Looking for a reading

  • I am new to this site and am fascinated by it. I am looking for someone to give me a reading.

  • Hi Jennicarp

    welcome to the forum!

    I will share what I got for you! please take as entertainment and maybe it will spark some thoughts for you

    There are diagrams below of how the symbols (cards) landed for you

    also showing the two areas emphasized

    (layout: We are working with a 9x9 grid here to place the cards and then we look at the positions to see how you are working with the symbols -up is more conscious below is more subc - left is memories and right is your expectations - let me know if you need clarity on the actual cards

    there are two groups - a large group at the right and then another group of 4 at lower left - so on that basis you would appear to be working mostly in these two areas: your immediate and long range aims and more subconscious concern related to memory(s)

    the aim seems to be mostly in play theme areas which are all feelings and fun and usually where couple (relationship) themes begin so right off the top i would say you are serious about a relationship or at least having fun in life!

    Your immediate expectation seems to be sharing your feelings in some way and this is something you strongly identify with at this time - it is very important for you to share this it seems - below this is a more inward [release] or letting go of something - so it is like you are saying

    “I would really like to talk about these feelings! At the same time I feel a relaxing within about this and I can let go and be relaxed”

    That seems to be the general soon setting (maybe sharing that what ever it is with someone?)

    After that your expectation is to experience the play theme and this is very outward expression and above the setting so it is your strong focus here (so this seems to be something really super fun for you and nice that you will love that you expect to see)

    Then there is some very earnest communication effort in your setting after that it is like you have you fun and then

    you want to talk! “Okay we had some fun now let’s talk!”

    and then the fun starts right back up again! 🙂

    So that is the fun part

    this other part i don’t know

    it is very far in your memories and also toward the bottom (area circled in red) so that sounds like some memories you are trying to forget or you are not wanting to face that (whatever it is)

    Appears to be connected with a very active path of some sort that began in the most distant memory

    then it turned into a super moving material (physical) project of some sort (so it went from theta/movement in path to theta/movement in physical ways fast!) then a pause and then a viewpoint is avoided being talked about and then you are also expecting to continue suppressing the communication about that theta effort whatever it was - this is immediately ahead for you and this next event in your life will break the logjam once and for all that has restrained this fun in your life from happening

    once you share

    once you talk it out

    and just let go


    the fun returns

    and then that seems to restore communication back into the open where you wanted it all along - for some reason it had to to be quieted for a while it seems

  • Hi Jennicarp, Take things w/a grain of salt now. Present situation is springing from the need for you to move-on and move ahead. So, are several choices being presented now. Several people in present scenario/group of people. Although it is hard to remain calm amid everything, that's what the present is calling for. A break is coming/already happening. I feel like there's some level of immaturity on your part or inexperience. Words and conflicting ideas. There was a departure of someone. Can you relate to weighing choices and outcome. Strong pull to move forward. 3 women figures in reading. I can relate more w/your input--



    present--7 of cups

    below--5 of swords


    past--queen of swords

    challenges--high priestess

    future--7 of swords

    blocks--3 of cups



    outcome--queen of cups

    Seems there several different people pulling you in different directions.

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