Halloween Oracle Readings ~ First 3 Only

  • Pisces1803 - with regard to deflecting other people's emotions and moods you can practice shielding yourself with white light before entering the home, etc. However, I also feel the need to tell you that when you are not grounded it makes it very difficult to protect yourself. A few of the biggest culprits of not being grounded are not getting enough sleep, being dehydrated, etc. You need to take care of yourself!! I use this analogy a lot, but think of the demonstration the flight attendants give when you fly - - if something happens and the oxygen masks drop, you are supposed to put your own on first. If you don't stop to place your own mask on then you will not be able to help anyone else. Emotional instability is also a big culprit so once again, take care of you first.

    When I did your reading I was given a picture of a nurse - an old fashioned one in the white coat/dress with a white cap that had a red cross on it. I also heard the name Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was a famous nurse - considered to be the mother or founder of modern nursing. She was selfless. But the vision was given to me in a way to say that you are too busy nursing everyone else and need to turn that focus toward yourself for a change. Florence Nightingale did not wear that white cap with a red cross so I googled her because it was nagging at me....there is a term called Florence Nightingale Syndrome. It is similar to or was renamed to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That sense of heaviness and being bogged down and tired I got for you - it makes sense.

    Your family takes advantage of your kindness and willingness to place yourself last on your list. They may not be aware of it, but I'm not so sure. Are they invalids? Do they really need you to come over every night and cook and clean for them? I doubt it. They probably give you guilt trips if you even attempt to say no. But that is what you must do...start practicing saying NO. It is NOT selfish to do so.

    You can talk to your angels, guides, and crossed over loved ones by just talking to them as if they were in the room (because they are, actually!). It's like prayer. Just talk to them and ask them for help. Then be open to the signs and messages they send to you. A stranger may say something to you that is exactly what you need to hear or you will see a message on a billboard as you are driving along the freeway, etc etc etc.

    I will close with a redundancy....TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Go see a doctor and get a check-up. Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. Ensure you get enough sleep. Protect yourself as you would your own child. Start today with your first "no". And keep practicing. It's hard at first, but you will get better at it 🙂

    Take care,


  • Thanks Watergirl!

    This is really helpful. At first, I felt a bit frustrated – but you're so right - these things happen in layers. I’m just at a different stage, is all – no need to berate myself. Just set the intention to move forward, and go with the flow. And yes you're right again– it’s been years and we've both moved on... what I (think I still) feel is in congruent with where I’m at, who I’m becoming.

    I do not keep in touch with exes in general. However, in this case, he’s in my social environment, so I will just have to make the best of it. The cards you drew about release and letting go are accurate – I feel this energy greatly on the B issue, and it is also something I’ve been doing all year in other aspects of my life.

    Thanks for the well wishes – I’m so grateful for this new job opportunity. Funny, I’ve also been asking myself for months: what I want/desire in a job. Life/higher purpose has come up in my mind a lot this year, and I feel that I’m meant to do something so different from what I do now - but I can’t pinpoint what job it should be. Sorry to bother you again, but are you able to offer any insight on this?

    I think I no longer want to be in an office environment. Because of my injuries and physical limitations, my view on career possibilities became very narrow. Although I still have said injuries, somehow my mind is expanding and I'm starting to dream bigger again - just that I'm not sure what to focus on.

  • Thanks Watergirl. I will start with some of the tips you've mentioned and hopefully improve from there!! Thanks again for your reading it's much appreciated.

    xx P

  • Danceur,

    Yes, you are meant to focus on doing something completely different. It feels like the job that will be best for you is one that will allow you to be your gentle self. You have been placing yourself in positions where the energy is harder, more on the logical male energy side. This is not a good match for you. You need to be in a softer environment doing something that allows you to use your heart – helping people in some way. Once again, I am being told that you need to get out of your head and allow the guidance to come through. Journal each day about what you would like in your new job. If it were me, I would focus on the overall environment, the type of people you would be surrounded by, etc. I think once you can do this and just keep focusing on it with unwavering faith that it is not only possible but on its way to you NOW, then a partner of some kind will be coming your way. Not sure if it’s just a new boss or if you will actually be in partnership with this person, but he/she will be sent your way.

    Or do you already know what the new thing is that you want to do but just struggle in believing in the possibility of it???

    “I trust the possibility of a better job.”

    “In 2015 I will be happier in my career than I have ever been before.”

    “In 2015 I will manifest the most wonderful job opportunity, working for an employer who is fair and non-abusive, alongside wonderful people, enjoying my work, in a gentle environment, so that I have the experience of enjoying my work, but it doesn't exhaust me and I get to focus on my personal life and what I want to experience and feel alongside it.”

    “The job opportunity that is best for me is coming to me NOW.”

  • Hi Watergirl,

    It was very uplifting to read the affirmation you wrote. That’s what I want for me.

