TheCaptian, AstraAngel, TarotNick,Shuabby?

  • Hi I am new to this forum and have been reading some posts. It seems that all the questions are being answered by very gifted readers.. TheCaptian, AstraAngel, Shuabby, Tarot-Nick. How much time do you take with each questions(individual)? Do you do other jobs and help others here? Do you get "drained" by all the request? I am asking because I am very interested in this type of thing. I have been "reading" for friends (close friends) but sometime feel that they can become very "needy" and want to strictly rely on what the "cards" tell them to do, I feel that they get mad if I tell them that they need to make their own decisions and not rely on the cards all the time. Am I wrong for telling them that? ... I am not sure how to "help" others and would love to learn from others on this site. I have small kids and a full time job.. How do you all handle everything. Thanks for your insight. would love your advise. Many blessings

  • Hi bugatigirl,

    For me; I never worry about time, it takes how ever long to do a rush or time schedule.

    Personally I do reading because I hope I am helping's not a job, its reaching out and helping someone. Being its a choice it's up to each person on how much they give of themselves. I generally will do readings at night when it quiet in my house, so it not taking time away from my's more of giving my time...spreading smiles and bad jokes...

    As you get more comfortable with yourself and readings it's OK to remind people to remember that they have free will and their choices are there's to make for themselves. You can use the readings as a guidance, but it comes down to their own choices.

    So just be you, if you look back you can see some threads where people say that they would like to give readings and people will reply

    Have fun,

  • Hi Tarot- Nick, Thanks for your quick answer. I appreciate your insight and your advice. I am not used to writing my readings and that is something that I must work on before I jump in there and ask who wants a reading. I will take your advise and try to find my own style while having fun.

  • Shuabby here

    . I do this when time allows. I feel this is a part of me that I am to share and do so in ways that I am receiving yet giving back .You sound like you have your hands full at this time and perhaps somewhere down the road you will make this into a business venture for yourself and I feel with you the water element , like you would want the business to be on water or near it. Your son will be gifted with psychic ability and he will write books also. I feel TV around him like he will be in and very much connected to the media.

    I tell people to always rely on their own free will where readings are concerned and that they should not rely on readers to make major decisions for them, to allow the reading to be a tool of guidance to help them in making their own way in this school we call life.

    I wish you and yours many blessings.


  • Hi Shuabby,

    I am sorry it took so long for me to respond, I have been out of town. I thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I also appreciate your advice. You truly are very gifted!! I do currently live on the water! I thought my daughter had some psychic ability but never thought my son would have it!! I was floored when I saw that you said that he would write books and connected to the media.... you could not have known that just last week, he told me that he was going to write a book. He has been working on sketches of the characters for his book! He also just registered for audio/video technology class.. Thank you for that validation!! Many blessings to you!

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