Reading to yourself dilemma ??

  • I wonder how reading for yourself can be understood and successfully achieved. I believe there are cues to get to understand if you got the true answer or not to your questions. I am still trying to discover it myself. Some days I get too obsessed on it and it feels no good. I feel i want to get the answer I want/believe in, or otherwise I can get really down. facing the reality through a reading is harsh to me. But here is the point where I still come to doubt if this is the truth any way. Since there is a law of attraction, and projection and also the reading can interfere with it.

    there are few different modes of believing in a reading to yourself, I have noticed.

    There are days when any time I do a reading to myself to find an answer to my questions, i get exactly what I believe/fear in. it feels like the unconscious (intuitive) believe more than the the opposite one. However, I still need to confirm this. And when the truth hurts I can't accept it, and jump to the "it's not true mode"

    the other one is what I would wish to have been the answer. I laugh at myself many time when I get this happy answer, because it feels like I am being joked. 🙂

    and there is another one which I am totally off in a reading. But I still wonder if that could be the truth.

    how do you solve this trust think with a reading ? it is soul stretching when you want to know the truth and you can't trust any side on it.

  • Your's is a universal challenge. Being psychic does not guarantee one gets a fast lane through awareness. We do the work like everyone else. We do have the advantage of knowledge, and practice as reading for others is good practice at detachment and ignoring logical intrusions to messages and trusting beyond our ego's need to not look foolish. I do an Angel card reading for myself everyday as just a regular sense of direction. Angel cards are not easy to begin with as they are not exact written messages but require you to use your psychic intuition. I started with the Fairy Cards and followed a card pick ritual that is all mine. Later I bought an Arc Angel Michael cards that I only use for very important crises or questions. Psychic as I am I do not always get my Angel Card reading for the day! I brush it off and just trust it . I never push or keep pulling new does not help! Sometimes we ask the wrong questions! Sometimes Spirit is leading us towards a different direction or state of awareness. I do not think of it as mistakes. If the cards do not speak to put them away. Spirit comes to us in many ways. You could be sitting in the sun....looking at a butterfly and suddenly a thought pops in your head....or you observe in others something that lights a light bulb in your head.........etc. or Spirit gives you a dream. What I can tell you for sure is it is no good to read in any state of fear....fear is and energy that muddies clarity. ALSO not all readings for others ring true immediately, you do have to trust and tell your client not to force meaning if you give them something that doesn't ring a bell right off....tell them put it away for now. Spirit messages are meant to invoke something...not to first make sense. When giving a must blurt it head without censuring or thinking what sounds weird. To be a good messenger to Spirit you must let go of your ego and not be attached to being right. I trust Spirit always. If someone argues it's not true I just let it go and do not apologize for being honest in what I hear and I never push to defend it or make it make sense. There is a lot of surrender. Trust your gut....If you feel the cards are not working , put them away for awhile. Go about your life and let Spirit come to you there. BLESSINGS!

  • PS...What Spirit may be telling you is the POWER is not in the cards! Spirit wants you to listen 24/7 and live your life in awareness.

  • Thank you Blmoon !!

    I agree with all you are saying.

    The problem is that some times (like now) when I badly need an answer on smth, I can't stop doing a reading only one time per day. And I know I get now where with this.

    What happens is i draw a card and I get so surprised because it conforms my feelings/believe and I feel that I should get another one to reconform and often happens I get the same card or one that reinforces the first response. 😄

    While I do this it feels like I reshape my feeling or believes on certain situation for better, but other times it makes me feel worst, where my fears are confirmed which I then I really feel so very down. I trust it and makes me believe more in it, while in a second thought, it may be just my projection. And I know you answered to these already.

    But, I wish I could be able to establish this kind of trust you and other psychic do have. For me is like playing with my emotions to make myself feel better, in need to find an answer that i can trust, which I don't always succeed.

    At this time I was badly disappointed from a breakup, and because the circumstances are so contradictory I can't see it clearly and in this confusion i keep drawing cards and hate it for getting me obsessed over it. I know this too is gonna pass, just is very hot now. 🙂

    Could you draw a card for me when you feel like on this break up ? I always trust in you !!

    Love B

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