Should I or shouldn't I?

  • Born July 26, 1944

    5:11 AM

    County of Kings

    Brooklyn, New York

    Undecided whether or not I should make a move to Florida to be near my daughter and grandson when she buys a house.

    For some reason, I have mixed feelings.

    Please help!


  • Hi Silverraven, it sounds like you are experiencing a head/heart split. There are several ways to work with this. One I'd like to suggest has to do with your life experience with your own mother. If your mother is still with us, are you able to ask her about your own birth? If she is not with us, you may like to spend some time simply sitting and breathing, in through the nose out through the mouth, and imagine, birthday by birthday, going back to the time of your birth, and even to the time you spent in the womb. Realising what life was like for both of you will help explain why you act or react to life the way that you do, the way you feel toward family, why you hold your breath in times of stress.

    You are being prompted to review your life by asking questions that may trigger heartfelt reactions to your time in your mother's womb. Ask yourself what life was like for you and your mother during this time. Consider the possibility that there may be things you are trying to bring to fruition that are unconsciously being blocked by your memory of time in the womb.

    Talk to someone you trust to help you remember. Evaluate the details that stand out and see them as a foundation on which to re-map your journey.

    Hope this helps.

    In love and light love and light love and light,


  • Thanks for suggestion Ahliyah. However, my mother and I were never close due to her medical condition. My grandmother raised me. But, I don't see how the 2 relate?

    Brought up by my grandparents was not as difficult for me as it was for them. I guess you would say I was spoiled. At the age of 12 when my mom passed I can say I felt saddened by it, but not hurt.

    She neve raised me. Nor did my father who is now deceased. I loved him very much.

    I would like to move to be near my daughter/grandson because I know she needs me and her brother also.

    Im worred about financial situation im in to make that move as well. Plus I have a rescue GSD hoping she will be able to make that move....


    thank you

  • huh?

    I'm happy with myself. I just wish that I would have some things in a different then don't we ALL!

    I am moving !

    Blessed Be,


    whatever will be, will be

  • HI!

    Since the first time I've written to you my GSD Liza passed from cancer. I now have another rescue baby girl by the name of Shadow.

    She came into my life for a reason...I guess to take away the pain from loosing Liza!

    Thanks for the insight,


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