Dear Shuabby- Can you please help??

  • hi shuabby

    can you please help me recognize who my twin soul is? i have been told that i have a re union with them in near future and it will bring great changes in my life(as these relationships are expected to do). i could use some insight to recognize this person as i have been warned against someone who will be a bad influence and i don't want to mistake him with my twin soul.

    i hope you can help me with this as you have given me some very helpful clues in the past.

    i would like to know who my twin soul is, their profession or how will we cross paths and what will we be doing in each other's life?

    i would greatly appreciate any help in this matter!



  • aceofcups

    Your twin soul is someone that has the letter H in his name sounds like Harold to me. You will meet in an area or state that has green trees and seasons, or that is where he comes from. I feel he will be a man of merit and conservative in his ways, may have never been married. If your twin soul is a bad influence than I know you would sense this right away and think twice about anyone telling you about twin souls in the future. Always in any reading that you get. Take away with you what you need and what feels true to your life and intuitive ability, leave the rest behind.

    Ask your angels to help you discern any man that you meet if you feel what you were told is true. Do you tend to pick the wrong type of men?

    When you meet the right man you will know it. Have you ever been in love? True from the heart?

    You will be as soon as you are open to it and drop the fear of failure and know you deserve a true love.

    God Bless


  • hi shuabby

    thank you so very much for this insight. the name and personal information was greatly helpful. if you don't mind me asking i have a few follow up queries:

    when you say green state does that mean a green state in usa or some other country?

    and you have mentioned that he is man of merit, can you please elaborate on this one? what makes him a man of merit? i am just trying to figure out who he is. it will help me a great deal in telling him from a crowd of people. do you see we have a future together or he will just be a passing influence? i hope i am not bothering you with my queries.

    many thanks for your patience and help dear!


  • aceofhearts

    Your questions do not bother me. I can only give you what I receive at the time. Green state can be in Algiers or in the Midwest of the United States.

    Merit means someone that has earned a position in life through their character or through their earned knowledge. He will be an educated man , stand tall and have a good heart, he will lend a helping hand to those in need that have touched his heart, yet he will not take their hand and lead them through life, he expects them to make their own decisions and yes even mistakes, and build the strength to endure what life brings.

    You will have a life together if you want it , and don't worry if you were in a crowd of one thousand people and he was there and meant to meet you , it would happen and you will know and feel as if you have known him a lifetime.

    Let Love In Your life as it passes by and your chances wand as time goes on, and your heart may close like a fist and not allow love in. I am not saying this will happen to you, only that you need to start listening to your own inner voice where matters of the heart are concerned. Connect with your vision of what you want in your life as a husband, write it down and send it out to the universe in thought and prayer and believe me , he will come.


  • hi shuabby

    thank you very much for responding. i'll keep in mind what you said when am looking for that love of my life. again, i appreciate your help.

    blessings and love


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