Halloween Oracle Readings ~ First 3 Only

  • for the first 3 people who respond, a halloween oracle card reading....

    please give me the situation for which you seek guidance and I will respond by October 31st.

  • Hi Watergirl,

    May I have a reading on my employment situation, and specifically if I can expect to get a viable offer soon?

    I've been looking for a job for 3 months and it's been 2 steps forward, 1 step back, even a job offer that was rescinded with no reason. Am so financially strapped now, and trying to keep my anxiety in check.

    On one hand, the most straightforward thing to do is continue searching for jobs in the same line, which I have been doing. But at the same time, I feel so scattered and restless for change. Now and again, I see different jobs that I want to try so much because I know I'd be good at them - and I'll apply but to no avail. Just can't get convince others to see that I have the competencies, even if I don't have all the required qualifications.

    Would really appreciate a reading and advice.


  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thinking about branching out and opening a bakery/food business in a food court area. Also, I'll always want to help my son but feel I can't. He's stuck in his own world. These are the two main areas in my life at present. I guess I'm wondering if I should stay conservative or branch out.

    I haven't been on here for awhile. Hope everything is good w/you. Will prob try and do some readings for awhile as they provide a creative outlet for me. I have progressed quite a bit w/my psychic impresssions, as well, as I connect for people I meet, work with etc. If there's anything I can do a reading/psychic impression let me know.

  • Hi Watergirl,

    How can I help my brother overcome his demons? I get the feeling he feels like everyone and everything is against him and he seeks solace in alcohol. D

    Thanks in advance for your help.



  • Hi Ladies - Nice to see some familiar "faces" :). Thank you and I will do your readings soon. Work schedule is a bit hectic this week so soonest would be this weekend.

  • Hi ladies! Okay, my work schedule has eased up and I have recuperated so ready to do your readings now. Just want to give you the opportunity to change your question in the event things have changed for you in the past week or so...

  • Hi Watergirl!

    For me, it's still the same - would like to know when I can expect to get a viable job offer - one in which I will enjoy, and which pays well enough so that I can start to recover financially.

    I went for so many 2nd interviews and I came so close to landing a few jobs, but then poof... they went with someone else. I know I'm right on the cusp of this and just trying not to freak out and mess up my energy. Am going for another 2nd interview tomorrow. It's a 6 month assignment but it will help me tide over and I'll learn useful skills.

    May I add on a secondary issue? There's a re-emergence of an ex, B, in my life - just in a minor way. He acknowledges me more, is nicer to me and sends texts now and again. It's a small but positive sign of healing, for we have largely ignored each other for the last 3 years. Still, it's messing with my head - because I'm kinda starting to remember how I felt about him. I will always have a soft spot for this guy, but I also thought I moved on. Why is he reaching out, what I am supposed to learn and how can I handle this wisely?

    thanks a lot!

  • Watergirl, Just Career in general, not so much the business but that may come up. General reading. My son may have to be a different reading and subject. Thanks

  • Hi Danceur,

    Okay, so first for the job search. I am getting that you did not get past the 2nd interviews because these jobs were just more of the same and you would have been repeating a lesson you have already learned. So consider not getting these positions as Divine Protection. There is an icky energy around these job opportunities you have been going after. People who would “eat you alive” so to speak. Take what they can from you, mistreat you, judge you harshly, and suck the life out of you, etc. Has this been your past experience in your other jobs where you were being pushed to expand your personal power and have the courage to stand up for yourself and what you believe? The lesson you are going through now is to see through the exterior when you go to these interviews. Trust what you feel rather than your logical mind and what is being presented as truth.

    I am also getting that you need to focus on getting out of your head – the circular thoughts that come up when you start to worry or are just anxious in general about your job search. Practice setting intentions and then letting go – a lot easier said than done! Set your intention not on a specific job opportunity but on the type of place you want to work, the environment of the office, the people you will work with, how you want it to FEEL, etc. and then trust that the Universe will bring it to you. You are being helped – very much so. I keep getting that something very good is trying to make its way to you, but you need to get over this hump to allow it in. When you get anxious or start to think too much, I am being shown that you need to release it by doing something like walking along the ocean alone. I know your dancing helps you relax but they want you to do something outside with fresh air with no other people around. This will not only help you relax, but also help you to hear your guidance. You are sensitive to energies which is why it needs to be something in solitude. The outdoor environment will help you clear your own energy as well.

