Shielding techniqous.

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to shield myself from low and negative energies , I am using the bubble technique were I surround myself in a bubble of white light ,and imagine arrows are heading towards it they hit it but do not penetrate it so that I am fully protected, I was wondering what are some techniques others use ?

    Love and light Diamond 🙂

  • Prayer and visualizing mirrors around me to reflect the negative energy back at the sender.

  • That sounds interesting I will have t give it a try thank you for sharing .

  • When others are sending poison arrows , any kind of visualized shield with an affirmative prayer that all poison arrows sent will deflect and return to sender. But sometimes you may encounter low energy or negative people on a daily basis who mean no harm but just are who they are and in that case you need to know your self as far as exposure and your level of empathy. I mostly remove myself .....step away from energy zappers, usually needy depressed folks. If I decide to be of service and allow an energy exchange I try to have a recharge plan. In waiting rooms I often sit in a way that leaves me empty seats on ether side. If I am stuck too long in a confined room of people I often must get up and go somewhere to be alone awhile. This is a hard one depending on how empathetic or psychic you are. I have yet to be 100 percent on top of this The signs of being zapped of your energy can be deceiving as often you may feel the opposite, in a crowd enjoying an outing you may feel suddenly energized and may even feel a faint buzzing in your head. When you go home you may not be able to sleep well and again feel a slight buzzing. It's the next day you will feel drained. I call it overload. . It's not realistic to expect to enjoy life and yet constantly be in defensive mode. So it's best to have recharge and meditation times. Also, just to be aware, if you are sensitive to consider your moods may not be yours. Being too close to depressed people can have you waking up depressed and really it's not you. I also avoid riding in cars with others unless it's someone dear to me who has good energy. The point is, you are dealing with two separate issues, direct attack and general energy exchange. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much Blmoon that was a wealth of information , I really appreciate your insight 🙂

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