reimbursement of Skype credit (to make business calls from home). It was only a bit less than $15, which lasts a few months - she reluctantly agreed.

    I completely relate to the urgency to move forward - it's only practical considerations which are keeping me here. I don't have any viable leads to pursue - not unless I'm willing to do a 50% pay cut. I have to pay for therapy and other bills, and all my cat's expenses. It's not possible. I can't quit without a job. But I can't stay here either. Devil in the Environment is a double meaning. She's a Capricorn and also I feel shackled by my circumstances/her.

    I have looked up the astrology/my natal chart, and the parts that I can understand are accurate to my life story. Even in terms of the tremendous struggle/obstacles in achieving work and financial stability, success, happiness and love etc. I think i would benefit from an astrological forecast on my future planetary trends, and which has practical advice on steps I can take. These are super expensive though.

  • Hi Daliolite, may i have a general reading? what should I know about the next couple months? Whatever you pick up... Thank you.

  • hll, Have one ahead of yours.

  • Hi 🙂

    So new update...

    After realizing that is was all over with my husband, I let him go...and I have been doing great.

    We are about to sell the house and I am building a new home on my mothers property.

    Then I manage to meet someone I already know from my hometown...We have been talking every day for over 3 weeks and we go for walks, meet in the city and so on. He has been coming on strong, wanting to hold hands saying he misses me etc. I am afraid to get hurt and I dont really know what he wants?

    Daliolite, can you give me an advice about the situation?

    Thank you so much.

  • Channe, Yes, have 2 ahead. Will try and get to it soon.

  • Pilotguy, I get the feeling here that your trying to improve your situation but it's like starting over again. The heaviness of the financial situation would improve, this is something that you love--knight of coins rev over ace of cups. So, It would be a good move for you--page of wands in situation. Emotionally somewhere or somehow you fear you won't progress--4 of cups challenges, moon in blocks. I feel that there's someone in your environment who may be escalating this feeling. You've made a decision so stick to it--2 of swords rev. Sometimes it feels like--did I make the right decision. Yes, but you've got to follow thru. Discussion is needed instead of taking off--if you can relate. I don't know how to read the 5 of swords rev in advice position. I don't like reading rev cards. You've made plans so follow thru. It feels at times like you're still beginning. Some things have changed but this will be good for you. You have some emotional obstacles still ahead of you to overcome.

  • Hiya daliolite, if your still accepting requests I'd love to hear from you,, my past has been a rocky road, I'm happy with were I'm at right now but our future has no certainty regarding the house me and my little ones currently live in, as it is I take each day as it comes & thank god for what I have but the doubts are always in my mind about moving near to my family again. Also past experiences with men have broken any dreams I ever had of meeting a loyal man and settling down but a boyfriend to love and laugh with would be nice, is there anyone out there for me who's worth making the effort for?? Thanks for reading/ apologies if my request is too late, Skye x

  • Thanks for the update, D. Im looking forward to mine!

  • Thanks for the reading! Seems quite accurate. Looks like my dream will work out and be a good move.

  • pilotguy, I think so. Stay on your path.

  • Skyeblu, Yes, will try to have up soon.

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