    Regarding B, yes this has come up for healing to occur, but not in the way I think you might be wishing for. When things ended between the two of you, a piece of it was not let go of and is blocking your heart chakra. Similar to your work situation, your relationship with him has been pushing you to stand in your personal power. Think about what happened between the two of you – how you were treated. Are you still that same person who is willing to accept scraps instead of what you truly deserve? It’s easy for you to get blinded with him so you need to focus on not allowing emotions to cloud your clear sight. He is still the same person and things would not be different. But you can use this opportunity to finally see that and truly let go of the disappointment. A part of you closed off after him and you have not been energetically willing to take a chance again with anyone else. So you need to come to terms with the hurt you felt and release it. Once again, you are not the same person so you must BELIEVE that you will not attract the same type of relationship again. Self-respect is the lesson he taught you. For right now when it comes to B, do not judge the situation by appearances alone – trust yourself to be able to see through the exterior and use your own good sense and intuitive feelings to discover what he really wants and if there are any strings attached (which I can assure you there are). It’s Halloween time and I am being shown your ability to open the door and decipher a trick from a treat.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Daliolite,

    OK so I asked about your career path and vocation but I feel like what came through was general because the answer to your career/vocation is also the answer to other things going on in your life, which includes your son.

    A very strong message is for you to step into your power.

    The first level is about your spiritual gifts. Start using your gifts to help others more. This is tied into another message about community – finding like minded souls whom you can connect with on a deeper level than those who surround you now. You may stumble onto a group of people where you can start to give readings more often, even charge for them if you desire to use your psychic gifts as your vocation.

    The second level is about standing up to for lack of a better word, the “bullies” in your life. It feels like people take advantage of you and you have allowed this. Speak up when you are not receiving what you have earned or deserve. Speak up when someone else is trying to TAKE from you what you have earned or deserve. Stop allowing yourself to be the victim to others’ self-serving energies.

    BE YOUR TRUE SELF and do not hide.

    Children and playfulness came up quite a bit as well. Once again, many levels…

    First is that there may be a heaviness around you and you are being asked to have a more playful attitude. Second, I feel that there may be a job opportunity that has you working more with children. Lastly, your son. An overall feeling also not to be too naïve when it comes to the other people in your life. I think you give people way too much benefit of the doubt and trust in their capacity to turn themselves around a little too much. You can believe in others’ capacity to change, but it’s important not to enable them in their negative habits or behavior. Remember that they have to be ready for the change themselves – you can’t force them to be ready or more importantly, LOVE them into being ready. This requires strength on your part to allow them to hit rock bottom first if necessary as that is often what is required for someone to be ready for change.

    So back to community and finding like-minded souls. It feels like you may first have to clean out some existing relationships/energy. It almost feels like sewage that is oozing around you. Dark, thick, gunky. Get rid of the leeches in your life or at least stand up for yourself and draw clear boundaries. The naievete message comes up here as well - some of the new people you meet will not be worthy and will be this leechy energy so don't be too trusting - use your gifts to decipher who is honorable and who is not. You deserve to have people in your life who will give back to you and support you instead of just take advantage!!!

    It is definitely time for change. This came up very strongly. It will require you to summon up your inner strength and courage which I believe is one of your major life lessons.

    Love from a place of strength.

    Hope this helps. Sometimes general readings can become garbled because different issues come through, but I hope I made sense of it for you.


  • Pisces1803 I haven't forgotten about you. Just needed to stop after Daliolite's as I felt I ran out of energy during her reading and did not do it as well as I could have. I will post again this week with yours.

