• I just started college this week after 30+yrs of not being in school. I know this will be a great challenge for me, since I never really liked school anyway, but then again who did when we

    had to. I am taking classes in Bus. Amin. and am concentrating on an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. A lot of my friends have mixed emotions about me going back to school, and I really can't read their expression on whether they don't believe in me to follow through with

    this commitment I have made or if it is envy.

  • Dont worry about what anyone else thinks. You have made a decision to educate yourself. Good for you. I went back to college with 3 kids under the age of 5. It was the best choice I ever made. You can do this. Treat school like its a new baby. If you nurture it, it will grow. My mom also went back to school for her masters at age 55. Dont ever let anyone tell you that you cant do this. Learning a new skill is just a natural part of life and times like these education is necessary. Who are you doing this for anyway? you or your friends. If they arent outwardly showing support they are jealous because you are moving ahead with your life. I cant say it enough GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  • I couldn't agree more with lovinmylife. This is the path you are suppose to take right now, what others think should not even even discussed. It's hard for people to happy for others when they are doing something good with thier lives, it makes them feel like they are not doing enough with thier own lives.

    Good Luck!!!

  • I think that it great that you have decided to go back to school. I'm doing the same thing as well. It will be tough to get back into the groove, but you can do it! All the best!

  • Namaste Anneliese.

    You are being guided to use good judgment to withdraw from the mob and walk alone for a while, perhaps spending time exploring the truths buried deep within the inner landscape.

    This is a time of calm, a chance to contemplate your purpose and reasoning rather than seeking the counsel of others.

    Ask, what is the purpose of my life?

    Why have I experienced all that I have?

    Use your time now to better know your self, as a means of deepening your own knowledge and your innate sense of wisdom. Wait until your instincts tell you the time has come to return to people, to share your knowledge and hopefully widen the perception of those around you.

    Our wisdom is what makes us unique.



  • Congratulations:)I think it is great that you are educating yourself for a higher purpose.

  • Some of us learn by doing, others by learning then doing. In your case, you're lucky - you are benefiting from both. Good luck. I see you championing children in your new career actually - how does that sit with you? I get that you'll start this particular course of study you mention, but change your mind and move into something else. This could be the commitment bit you're worrying about. But DON'T worry. Sometimes we start something only to find it's not quite what we want, and move on to something else. We don't have to complete everything in life! Good luck and good on you for taking the bit between your (own) teeth. Your friends'll probably be changing dentures in front of the fire with tartan rugs over their knees in time anyway ... 🙂

  • Sometimes we wonder why people are not on our side. If you question why they think a certain way, ask them why--why do you say that. You can tell a lot by expression, anger etc. I have heard from different cultures that it seems that people here sometimes don't want you to have a good life (jealousy). I think in different cultures there may be more bonding especially in families. Because of turmoil in different governments they have to bond (true friendships). I was told a long time ago that things would be getting more expensive. Companies are cutting back hours or laying off. The government has given out a ton of money. If companies know that you can do the work at 35 hrs instead of 40--they'll run with it. What I'm saying is continuing your education can never harm you. And the trend is going w/higher education 4 and 6 yr degrees.

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