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  • Hi!

    I posted earlier about a situation with my school.They are refusing to let me back on campus and won't say why. I tried to resolve the situation with them, but couldn't. So,I filed a complaint. I've been advised to consult a lawyer. I hate having to go to all this trouble, but I don't know what else to do. Will this situation ever be resolved? Or should I just accept things as they are and not push it any further?

  • You at least deserve an answer and proper explanation from the school - get a lawyer.

  • I have a question, I know you like the school and I remember there was a problem and that you were going to look at another school. How far along were you? Most schools will accept transfers up to 80 credits from one four year school to another. 60 credits from an AS degree; In the north east there are many schools to choose from, I would think that is universal in most cases. Also if I remember there was money issues so obtaining a lawyer would cost you money, and to what extent?

  • Captain-thanks for your answer. I'm currently looking for a lawyer who will take my case.

  • Tarot-Nick, thanks for your post. I have transferred to another school, and they took some of my credits. I had completed 72, and they took 47. Unfortunately, that's one of the issues with transferring to another school. One of the problems is that I'm not able to relocate, and there aren't many colleges I can attend in my area. I had planned to transfer to one school, but realized I wouldn't be admitted because of my suspension. That's another issue. I'm attending an online school right now. It was the only option I had besides not going at all.

    Really the issue is being prohibited from campus property. Jobs are limited in my field and I am concerned about being able to find a job that won't require me to be on or around the campus. Obviously, the school isn't going to hire me. But, there are a lot of performing arts events that take place on campus. I just don't see a reason why they won't let me on the property, if I have a good reason to be there.

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