Taking a Reading Request

  • Taking a request. I use tarot as a tool. I'm a psychic/medium. Need a couple days to respond to your request. Don't need to provide any detailed info as spirit will work on it's own.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I would love a reading - would there be an improvement in my love life and in my financial position?

    Thank you.


  • I'm picking-up several things.. Two colors--white and red. White symbolizes parent or parent type figure. I believe this is you. Red--fast, expressive--this is someone that you're dealing with. I'm picking up the name ANN, Anna, Anita, Angela etc. Feels like this person is assoc w/the expressive person. I'm picking up a person with an addiction prob that's 1/2 way there. This person is acknowledging the addiction but hasn't totally given up. I'm seeing a heart on a cross--a lot of heartache assoc w/this. It feels like something is upside down or loaded down on you. Marriage, happiness is your foundation. Dream--that's a good thing but see things for how they are, as well. Have you always been a parent figure or strong one in your family. I wanted to mention a full-moon over water, I saw this regarding you. A break from something in the past. I have a feeling that you're the strong figure in a family and want to break away and into something different in your career. I have a feeling that you're driven by personal ambition and there's an alternating current that's conservative. Follow your dream, ambition. A tendency to want to do things yourself. Knight of swords is a male I'm picking up on. Is this someone in your romantic life at present--I'll wait for your input.


    above--6 of coins

    present--2 of coins

    below--4 of wands

    situation--2 of wands

    past--7 of swords


    future--4 of cups

    blocks--7 of wands

    friends--10 of coins

    advice--ace of coins

    outcome--knight of swords

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thank you for your reading. You're correct, I feel like I've been placed in a position of being a parent type figure and everyone expect me to resolve or help them with their problems. I do feel burdened by all these expectations and at the same time cannot say no to any requests especially when it comes to family and friends.

    I'm not familiar with anyone with the name Ann, Anna, Anita, Angela etc.

    The only person I know who seems to have an addiction is my brother.

    I do want to break away and do something different but not sure what I would be suited for and also fear of giving up my current job and income to try something new, or do anything that will impact on my likelihood or means of supporting myself financially.

    Yes I am driven and my ambition is to improve my finance.

    I am one to stand on my own and do things myself and find it hard to rely or think that I can rely on someone.

    There is someone in my romantic life at present but not sure that he's the one. I do dream of marriage and happiness but this feels so far away like a dream I don't think will materialize.

    Thank you.


  • Pisces1803, I feel like the person in your life has a different personality than yours. Someone is showing as being direct and confrontational. Can you relate. I'm also getting a younger person w/a health issue cancer maybe. The A name is someone assoc with a man.

  • Thanks for the clarification Daliolite. Every person I've known in my life has a different personality than me 🙂 - or I perceive them to be different from me. I'm not sure who this person would be that's direct and confrontational... Would this person who's direct and confrontational be in relation to a romantic relationship? If so, I did know someone like that, we were close at one stage but I've cut off contact over six months ago when he started playing his push and pull games and have not heard from him since.

    I'm not familiar with a younger person with health issue but will keep an eye out as I had a friend (an elderly gentleman who passed away recently from cancer). I'm definitely keeping an eye out for a man with the A name association.

    Thank you very much for your reading Daliolite.



  • Hi Daliolite,

    If you are still willing, I would appreciate a reading. 🙂 Thank you.


  • hobbles76, Sure--will have up soon.

  • Hello, Daliolite,

    Could i also have your advice please. I would like to know about my job. I started to work as a teacher, but i don't know if this job is for me( What do my students think of me? Do i give them knowledge?

  • Hi Daliolite, Would appreciate a reading when u have time..

    Im going through a hard time right now. Just feeling unsettled. I was wondering what the next few months would bring to me? do u see any love potential for me? Also, will my finance improve? Any infor would be appreciated. thanks.

  • Marishkaa--Will try and have up soon

  • hll, Yes.

  • hobbles76, I did a reading and I-ching for you. I-ching is bringing forth the pentagram 22--Grace and Beauty. Grace must have substance. Grace is description for what makes everything wonderful. So, where do you find beauty, grace and happiness.

    A lot of people, personalities in your reading. I feel like there are parent-type figures controlling things. If it was your nature to not speak-up, that seems to be changing. Something happening where money is tight. You are more conservative w/money. Battle over what needs to be done. Through this battle, struggle you've learned to hold your own. Future is uncertain and that's where the reading comes in. Advice coming regarding your future, career. I strongly feel that you'll always have help and support. Someone feels that change needs to be made and "you're feeling it." scenario. I feel like your taking steps but still have a way to go. Take things w/a grain of salt so will not be such an emotional blow. Realize that some people are just trying to help. Maybe they should have more confidence in you. You may feel as though you're not ready. What concerns me is the queen of swords blocked. When I draw this it always indicates the need for a higher cause, education, moving forward. This is blocked in your reading. Whenver you seek help from others, we have to do it "their way." This is what I'm picking-up with your reading. I think you're strong enough to move forward--page of coins present, page of swords situation. Scaling down to minimum to get things accomplished. Sometimes this happens for years before we actually see the fruits of our labors--right.


