What ever happened to Super KC and Pot of Gold for Karma Coins?

  • I have been on this site forever and ever...It has just dawned on me that I don't ever see any more Super Karma Coin searches around major holidays...like when they would give a clue and if you found the little guy with a cape I believe...lol....you got 5 extra karma coins?? Or on St. Patrick's day search for the pot of gold?? I loved that stuff...don't get me wrong i have more times that not paid for my reading ...it was just nice of them to give back over the few days during certain holidays.

    SO can anyone get me the info?? Are there free karma coins to be hunted and found on the site anymore...or is that long gone.

    If not...is there anything new and cool I may have overlooked. I have been out of sync in more ways than one for some months...but feeling good and want some readings!!! Some bonus KC would def. help a sista out....

    Thank you for all your info!!!


  • Sorry Jen they haven't done the fun stuff in awhile


  • It is almost Halloween, why the fun stuff is gone?

    It was so much fun to do the hunt!

    All good things don't last!! This is the problem!!

    Blessing Everyone,


  • Happy early All Hollows Eve to everyone!

    It's unfortunate they stopped the Holiday Hunts.........

    It was fun for all of us that are not trick-or-treating, or during all the other Holidays when we are busy doing the cooking or decorating, wrapping presents and all the holiday bizzyness, to take time to have some fun!

    To get on and use your intuition first to find the goodies, then clue and coming to the community all of us together finding it! It brought all of us together and cheered up the Season even more!

    I guess what I'm trying to say is it brought us back together and we had fun! The hunt wasn't so much about getting the Karma Coins as the fun of the Hunt and coming together! The Karma Coins were a plus!

    Tarot.com should see that when we want a reading we buy the Karma Coins, and for us that things are tight moneywise it's a blessing to win them and a great Holiday Treat!

    C'mon Tarot.com it is FUN to Hunt for the Holiday Prizes!

    Asking again this year, pretty please 🙂 It Really is SO much fun! and brings us all together in Celebration at Tarot.com!

    If not, suppose I could find a picture of the Grinch and hide him here on one of the Community threads at Christmastime and we could do our own Hunt?! 😉

    Anyways Happy Halloween! Peace, love and blessings to everyone

  • Dreaming leo

    it would be wonderful if adminstration hear our voice, the hunt was alot of fun, i have been on this site about seven years, lately i do not write, things have change alot, alot of the girls that were here before have left or are rarely heard from who gave us good advice, for our daily problems, my journey, poetic, nots2beshy, moon, living on a prayer, to name a few, we have protested a lot of times, and have not been heard, maybe if more of us protested we be heard, yes haloween is just around the corner,

    god bless all,

    love and light


  • Happy Halloween to All and Blessings for the Coming Year. Please pass on to management of the site that I, too, really miss the Holiday Hunts. Please give some consideration to having them again. Thank You.

  • Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

  • Happy Halloween! All Hallows Eve! & Samhain! Everyone!

    I wish many Treats for all!

    I did click the "Contact Us" link in the About Tarot.com section and told them we miss the Hunts.

    This is a copy of what I submitted~ I do hope they bring them back 🙂

    "Happy Halloween!

    Dear Tarot.com,

    Thank you very much for the free reading offer this Hollows Eve as well as the other Holidays that you offered them, but We Really do miss the Holiday Hunts........

    I have been here for years, while I may not post often I do visit the site and the Community (except for a while when oranum had too many scripts running) when I can.

    One thing I always liked was the feeling of Family/Community of sorts, even if I didn't get here often.

    The Holiday's were Special with the Hunts, we would all come back together to find the Holiday item. Not unlike family members that travel back home for the Holidays.

    The Holiday Hunts brought us all back from whatever bizzyness that goes on in our daily lives.


    It was Fun!

    I really do like Tarot.com., and I getting together with my Tarot.com extended family/community.

    I would guess someone at Tarot.com has seen the Community Topic

    "What ever happened to Super KC and The Pot of Gold for Karma Coins?" some (Including myself) expressed missing the Holiday Hunts, and for each that did, there are most likely many others that feel the same, plus new members here that never had the Fun! of a Holiday Hunt.

    Would you please bring the Holiday Hunts back for at least a year~say, this Thanksgiving to next? Gather feedback or ask members if they would like the Hunts to continue?

    It would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Love, light, blessings & Happy All Hallows Eve!


    Maybe they will bring them back, maybe not?

    I do hope they will! It is great fun!

    Again, Happy Halloween!

    Love, light, blessings

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