    You are so accurate that I want to be in a softer environment. The jobs that I’ve been in tap into part of my capabilities, but often overlook my ‘softer’ skills. In my last job, my supervisor remarked that I was too empathetic towards employees and their interests. I don’t think she meant to disparage me, but I did feel mildly offended.

    You brought up a very good question, and I’m not sure I know the answer – it could be that I know what I want to do – but struggle to believe in it – or I might really not know at all. I feel some affinity to healing and helping others. I’ve wondered about therapeutic fitness instruction – but I’m not sure if it’s only because I perceive the work and work environment to be kinder, gentler, and calmer.

    I’m ill-suited for teaching, because I’m so shy, especially in a group setting. Also, I’ve had a nagging back injury for almost 3 years. Happened in dance class and probably precipitated by overall wonky bio-mechanics, including fallen arches. I don’t know what condition I have, but it affects the way my tailbone and the pelvis/sacrum area align with my leg bones. They all go out of alignment constantly and it’s really reduced my mobility and causes pain and discomfort. Ironically, I think a profession that involves physicality may suit me better. Self-massage has helped a great deal and some part of me does believe I am getting better. This part of me feels gratitude. The other part feels anxiety, fear and loss and I sometimes catch myself talking down the things I want - like I don't believe they will happen. I do not know how to get around this block. I want so much to get my fitness, mobility and flexibility back. I would have gone much further in Dance…

  • Hi Danceur,

    You are on the right track, I will get back to you later as I just spent a good portion of my day on another reading. However, I feel compelled to tell you one thing first...

    In the U.S. society the culture has become to focus on our weaknesses or what we are not very good at in order to strengthen them and turn them into something we are good at (or at least not as much of a "liability"). However, the exact opposite is what we should do. We should focus on our strengths and put more energy into those. What we are not good at, we are not good at. So what! But what we are good at is what makes us unique and it is these talents and gifts that we should bring to the world. Also, when we work with our unique talents and gifts we feel strengthened, energized and motivated. When we work with or weaknesses, we feel lethargic, down, unmotivated. That previous boss, although she thought she was telling you that you had a "weakness" was actually identifying one of your strengths.

    I think you are onto something with the therapeutic fitness instruction. You also might like dance instruction with children. You say you are not a good teacher, but I think your energy would work well with children. Working with people and/or children in this way will also help bring you out of your shell. Sometimes we retreat into a shell when we are in a harsh environment that doesn't suit us. I think once you are in a job more conducive to who you are as a person, then you might not be as reclusive as you think you are.

    Think about it!

  • Hi Watergirl,

    Do take your time.

    Yes – I can relate! In the last few years, there’s been a subtle shift into focusing more on my strengths rather than my weaknesses. Somehow I realized it feels good to do what I’m better at, so I just followed the feeling.

    In Dance, I feel exhilarated and alive – such good feelings. I’m also learning to express myself more freely, so Dance has been really positive factor in my life, and it’s helped to bring me out of my shell a little more.

    I want to feel that way at work… to engage that side of myself. I’m ok with people one on one (and people do find me approachable even though I'm reserved and shy). But I'm not comfortable in groups, and unfortunately not with children. Don't know how to relate to kids, even though I'm young at heart.

    Therapeutic fitness instruction would be akin to rehabilitative pilates, gentle somatic yoga etc, which are more for healing than fitness. I suppose my interest relates to my situation/condition with the back injury.

    At some point, I stopped going to therapists. I also had to give up strength conditioning because it was directly aggravating my condition. Instead, I’ve given my body the freedom to heal on its own time – in its own way. And I listen to my body – in terms of its limits – when I dance. I’m so appreciative of the healing (both physical and emotional) that’s taken place and that I had the presence of mind to start doing self-massage. It amazes me how much I've improved in Dance, just by focusing on what I love about it - and not on what I can't do. But still, the body is not what it used to be and I’ve lost so much range of motion, even for common everyday things that people can do so easily. I'm in a state of 'stabilized instability' and anything can potentially set the misalignment off.

    In order to pursue any job that involve physicality, and to receive the required training - I have to completely heal the root cause (don’t know what it is?) of my tailbone/back injury and all the misalignment that is happening - and be able to do strengthening again, and fully regain the range of motion. Someone did a reading once and said that there are past-life issues - literally stabbed in the back - so it's like a 'psychic injury'? That may or may not be, but what's past is past.

    Knowing that I'm in the process of being healed (but am not 'there' yet) - splits my energy and focus. It's a tripping point. Need some help there I guess.

    In many ways, I've benefited from trusting in my body's healing ability, rather than be boxed in by a diagnosis. I sense that I’ve been doing the right things, even though it has been unconventional and slow – and I want to keep exploring gentle affirming ways to heal myself (without putting the pressure of a time limit in order to pursue an alternative career path).

    I thought back to what you mentioned, about how if I could focus on what i want, a partner/teacher would appear. I do believe that, as it happened to me in Dance. And I do wonder if a mentor could pop by, for therapeutic fitness instruction - if that's indeed what I want.

    So many questions....

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