Hi BLMoon, can you provide some guidance to me?

  • Hi BLMoon, you gave me a birthday reading a few years ago and it was incredibly accurate and relevant. I was so happy to find that you still read the boards... Could you give me some guidance for the year ahead? I feel like i am in a transformative period and I would like a little information on what to expect and what to keep in mind. Thank you so much for your time! If more info is needed please let me know.

  • Spirit shows me the image of a young woman walking alone down a long hallway towards the doors to outside.....it reminds me of a school hallway....doors on both sides.....a bit dimly lit and very quiet....I can hear the young woman's steps. I can see that at the end of the hallway outside the doors it is bright with sunlight. This woman tends to learn things on her own. It is both a burden and a blessing. She is blessed with problem solving skills but she is burdened at times with feeling isolated and plagued by indecision. She has learned so far that long term indecision or fear of mistakes or change does not work and life will create a situation that will force her to decide or get moving. Right now she does get the sense of her future possibility yet she is not there yet. This intuitiveness only adds to her frustration and she feel impatient,,,,as if she can taste her purpose but can't get there yet. Life is asking her for surrender without losing momentum because she is gathering wisdom and is on path. This next stage , outdoors in the world will be busy and involve her skills in relationships. Not just romantic but all aspects of dealing with people. That's were her potential grows a clear path. She will learn about boundaries and seeing through people. Trusting the right people. Understanding other's motives, Learning to not be a pleaser or afraid of following her own gut feelings. Learning how to step back from drama with close friends , family and coworkers. She is loyal to the max and gives her best so on the job she can be selfishly held onto by employers when really she needs to move on. Her compassion can allow friends to cling and drain her. She may see a bad seed in her circle but lack the backbone to do anything about it without guilt. Her biggest roadblock right now is her self esteem and imagining other's opinions, She can read things that do not exist. She will go over at bedtime conversations and make too much of a remark. She then will shy away and actually create a situation that didn't exist. Spirit says to her CHOOSE THE PERSPECTIVE THAT LOVES YOU BACK! At the same time she will be learning about the true enemies who smile and say all the right things but ARE not for real,,,,the wolves in sheep clothing! The advice is to not let any encounter crush you, to not dwell on regret or self loathing, feeling stupid or rejected. This next phase is just a needed education that will bring some truly wonderful teachers into your world AND some stin kers....some betrayals. But it's all good. The future needs this as you are meant to be a leader and problem solver and one who unites others positively in group situations.......a star that lights the way for others. BLESSINGS!

  • Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to read for me again and to share your amazing gifts. It is amazing how you are able to gain such an insight about what is going on with me, I feel like you captured everything that I am going through perfectly. This is such a transitional stage for me... Really going into adulthood, leaving my 20's. You are right i feel a bigger destiny but im so impatient and filled with a lot of indecision (and do need to work on going with the flow). Its been scary and confusing, i need to learn to trust the process more and as you said learn to TRUST my intuition.. Lately trusting my impressions has been difficult. This has been very helpful, bless you! Jasmine

  • YOUR WELCOME. And just remind yourself that mistakes or roadblocks are not all negative but you just can't see that. Some of our most disappointing moments really do have a GOOD reason....just further down the line!

  • Hi Blmoon, if you have time.. I just recently had a birthday, could you give me a reading for my upcoming year? This is an important year to me as ive just turned thirty, thanks!

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