A reading, please? About this book I'm working on....

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  • Hi alenabrz

    saw your post and thought about your question and looked at some cards just now and it all looked wonderful to me

    Your expectations are certainly bright and really up there as they should be

    And I saw strong indications of how determined you are to bring forward this playful dream book of yours

    As for winning this writing competition I will saw I did see a view of something that was new and developing as a VIEWpoint and pause of a moment of your life - so it sounded like a wonderful moment for you with your writing perhaps that has something to do with this competition

    i hope that is a blessing for you in your creative effort there! i will sure be looking forward to hearing about your fabulous much deserved book in print and on all the shelves everywhere!

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  • oh that is my lingo i use for myself - it means more to me because i am always playing with those terms so they are very comfortable place

    The viewpoint (5’s to me) tend to be pauses I think - and this is in a material area of you life

    and a “begin again” theme at the top of that column

    and coming away from a very “below” two of wands

    so you would be entering something [new] that is meant to be very outward (open and in the day so it is tangible expressions in some way) and that is associated with that 5 of pentacles (with movement and beginnings 8 and 1)

    it is a significant moment perhaps in any case!

    i know my terms are somewhat vague


    we do offer a money back customer-satisfaction guarantee though if you are not 100% delighted with something 🙂

    you will have to excuse me alenabrz i don’t really know what anything means either!

    I mean if you gave me the same reading I just gave you I would be just as clueless

    readings are kinda weird

    I think they work best in real time so that there is interaction

    you know face to face then there is dialogue

    trying to read for folks this way is like trying to talk through tin cans

    it can be done it is a slow process though sorta cumbersome in way

    anyway I felt very positive vibes about you and your efforts! Hooray! Have a wonderful day!

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  • I am psychic and a published writer yet I do not get my OWN future in that department!! I tried picking up an answer for you but nothing jumps up with excitement. But I do get Spirit saying nothing ventured nothing gained and you should not give up regardless. This is the process, you are building fortitude, endurance, resilience, faith in yourself and gathering knowledge. Writing contests are very tough to win. The entries can go into the thousands and are pre-screened by editors. The judge only sees a small portion of submissions. And not winning is not necessarily proof your work is not worthy. Many great books were rejected plenty before chosen by some one else. Harry Potter was rejected at first many times....sometimes with very negative discouraging comments. If you truly accept you are a writer you must accept REJECTION.....a lot more rejection than acceptance. I have also been a contest judge so know just how close decisions are made. In the end several people, usually five pick their top ten then those are matched up and if one is chosen by all it is usually the choice. AND not all publications are fair. I will not name it here but a very reputable press outsources it's submissions for the weeding out first step...by sending copies of all submissions to volunteers. I had a college professor who taught selective studies in fiction and she had some publications under her belt so she was chosen to be one of the manuscript screaners, She actually allowed about 8 students to help her go through the huge stack because she was short on time!!! I was appalled! BUT it was good to experience that as it helps to know the reality of what you are up against.Any mistakes on the first page will get your manuscript tossed quick....even if it is a good book. If you are writing fiction or non fiction you are better off getting an agent. Agents submit for you AND an agent will point out editing issues and publishers outside of contests are more forgiving of typos or small technical mistakes....they are looking for substance and have their own editors to work with your book. Also, avoid contests that are just publishing winners to sell you over priced copies. But I think you know that already. Early in my career I fell for one of those! If you believe in your book do not just give it one submission. Consider many. The most reputable journal listing calls for submissions is POETS & WRITERS. You can view it online. All their calls for contests and anthologies etc are listed in the second half of their journal and they are reputable and never list the scammers. A big book store carries their magazine which comes out 4 times a year. Often, agents listed will only ask to see a chapter to see if they find you promising. Good luck! BLESSINGS!

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  • You have the right attitude.....as an artist you must keep the "audience" out of your head as it hinders your creative process once you try to please. Yes you must ultimately write because you have to. I have met many gifted writers....it's the PERSISTENT ones who succeed. Talent is only part of the equation. Also, what helped me was to connect with already famous writers by going to their readings usually held by universities or other appearances and going to writing conventions or applying for retreats.. Many will invite you to send them your writing and share encouragement. I met so many generous writers who gave me very valuable advice and encouragement. Go were the writers are.......live a writer's life. You have to have that as everyday life just makes it easy to ignore being a writer. BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF!

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