Please tell me what you think...thank you

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm at a peculiar place in my life right now and been having a number of dreams, please tell me what you think or if anyone can do a reading I would gratefully appreciate it.

    1.I was on a very high bridge and was going very fast around an extremely sharp and dangerous curve on the bridge, the bridge looked almost like a roller coaster without all the hills and such. I reached the end of the bridge okay, but I was afraid on the bridge.

    2.A flood was coming and I was preparing to leave by packing up my backpack. I was being told to hurry up by my husband, but I was taking my time to make certain I had what I needed. I was not afraid I was very calm. I picked my little baby off the ground (I don't have a baby in real life), I noticed water was slowly creeping towards me. I calmly and assuredly headed off on a path to safety with my backpack and my baby.

    3.I arrived into class and realized I had to turn in a final exam paper, I was very anxious that I didn't have it and started doing it quickly in class.

    4.I was on a bus, I think school bus with kids, I was up the street from the home I grew up in. I was sucking the nectar from lilies, and I fed one to another child.

    I'm feeling as sense of urgency to break old restricting habits. I do feel a sense of new beginnings. I am also feeling a sense of "suddenly", like sudden change. I don't know if it is me hoping that my situation would change suddenly, or if in fact my instincts are correct.

    Please share with me what you think & if you need more info. I will be happy to provide it.

    Thanks very much

  • aenyu

    I will help you with the dreams and what they mean:

    Dream 1 You are afraid of losing your safety zone in life, yet your fear is not going to stop you from taking chances that are coming up for you.

    2 Water always is your emotions and a flood is overwhelming emotions, yet you were clam an did not let your husband place fear where it was not needed as you had control of your emotions and the baby means new beginnings for you and I feel that you want much more than a wife position in life, travel or overseas has a part of the picture coming in around you here is what I feel for you.

    Mountains and valleys is a place in which you will live a part of your life.

    3 You feel life is passing you by and you must hurry to catch up to where you want to be, just remember this that noting worth having comes into our lives before it time is due.

    4 Movement away from your childhood and into adulthood where a child is involved in your life or you will be working with children that are disabled and you give them your life essence to help them mature into loving flowers that blossom into helping others through their own efforts.

    I receive that you feel to confined in your marriage and want to break free and do something for yourself that fulfills your inner soul. You will do so and the dreams are telling you this,

    I am not saying you will leave your marriage , but you want change and will do what it takes to make it happens with less fear than you could imagine.

    Very positive outlook for you and some schooling involved here for you, I see a flat looking roof of a building with stone and you inside this building and if feels as though you will travel with your job and you will write books later about your journey .

    There is a person feels male here with a name that begins with A and it has a foreign accent to the name . He is a wise and good man and also a woman Ana is what I hear , You are on your way with help from people that are in your destiny path. Horses come in around you here a land where they are still used an one horse is white with some black in his coat and he is one that is a symbol for you to know that you are on the right path.

    Please let us know how your life journey goes.

    Blessings to you.


  • Thank you very much Shaubby for taking the time to share this with me. You were very spot on about a lot of things going on in my life right now, and yes I do want more freedom in my life. I do dream of owning a home in California, so that is were the mountains and valleys come into play.

    thank you be blessed.

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