    above--knight of cups

    present--page of coins

    below--4 of swords

    past--4 of coins

    challenges--3 of coins


    blocks--queen of swords

    friends--king of swords

    advice--knight of swords

    outcome--8 of cups--all is not lost

  • Marishkaa,

    Is someone making you feel inadequate. If they are, eliminate those feelings first. I'm getting an intense reading. I'm getting an economically hard time in the past. I'm not sure if you're feelings of inadequacy are coming from yourself or someone else or a combination of the two. A male figure who is a challenge, a decision that's pending ( a decision that you need to make.) I take it that you are prob teaching young or younger students. I drew an I-ching for you and the pentagram I received was Overview #20, if you'd like to look-up on this site under I-ching. You may have more of an impact than what you realize. Introspective but not hard on yourself. Are you teaching special needs or challenged kids. The devil card landed in the present position which always points to some dysfunction. A need in the present to move on. This should be your decision based on fact. Getting an authority type figure that's a challenge but it feels as though this person brings on feelings of inadequacy in you. If you really feel bogged down, a change may be good. A lot of needless worry--9 of swords/4 of wands paired. New found freedom and strength in outcome. Don't be afraid if you are doing the right thing for yourself. There may be issues in present that are bringing out demons that you conquered in past. It feels like your a survivor. Some issues involving a relationship as well.




    below--6 of cups


    past--5 of coins

    challenges--king of swords


    blocks--7 of swords

    friends--9 of swords

    advice--4 of wands

    outcome--page of coins

  • Daliolite, thank you!

    Yes, in the pas i was without job.

    About the person in the reading, i don't know exactly who that can be, because i can apply your words to two persons. One man (he is 4 years younger than me) with whom i was communicating in the past, but than we had a quarrel and i realized that he lied to much, so after some months of silence he showed again in my life, but i asked him no to talk with me. But i don't know how this situation will evolve. And this is not connected with mu job. But when i read "bringing out demons that you were conquered" i thought of him

    And there is another man, a student. I teach younger, you are right. He is probably 19-20. I can't understand his attitude, his behavior, sometimes he is very nice to me, sometimes say i am too strict, but the devil card is probably because i am starting to feel something for him. And besides it is difficult for me to teach him and his mates, because they do not want to do their home work, so i am always angry, and i don't know how to help him, as i see that being strict doesn't help. and they will have a difficult exam. So i think this group is a challenge for me.

    Daliolite, maybe the card show how to deal with them?

    And how do you think in general about teaching for me? I don't feel very much satisfied with this job( Sometimes i am bored because i have to do the same tasks with different groups, sometimes i just don't like what i teach ( the programme). And i don't know what to do. And also some students don't want to study, or maybe i just can't find an approach to them.I try to be strict, and i think that i could be even overbearing?

  • Marishkaa, Did you read the I-ching I did. #20 Overview. I taught for awhile. I'm an artist and the kids really got into art. Every time they went to the library they picked out drawing books! Teaching nowadays is not the same as when I was younger. For a lot of different reasons I didn't enjoy it. You need to put aside the dysfunction. I had a strong feeling that the dysfunction was coming from the students/you. You can move forward whatever you do. Sometimes you don't speak-up, express how you really feel. Again, put dysfuntion aside. this is your job. Find a creative path to get across to these students. Nowadays, there are a lot of things on the outside that interfere. Get to the root of the person. Find out what these students enjoy. If you can incorporate that into the task. Encourage their positive side/interests. Find ways that they can apply that when they leave the building. They're not far away from the working world. Incorporate your experience into their lives. Start with a short story before a lesson about what you've learned. How can the lesson apply to the real world. They don't have that spark yet. A real person telling a real story. You don't want to scold or be overbearing. You want to tell a story and get it across. You want to paint a visual picture in their mind of your life and your lessons perhaps. I get bored w/math, finance forget it. You see. Open communication.

  • Yes, i read i-ching, and understood it that i should more observe and probably be patient now, observe what is happening, i need to try to understand the reason for things.

    Thank you for the recommendations, i really want to talk with them sometimes, but here comes another problem - i teach foreign language, business translation to my language. and sometimes i find it difficult to talk foreign language, so that is why i often try to avoid communication when it is possible. So i sometimes think that i do not do the job properly, that also makes me worry. But i will try to interest them.

    Daliolite, and could you tell me please if it is possible to understand from the reading in general students' attitude to me or what they think of me, my job?

  • Marishkaa, Prob picking up on your insecurities. Younger people are intuitive. Try to hold your own on this job and see what happens, you can always change--right.

  • hll,

    Your reading is speaking of upheavel in present. I get a feeling that there's several options as far as work but not what you're interested in and don't pay well. Lots of wands--path, career. What you want or are interested in is not available. Wishing, hoping and dreaming. Do what you want and what interests you. Can't seem to get your foot in the door or a feeling of things being out of reach for you. Holding onto love or memories. A feeling here of changing physical location. When will things change for you. Feels like someone with similar interests that your close with that you'd like to do what they do, they can poss help you. If you take something that doesn't really appeal to you, another door may open. I get a feeling here to "go for it" Do what makes your heart content. Satisfaction, to be satisfied more than anything else. Roadblocks you feel. May have a tendency to feel that things won't get better--not true. A lot of present situation are things beyond your control. Feels like a venture in the past that didn't work out or an idea (creative) that didn't work out that you'd still like to pursue but you feel that you'll never have a handle on again--not true.


    present--3 of wands

    above--page of coins

    below--5 of coins


    past--5 of wands

    challenges--8 of wands

    future--7 of wands

    blocks--6 of cups--young at heart, young energy

    friends--page of wands--similar interests

    advice--page of cups

    outcome--magician--one downside to this card is someone may not be totally truthful

  • Hi Daliolite, thank you very much for the reading. Very accurate. Pretty much exactly how I feel these days and how my life is... Im quite surprised you picked up the fact of "changing physical location". thats something I have wanted to do for quite a long time, but due to several hurdles, I still havent been able to make it happen.. Do you see me move to a different city anytime soon? I gather from what you said, although my current situation is at a mess, my foreseeable future will be improving..

    as for the cards you pulled, could u pls say something more about the outcome card which was reserved magician?

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