  • Thank you Watergirl18 🙂



  • Watergirl18, You gave a very accurate reading. Yes, I'm being taken advantage of at work. Just one example--They leave out a whole day of pay, I constantly have to check my time. They've offered me bonuses for working alone and I don't get the bonus. I have to make copies of the days I work alone, etc. to have a paper trail. Only 1 example, LOL. There are a few psychic groups in my area but I'm always working. I had some trauma at work recently so I really want change now. Funny, earlier this evening I made a commitment to myself to have a psychic/tarot business. I'm going to go down this road. It'll take awhile but hope to have something going soon. I'm often told that I don't seem my real age, that I act younger. This may sound wierd but generally people treat me as though I'm younger. A few of the women at work thought I was younger than they when actually I'm older. They think I'm in my 30's. So, maybe that's the child, younger influence. Like a child, I usually see only the good in people and then get disappointed. This is what you picked-up on. I generally like and care about people and that comes w/a price sometimes (a lot of the time.) Thank you for your reading.

  • Hi Watergirl!

    I really have to thank you for introducing me to Abraham Hicks. Your reading resonated with me on so many levels and makes sense to me in a way that I wouldn’t have understood a few years ago. So thank you 🙂

    Yes – I found myself in many situations where co-workers tried to take advantage of me in the last few years. And it made me stand up for myself and voice disagreement or simply say “No”. I was also often gossiped about for being different/not toeing the line, and subtly bullied. So I also learned to honor my differences/uniqueness.

    In some instances, I can sort of sense people’s energy/vibes and I get turned off when something is up. But it is a lot harder to see through the exterior in an interview, especially since I feel anxiety about getting a job.

    I also feel that an opportunity is just around the corner – it’s almost a feeling of knowing. It’s just challenging to stay focused and I know I’m prone to split energy (hopeful and worried at the same time). The 2nd interview went ok. Not sure if you might have any impression of this particular job opportunity?

    Your advice makes perfect sense to me! I did realize that I’m sensitive to energies, so I do already spend large amounts of time on my own. And I love being near the water too. Waterbaby 🙂 Will give this a try.

    You know I cried when I read what you wrote about B. Because I felt like you revealed a missing piece to me: that I had left my heart behind – with him – when I moved on.

    I know that I’ve grown as a person. I don’t know if it’s necessarily that I’m unwilling to take a chance with another, but that I’m in a self-discovery phase, and a little disinterested in relationships. I don’t have the emotional bandwidth to be involved… want to sort out my life first. But the flip side is that I do not trust myself. I’m still attracting guys who aren’t good for me. I turned 2 suitors away this year - both times because I sensed energy I didn't like.

    I don’t why, but with B, I am easily blinded, as you say. He has that effect on me. All my spidey senses fail around him 😞 And my defenses come down.

    I’m also confused because my healing began when I acknowledged to myself that I loved him (and stopped trying to make myself not have the feelings). So the path of allowing was for me to say Yes and let go of the situation and focus on my own well-being. Intellectually I understand that I deserve better and that it’s possible for me to have feelings for him (however muted) and do nothing (because it’s in my best interests). All of this works in isolation. But emotionally, he’s the last person I loved and him reaching out to me now is ‘creating wobble’.

    I know that in order to continue healing, I cannot run away from his communication. And I will tread cautiously. But I really wish I could run away. I’m still tempted – and I’m not happy with myself 😞 I’m not sure how to align my head and heart – permanently - on the B issue.

  • Hi Pisces1803,

    It feels like you spend all your energy on everyone else and not yourself and you are bogged down with it. So much burden…and guilt. You are not responsible for everyone else’s problems or happiness! Your brother (and everyone else for that matter) has his own life path and lessons to learn. You cannot save him or protect him from himself. He must get to the point where he is ready to be done with his addiction. You can love him, yes, but sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is offer tough love. I am getting that you need to distance yourself from this.

    There is so much support coming through to you from Spirit and crossed over loved ones. They are saying that you are not alone and that you do not need to do everything alone. Ask for help. They also say to focus on releasing relationships that only take from you – you must RECEIVE as well as give. Learn to let go of everyone else’s problems and toxic energy. Focus on YOUR life and what you want and the love, peace and joy you want to experience. Abundance in all forms will come to you once you learn to receive. Once again I get that guilt burdens you as if you feel you don't have the right to be happy if there is anyone else around who isn't.

