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  • Hello!

    Was wondering if I can get a reading from you.

    I’ve started along a path of self-discovery and awareness for a year now – just paying more attention to how I feel and using that as a compass vs what others may expect of me. I enjoy the moments that give me joy and I really am happier, more hopeful and brighter in general.

    But then, I sense a curve-ball on the horizon. After 3 years, an old flame is starting to reach out to me again (for now, just random friendly texts). We’ve always been in the same social environment – just not communicating. Near total silence.

    So I feel unnerved at the development. Don't know what to think. Trying to go with the flow but I can already feel my own resistance.

    I fell hard for this person in the past. Although I’ve moved on for the most part, I still have a soft spot for him and I know I will feel for him again if we start to interact. I think it’s only a matter of time before he initiates more contact.

    May I have a reading? What is the significance of him reaching out to me, at this juncture when I am off on my own, feeling detached and introspective, and slowly figuring out my path/higher purpose etc? I don’t get it. But I want to be better about accepting experiences, without being opposed to the form.

    How can I ‘allow’ this experience, as it comes, and still be mindful enough to make choices that are good for me?


  • Blmoon

  • Have a go, Blmoon? 🙂

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