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  • Hi Shuabby ~ How are you? I wanted to give you a second update about my friend from fourty years ago. We finally got brave enough to approach eachother. Lol! We talked for a long time. It was great catching up with him. I felt sad when we had to say goodbye as I feel like I'm letting go of someone dear to me again. I felt like we both had so much more to say. He stepped back at one time & I just felt like he's such a true part of who I really am. Don't really know how else to describe it. He is stil the kind gentleman he always was. I'm hopeful that we will get to talk at least one more time. Thank you for your kindness. Love & Blessings ~D

  • dmick59

    I always like to hear updates. It feels like you and he were husband and wife more than once in other lifetimes. He died early in one lifetime from a car accident. This time around you two may come together again when you are in the last part of your lives. You both have those feelings to keep your hearts connected and minds also.

    Good to hear from you.


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