    I am also getting a strong message about moving. It may just be symbolic of leaving toxic situations behind or of the distance you need to place between you and your brother so that you do not enable him, but I am getting a nagging feeling that it may also be literal. Do you live with your brother or with your family? I feel a negative environment that brings you down. You need to get out on your own and be selfish for a while – just focus on you. I see you in your own space with bright, clear beautiful energy. You will find yourself feeling better once you are not absorbing all that other negative energy that is not yours and you are in this healthier environment.

    Nurture yourself. First and foremost, nurture yourself.

    Big Hugs,


  • Daliolite,

    Yes, I saw the psychic medium business in your present and future. Good luck!


  • Danceur,

    I will get back to you probably Saturday...


  • Sure Watergirl 🙂

    Would also greatly appreciate if you can offer any insight to the job I interviewed for this week. They have expressed interest in giving me the role. 6 months/temp. Not sure why but I got mixed vibes from the manager. She appears nice/easy going, but I also sense something of an 'exacting' and yet depressive nature.. as weird as that sounds. Just wanna know what I'm in for, as I will probably take the role. It seems like a good stepping stone. Is this the job you picked up on? Or might it come by in 2015?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Danceur,

    Yes, a saw a contract and the number 6 so I believe this will be offered. I also think you will be considering your options again in 6-8 months time. Worry comes through so much for you so, yes, take this role so that you won't have the pressure of money worries. And then focus on being grateful in the moment for what you have while still focusing on your dreams for the future. Since you have the tendency to overthink when you are in these periods of unemployment your thoughts get in the way of your creation of the new job you want. A card kept flipping out of one of my decks when I was shuffling for you...it's entitled WHAT DO YOU DESIRE? The message is to focus on what you want, but also that you must believe you are ready and deserving of it and when you do that it will rush into your life as if by magic.

    With regard to B, it's up to you but I don't really think it's necessary for you to get involved with his text messages again. The reappearance of the texts,etc. was just to point out to you that you have unresolved emotions which you are now aware of. You would not have cried if it was all resolved for you. These things tend to happen in layers and this is just the next layer for you. When the break-up first occurs we all tend to go through that denial phase...then the depression...then the acceptance. However, in helping you through the last layer you allowed yourself to admit you loved him and be ok with having that love without expecting anything back from him. That's ok. Except now it is keeping you stuck as you are still holding on to that love in the old way...still through a romantic lens. It's now time to allow that to evolve into a love that is more of an agape love. You still don't see him clearly because of that romantic lens. I'm not saying you need to hate him, but you do need to see him in a different light. He is a charmer and he manipulates with that charm. I'm not saying this is with a malicious intent, just that he is only capable of so much vulnerability and openness with emotion and it's not enough for a long-term relationship. He can be romantic and give the appearance of giving a woman everything she wants, but it's only in the beginning when he is casting out his reel to draw her in. Then he pulls back once he has her hooked. When you were going through the break-up you needed to hold onto that love for him because it was too painful to let it all go completely. So it got you through that phase. But now it's tantamount to sleeping with a corpse. The relationship has been over for a while and both of your lives have moved on and evolved so holding onto that old energy is just keeping you stuck and stagnant in your romantic life. Do yourself a favor and use this time to work through letting go of those old feelings. It's easier to do this WITHOUT contact with him as being around him, texting, etc. will only confuse you and make the old feelings feel stronger.

    Three cards popped out for you when I was shuffling regarding the B subject...CLEANSE & DETOXIFY, LET YOUR PAST GO, and WALKING AWAY.

    Good luck with the new job!


  • Hi Watergirl18,

    Thank you for your reading. It's very accurate and although I don't live with my family, I'm there everyday to help cook, clean etc.. and am trying very hard to deflect my dad when he mentions about moving back home and renting my house out 🙂

    It's something I need to work alot on but I can't help but feel very guilty and yes very selfish if I say no to anyone (especially family) who needs help. I do feel sometimes burden and weighed down..and I would love any assistance you can offer with regards to deflecting other people's moods and emotions (I seem to pick up on peoples moods, emotions and energy and very rarely is it positive).

    I've been told before that I have loved ones and Spirits looking out for me. How can I ask them for help??

    Thanks so very much for your reading.



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