Blmoon can't hurt to try

  • I feel your pain on the vertigo, I have been fighting it. For me if I end up on my back and move I will wake up spinning. I don't like taking the medicine as you found out I think it makes you more sick. Try sleeping in an incline position, that doesn't make for a comfortable sleep but when you get to the one take anything you can. Using the recliner feet out but head above the body. The other trick i use is sleeping on my side with my head somewhat elevated. I use the couch for that so my back is propped up and it makes it harder to turn and I have pillows and a blanket on a incline so my head is above a horizontal position. I can also sleep on my stomach but I don't stay in that position all night and I suffer when I wake up on my back.

    cant hurt to try, so I hope it helps, it seems to for me;


  • It's been a hellish thing! And when you first mentioned way back I did not have it yet...just some dizziness. The first episode scared the c rap out of me. The spinning was violent and my eyes darted crazy out of control and I vomited. I have had five episodes.But been good for about 3 weeks. I bought something called verticalm. If I chew two and try not to vomit too soon they do work. I did some research and found some advice that works for me. I never lay down fast. I go very slow on my side then stop about 4 inches from my pillow and hold myself there at least 30 seconds...then slowly rest sideways on the pillow. If I turn to other side in middle of the night I roll very very slowly and if I feel a spin starting I raise my head a few inches looking sideways until feel it stop. I finally found a neurologist to see me Nov. 6th for cash even though I have car insurance!.. No one will see accident cases in Florida but those dumb pain accident clinics!! They want you to sign with a lawyer, hook you up with expensive rehab until they suck your insurance dry. I hope you find some relief! It is awful! BLESSINGS!

  • not to scare you but its just something you have to deal with, in my case anyway. Just giving info/sharing, I went to a ears/nose/throat Dr and he ended up sending me to a Neurologist after my accident. Being I hit my head as well, at first my neck was bad...did the acupuncture/heat/electric...none of that worked. Then I start symptoms with the dizziness that's when I went to the Neurologist. He put a name to it and at least gave me something to work with. Not knowing was not fun. He did some eye tests and put camera on glasses to see my reactions. The way he put it was they tick depending on which quadrant the crystals are hitting the hairs in my ear. They give you an exercise for gravity to get the crystals back. It goes away for a while then pops up every once in a while. When i push myself physically it seems to act up as well.

    I am sure you will deal with it fine, you are a strong person...knowing what it is will help...

    Lots of luck,


  • THANKS! I rarely see a doctor...I'm very healthy and more into holistic or natural cures and I'm proactive. You are right about not over doing. This has been a challenge for me as I keep in shape by working hard. I have always gardened and do projects around the house. I can push through pain but THIS head thing is beyond my will. I mostly rest and if I have several good days and overdo then I have several bad days of inertia, and symptoms ...... the injury location effects my speech, I lose words and get dippy with short term memory and lean to the right. I have improved and I know the reality of concussions.They are unpredictable. There is no cure or magic pill. I do a lot of research if I have a problem and listen for guidance. I have been doing perfect health meditations with deepak Chopra. Interesting how he explains that it's not that we are supposed to expect a power to avoid all ailments BUT that with the right skills and mindset what we need to believe is our body can communicate to our mind what our body needs to heal. His meditations help reinforce our faith in being committed to perfect health and encourage strengthening our mind body connection so we can solve health issues. I do not believe in a random life so I do believe this event is an opportunity to solve some things I may have been neglecting. I'm sure you are as well. For's about opening up more to asking for help, versus being too strong sometimes and doing everything myself. And I need to appreciate my gift for language and get more manuscripts out!!! AND boundaries. When you are a wounded animal and someone ignores your need to bite them!

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