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  • Danceur, Ok...

  • Juliem48,

    Words have gotten in the way is coming from the past position. It's not as bad as it seems. I feel like you haven't quite moved-on. Pulling through and out of in future position--world in future position. Also, you may not have the complete story--if you can relate. A need for you to see the bigger picture. Emotional time and struggle to balance emotions is being brought out. Getting the initial M--if you can relate. Young energy vs older energy/personalities. Coming together/support maybe relationship coming from friends and environment position--2 of cups in this position. Authority figure not acting like authority figure. Through time and patience you'll persevere. Don't invest all your time and patience. Expansive/better time in things to come. This was not a rewarding experience/lesson to be learned here. Should I leave or stay. You don't want to leave...


    crowning--page of cups

    present--hierophant reversed


    past--10 of swords




    friends/environment--2 of cups

    advice--ace of cups reversed

    Your identifier card is the page of wands. You are path/goal driven. Believe in your abilities.

    outcome--6 of swords reversed

  • Hello,

    Maybe you can help with this. I have tried myself to meditate on this and am getting nothing significant. I am nearing 30 and still not in my niche. I am really trying to get a more defined career path. My issue is that I have worked in every industry now, other than engineering and I get bored with them all. Investigating was good, but no opportunities are coming my way or approving of me, so to speak. You name it, I have probably done it...I excel at every job too, ethics has been an issue, as most employers don't live up to my standards.

    I am willing to be open to any type of guidance for the sake of getting some type of career path revelation..

    Thank you

  • Leo444,

    Yes, got one ahead of yours. Give me a few days.

  • No prob - would u like a reading?

    If so, post your question.

  • Leo444,

    What's up w/my business venture/health--been tired (because been busy). Anything you pick-up in general along these lines. Any love prospects or what direction this is heading. Thanks.

  • Hi Danceur,

    Money, position, job all that pertains is in the outcome and showing you focusing on this--page of coins crowning and ace of coins in outcome. Sense of loss and depression in present. Strength is reversed in situation. Applying courage or courage is applied on wrong causes. A challenge to stay in the same place. Drudgery is magnified--fool reversed/queen of wands reversed. If there's an offer in friends and environment--take it. It appears something offered or a better career path is being mentioned. Full circle--taking-off and going full-circle. I have to ask you if there was a catalyst that caused the depression in present. What you thought required strength and stamina backfired--that's how the cards read. Accept loss and move forward. Don't block the need to move forward. More heartache until you do this..


    crowning--page of pentacles

    present--3 of swords

    below--five of cups

    situation--strength reversed

    past--magician reversed

    challenges--high priestess

    future--fool reversed

    blocks--queen of wands reversed

    environment/friends--6 of wands

    advice--king of pentacles

    outcome--ace of coins

    I can also read this as someone else getting the credit causing the gloom

  • First thing- could be you (not sure if you have dark hair) a woman raises a flag while sipping some type of limeade lemonade drink and holding a peach

    I kept seeing a female on a examine room bed in a room and then a fruit juicer...

    I drew a card. It is the card of practical application, communication and assessment- Page Coins

    I also kept getting 'something right in front of your face- tickling of the nose'.

    This card advices, to step back and slow down a bit, there is more to learn and more skills/knowledge to gain. See what is the reality - be practical rather than aiming focus on what you want something or someone to be.

  • Leo444, cool. As far as the flag...I was going to advertise saying something like, are you ready to wave the white flag or are there too many red flags--I can help w/this. I've been trying to take a good picture of myself and was told I needed a HD camera, so I'm back at square one. I'm starting a business while working about 50 hrs a week. Good practical advice is what I need. I only wish others would apply sometime. My philosophy in life is not to have expectations. Thank you I like your reading. I'll get to yours soon.

  • Leo444,

    Are you in a relationship/married. I need this in order to continue.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Wow this is spot on! Sorry this is going to be a long reply.

    I had a reading done by someone. She is really good, but I did not know it was going to be so precise. I've always preferred not to know too much exact details. Normally, as you know, i also take readings with a pinch of salt and I ask about possibilities, because generally I see them as overviews of the current trajectory. But I really lost my head with this reading - let it affect me too much.

    It's like she was trying to find the best possible path to ensure success - but that entails disregarding some of the feelings I have and the paths I'm being drawn towards. For better or worse, I want the choice to make the 'mistakes' or try the less secure route - because they are learning lessons. I also want to develop insight a bit at a time and to trust where I'm being led even if I do not understand. I'm not blaming her. This is my own fault - I was so taken by what she knew, that I let my own inner guidance disintegrate, totally forgetting about possibilities and free will.

    You are right about putting my energies into the wrong pursuit. I have slowly been opening my heart because of the guy I have a crush on. When you told me it would be hard for us to even be friends, I agreed with that and was trying to internalize it. But the reader told me point blank he is not meant for me etc and it made me feel very sad ... and I felt like an idiot for once again liking the wrong person.

    But the worst of it actually relates to the job. What you said about someone else taking credit, is what I've suspected for some time. I'm rapidly becoming disillusioned with this job (so it's indeed a challenge to stay here) but I was told I should stay on because the opportunity that's good for me will only come in 2 years. And that I shouldn't bother about the possibilities that i am curious about because it is not a match. I kinda shut down at that point...

    However, in the last few days, I also came to the conclusion that there was a hidden lesson here for me: which is to not feel disempowered and diminished (Queen of Wands reversed + Magician reversed) that things have not worked in my favour with the guy, and - no matter what I was told - to trust my instincts (got to turn that High Priestess around). And even though my knee jerk reaction was to close my heart again to possibilities - to try not to do that.

    The Queen of Wands is significant to me because she represents "Fire" - which is the quality that I'm finally starting to express (although in baby steps). I have Sagittarius rising and moon, but my Scorpio nature tends to subdue my fire. This is why with Queen of Wands in reverse, I read it as disempowerment. My challenge is to remember my personal power - even in disappointment.

    Your advice to let go and move forward is correct for me - it will just take some time. In addition, I think King of Coins suggests to be grounded, breathe and come back to earth, and perhaps focus on work more (Page of Coins - nose to the grind, don't let things fall through the cracks). This has all been a challenge lately because I am feeling lost, stuck, unproductive and off-kilter (Fool reversed)..

  • No I am not married or dating

  • Oh- the fruit and juice may mean- energy, get your vitamin C

  • Hello Daliolite,

    May i please have a reading about my love life? I have been seeing a man for over a year now. He is a good person whom I care about very much but I have times of deep distrust. Are these ambivalent feelings for a good reason?

    Thank you, Lola

  • Leo444, I forgot ...I've been drinking margaritas lately--that's it. Those tall ones in a can.

  • Lola6862, Yes, have one ahead. After yours, I'll be signing-off for awhile. Please join me in free chat at oranum.com my pen name is ArtseeTarot. Will be on mid-mornings. I encourage psychic development there and tarot wisdom. I encourage everyone else, as well.

  • Thank you Daliolite. I appreciate the your time

  • Leo444, You're going to have to move past the confines. Page of wands is challenged. I'm getting money as well (challenged.) Something requiring a decision that involves you getting down to the "core" of what you really want. Supporting yourself on your own for awhile. This is something you're going to accomplish on your own. Will require sacrifice and may not have everything that you think you need. I'm getting that something is preventing the moving forward. Something preventing you from doing something on your own. Not sure what this is. Kinda looks like education. Hermit in situation. Partnerships, contracts not working for you. I'm getting something in regards to homelife being upside down. That's why I asked about the marriage, etc. It feels like you're afraid to step forward and make a decision in regards to career or just don't know what's best. My advice is that whatever you're doing is the wrong course. Introspect (personal) will do best w/o others input. Do what suits you. Have you done things to please others. Will need your input from here. I'm going on Oranum.com. Meet me in my chatroom this week mid-morning around 10am cst. Hopefully, there will be open discussions regarding psychic development which I believe you have...Let me know about this reading here...


    crowning--9 of coins


    below--knight of pentacle


    past-lovers reversed

    challenges--page of wands

    future--10 of cups reversed

    blocks--3 of wands reversed

    friends/environment--chariot reversed

    advice--sun reversed

    outcome--2 of swords

    Choice--it's your choice. Choose wisely and what you want to do.

  • @Daliolite

    What do you think about divination apps?

  • Astraport, Think it's interesting. Although, don't know anything about them to make a recommendation.

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